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The Design & Analysis Software Blog is the place for conversation and discussion about Computer Aided Design (CAD); Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) & prototyping; Computer Aided Engineering (CAE); PLM/PDM/project management. Here, you'll find everything from application ideas, to news and industry trends, to hot topics and cutting edge innovations.

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Useful Tools for Sustainable Design

Posted January 24, 2012 9:58 AM

If you're looking to make your designs greener, this article reviews some of the most effective software packages. Among the leading lifescycle assessment (LCA) tools, say designers, is Sustainable Minds, an environmental impact program delivered in a browser-based interface. The package creates an itemized bill of a product's components, as well as manufacturing considerations, such as material choices. Competing products include: SolidWorks' Sustainability Xpress, which evaluates entire assemblies, and Autodesk's Eco Material Adviser, which estimates a product's carbon footprint. Where did you turn for help in meeting your green design goals?

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