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Re: 110 Outlet with Green Circle & Red Triangle on The Bottom

08/16/2008 6:40 AM

The double duplex receptacle(s) are for powering the low voltage equipment in the enclosure. Low voltage installers are notorious for butcher work like this. The markings on the receptacles indicate that they are isolated ground, data-grade receptacles. However, used in this application, it looks like the installer just used these because they were just laying around and handy to be installed. As far as the equipment, the devices at top left are for analog video transmission and PTZ data transmission for a CCTV camera (75 ohm coax) over twisted pair cable (passive baluns). It looks like a small step down transformer for camera power in the lower right side of the picture using pigtail connections. This is the reason for the wire nuts.

I have installed low voltage for 20 years. Unfortunately this type of shotty work is the norm. Hope this helps.

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