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Radwell Customer Service In Action

Posted February 12, 2017 12:00 AM by ahorner_22
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Here’s a Customer Hero Story from Robert Tiedeken, Branch Manager at Radwell-Indiana:

In November, 2015, a contact came into our branch with an emergency repair. He was frustrated that he and his customer weren’t getting emergency service from other sources. This was his first time working with Radwell. We assured him that we would put urgency on his repair. He also inquired about field service. I let him know that we did do field service. The next day I received a call that his customer was willing to pay good money, for good people. He had researched Radwell and was ready to work with us.

I assembled a team to go onsite. Upon arrival, we were marched into our customer’s conference room filled with their top management. I explained our approach. First, discovery. Next, meet with their technicians, observe errors, and form a plan of attack. We assured the customer that we would see it through.

We received full access to whatever we might need. Quickly our engineers identified the issue. Our motor technician identified the encoders as the problem. He realized we had four of the encoders in stock so a courier was dispatched to deliver the encoders. We proceeded with the repair. We then met with the team again to discuss our findings and plan.

The encoders arrived early the next morning and by 6 am, our motor technician was performing the repair. Once the motor was installed and the machine started running, we realized the repair was a success. This was a big win for Radwell and our customer. Our team from Radwell-Indiana was able to go onsite to diagnose a problem and get them up and running in a day’s time. We leveraged Radwell’s expertise to do what we do best: support our customer’s operation. Win-win!

Editor's note: This is a sponsored post by Radwell International.


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