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Re: Can Entropy Be Reversed?

12/31/2007 2:35 PM

YW, I commend your open mind. You can see the lines around the box.

The Hydristor heat pump/Stirling/generator only will run self sustaining when there is

an 'outside the box' input of solar derived heat energy called temperature. As you

correctly calculated, existing Freon heat pump technology (4:1) will 'barely' be over

unity. BUT your number was slightly over unity. Not worth building a useable self

sustaining machine!. The existing heat pump technology has 2 major flaws. First, the

'expansion valve' is a small orifice (hole) which drops the cooled but still pressurized

Freon to a -40 temperature due to phase change physics. There is also a molecular

friction called 'molecular shear heating' caused by the Freon molecules rushing out

the orifice hole at supersonic speeds. This friction introduces a loss in the Freon cycle

in addition to the throw-away of mechanical compression energy in the expansion

process. In spite of these losses, the existing Freon heat cycle will return 3-4 times

the input energy. With the patented Hydristor system (US6,612,117, EU filings and

additional new patent pending to further improve the C.O.P.) , all I did was to

eliminate the compression loss by returning the cooled but compressed Freon to the

second Hydristor stage (first stage being the Freon compressor) and expanding

Hydristor stages 2,3, and 4 resulting in the conversion of the historically discarded

mechanical energy directly into motor torque on the common compression rotor. This

also eliminates the molecular shear heating. I believe this will raise the C.O.P. to 10.

The 'box' diagram would show a third energy input of low grade environmental solar or

geothermal heat AND a fourth output of useable electrical power. The harvesting of

10 kw of heat per 1 kw of input power, then sent to a 40% efficient Stirling to run a

90% generator will self sustain with useable output and I believe violate the wording

but not the intent of the hallowed second law that was concocted in the 1800s.

This is in no way perpetual motion and removing the solar heat input will stop the

self sustaining operation. The new provisional on file with the US Patent office is

about scavenging cycle heat losses for a further gain in C.O.P. and operation as a

pure hydraulic system or as a pneumatic system being the input power sources

and the self sustaining heat recovered useable output being hydraulic or

pneumatic accumulator tank pressure scavenging engine combined heat loss. Watch

for the discussion about the Carnot cycle when I introduce the Hydristor exhaust

system retrofit to harvest that huge heat loss of combustion coupled with an

additional Hydristor heat scavenge system recovering coolant heat, underhood air

heat loss and even some heat scavenge from the high rate of atmospheric heat

encountered as you drive down the road at 75 Mph. Actually, I hope to eventually

develop a heat scavenge system whereby the car just runs on Sun energy; no burn

of fuel. I believe this combination of thermal recovery systems can do it. I also am

convinced that the Hydristor hybrid storage system can make such a car beat any

alternate hybrid at a stoplight because of the massive power transfer of hydraulics

as compared to electrics. The friction brakes on your SUV develop a half megawatt

of 'power' at 75 Mph for the first instant of deceleration, declining to zero with the

speed. What electric motor and/or battery will ever be able to do that?

If we the engineers and scientists don't find ways to fix the mess caused by Man's

disregard of the environment and do it soon and fast, the future for our kids and

especially our grandkids is lost. I am trying to do this. Instead of finding fault as Ken

wants to do, look at the technology and propose improvements and ways to get it

into the mainstream. There will be a movie about the technology being ignored by

'naysayers', and in the public theatres in 2008. Not just my technology but a lot of

good ideas. I have been contacted by some of the magnetic motor and air vortex

guys and I'm not convinced but I try to have an open mind. I remain open to being

convinced. I know that is the position taken by most about my technology and I'm

going as fast as I can; with no money! That will soon change! Finally! All I ask is that

engineers take a comprehensive look at what I have done. The car stuff referred to

by Ken is provable on a sheet of paper in engineering terms. I have done some of

that but few listen. If anybody wants to call me, my number is 607-2068960 Tom

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