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Neither Silver nor Gold?

Posted July 20, 2010 7:30 AM

Silver is in greater industrial demand than gold. Availability of the yellow metal is greater but its price far exceeds that of silver. Silver is "spread out" over so many processes that it has only recently been reclaimed in significant amounts by recycling operations. Is it conceivable that silver will be a better "investment" in the future?

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Re: Neither Silver nor Gold?

07/20/2010 10:24 AM

Investment? Well with gold at such a high price today, I'd say that as far as an investment it's likely time to sell. But that will mean a new assay charge. For the easy to tarnish metal silver, I'm not sure that it would be a good investment. If we ever do crack the room temperature superconductivity barrier, then much of silver's industrial uses will be diminished again. I wonder how much silver is still part of Kodak's liquid assets that are keeping them alive?

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Re: Neither Silver nor Gold?

01/20/2011 10:23 AM

The commodities market is far different and much more complex today due to Hedge funds and speculation. At one time the price of materials were based on their supply and demand. Today the markets are held hostage by the speculation of hedge funds driving prices upwards and manipulating increases to drive profits up rather than on actual needs and use.

A caution, copper in the 70's went from $1.40/# to $.69/# in less than 3 weeks. Gold went from $350/troy oz. to $880 and then back down to $375. The Hunt Brothers brought up a lot of silver raising the price from $4/oz. up to $55/oz. Today what's it at $8/oz?

When gold gets too expensive for some traders they switch to copper driving up the cost to manufacture so many commercial items hence the cost to consumers.

All consumers throughout the world end up being nickle and dimed to death so the speculators and hedge fund managers can make their big bucks off the backs of the working stiffs. Every time you fill up your car with gas or diesel part of that cost now is not due to exploration, well development, refining or distribution but for some lazy fat cats to live well at your expense.

Commodity investment right now is more of a crap shoot than an investment. Better make sure that you can afford to lose it.

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Re: Neither Silver nor Gold?

01/20/2011 11:05 AM

Silver is sitting near $30/oz right now and has been $20+ for awhile.

The comex, especially precious metals, better reflects the demise of the US dollar than supply/demand values. Since 1999 silver has gone from $3/oz to $30/oz and that, in large part, reflects the decline of the dollar. If silver gets to its historic ratio with gold it should reach $100/oz, but it seems to have decoupled with this ratio and may never go back to it.

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