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Hemmings Motor News has been around since 1954. We're proud of our heritage, but we're also more than the Hemmings full of classifieds that your father subscribed to. Aside from new editorial content every month in Hemmings, we have three monthly magazines: Hemmings Muscle Machines, Hemmings Classic Car and Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car.

While our editors traverse the country to find the best content for those magazines, we find other oddities related to the old-car hobby that we really had no place for - until now. With this blog, we're giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what we see and what we do during the course of putting out some of the finest automotive magazines you'll ever read.

Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Restore Round-the-World Jeep, Send It to Finish the Trip

Posted May 22, 2017 9:00 AM by dstrohl
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Just a mile or so. Despite driving 56,000 miles down two continents and up two others in the same Jeep, a single ferry trip negated Loren Upton’s dream of driving the entire route over land. Nearly 30 years later, Upton’s family has started raising funds to restore that Jeep and send him to Israel to achieve his goal.

“Restoring this jeep would mean the world to a man who spent most of his life chasing his dream,” Laurence Upton, Loren’s nephew, wrote on the GoFundMe for the crowdfunding effort. “Doing what most men would consider unthinkable or crazy.”

According to Out Back of Beyond, the website that chronicles the elder Upton’s various adventures, Upton – a former Marine and bridge builder then living in California — envisioned a sort of round-the-world expedition which he called the “Roads End to Roads End.” He would start at the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, proceed down the Pan American Highway to the tip of Chile, then ship to South Africa and reverse course northward to end up at the Arctic Ocean. His only stipulations: The entire trip (save for the shipment from South America to South Africa) must take place over land; it must take place in the same vehicle; and that vehicle must be American-built.

Read the story of a man with a dream to take a CJ-7 Jeep around the world, and at 82 years old needs just one mile to complete his quest.

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The 1964 Indy 500 Tire Wars, Part 2: Dunlop Exits and Firestone Takes the Win

Posted May 18, 2017 9:00 AM by dstrohl
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Among the first to arrive at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on race morning in 1964 was Firestone’s junior rep Humphrey “Humpy” Wheeler. One of his jobs was to obtain every driver’s signature on a release form allowing for the driver’s picture to be used in the annual Firestone “Win” ad.

Although a Firestone win wasn’t as certain as in past years when every car in the field rode on the tires, only the two Lotus-Fords of Jim Clark and Dan Gurney on Dunlop tires and the Thompson-Fords of Dave MacDonald and Eddie Johnson and Sears Allstate tires posed a challenge.

Wheeler’s predecessor had told him the best time for getting the signatures would be race morning, as the drivers were preoccupied and would sign anything. Armed with a handful of crisp new one-dollar bills, he’d hand each driver a release form and new dollar, saying it was “for luck.”

It's just the first step in Firestone's road the Indy winner's circle.

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Open Diff – The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling a Vehicle Online

Posted May 17, 2017 9:00 AM by dstrohl
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We look at a lot of classified ads in putting together each day’s Hemmings Daily. In addition to Finds of the Day, we run pieces like Scavenger Hunt and the $5,000 Challenge, all of which require time sifting through the ads that customers place with Hemmings. For better or worse, that makes us qualified to offer a few tips on things that are done right, and conversely, things that have definite room for improvement.

We also receive a significant number of complaints (though to be honest, nowhere near the number fielded by our customer service team) from prospective buyers, who aren’t hearing back from sellers, contacted via email, in a timely manner. Though we’ve covered most of this ground in the past, it never hurts to publish a refresher course on what to do, and what to avoid, when submitting an online ad with us.

Want to sell a car online? First of all, provide good, clear pictures. Second...

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Jeep FC Fans to Celebrate 60 Years of the Uber-Capable Oddity

Posted May 16, 2017 9:00 AM by dstrohl
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Ditch digger. Hay hauler. Plow pusher. Tow truck. Fire fighter. Street sweeper. Like its brethren Jeeps, the Forward Control series of Jeeps filled an almost endless variety of civilian and military roles. Unlike the more recognizable off-roaders, the FCs appeal to a narrower group of enthusiasts who will congregate this summer to celebrate the workhorse’s 60th anniversary.

Despite the existence of a pickup truck in the mid-1950s Jeep lineup, designer Brooks Stevens believed the company would benefit from a second, more compact pickup, just as capable but better able to navigate city streets. As it happened, with sales of both Kaiser and Willys automobiles in the United States winding down, Kaiser-Willys engineers had been searching for new uses for the company’s Jeep lineup and thus new variations, according to Pat Foster’s book, “The Story of Jeep.”

An unusual, multipurpose Jeep turns 60, and plenty of people remembered.

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Triumph Tools

Posted May 15, 2017 10:35 AM by dstrohl
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No restoration project is truly complete without a set of the factory-issued tools that originally came with the car. Through the years, the tools are usually the first item that gets misplaced and lost, along with the jack and the owner’s handbook. But with a full set of the original tools displayed alongside your car, it makes its restoration that much more absolute, and authentic.

Last Christmas, my brother David generously gave me a tool kit for my 1955 Triumph TR2. He found it in Australia, and although not complete, it’s only missing one or two tools. The vinyl-covered burlap is an authentic reproduction, but the tools that came with it are all Triumph originals.

Harken back to a time when tools of the DIY trade came with the vehicle.

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