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Four Questions for Markus Schmidt, Swisslog’s President of WDS Americas

Posted March 12, 2017 12:00 AM by ahorner_22

If you’ve been keeping up with the remodel of Radwell International’s new headquarters in Willingboro, NJ, then you know about the installation of our Swisslog Autostore. Recently we got to chat with Markus Schmidt, Swisslog’s President of WDS Americas.

What are the best parts of your job?

There are moments in our type of business that are most rewarding. Among those I would count winning a significant new customer or order from an existing customer, meeting customers after a successful project implementation and seeing talent develop and grow into new and larger roles within our company.

In your opinion what is the most unique thing about Swisslog as a company?

Swisslog has never let a customer down in the end. Even though there were challenges at times, we have never stopped working with a customer we committed to and always ended the project properly. This culture amongst all the other good technical aspects of our offering is certainly outstanding and something I am very proud of.

Tell us about the Swisslog working environment. How would you describe your team’s personality and how does that affect results?

We are a group of hard working, technically minded people who strive to provide a business benefit to our customers. We are working hard to provide a positive experience.

Your company creates very specialized systems that are custom designed from location to location. What kinds of challenges does this present?

We strive to precisely understand each customer’s unique requirements. The real value is created in understanding the customer’s business and deploying our technology in a way that brings the best cost/benefit ratio. This takes not only experience but also quite a lot of skill in the design phase. We do not sell machines, we sell a business benefit that uses machines where appropriate.

Editor's note: This is a sponsored blog post from Radwell International.


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