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Re: Wiring Diagram for Hyster Electric Forklift

06/15/2009 10:57 PM

The problem is probably a large power fuse or one of the many small control fuses in the electrical panel. Find the hydraulic contactor and manually push it in, make sure some one is by the battery plug to unplug the battery if the hydraulic motor continues to run. If motor doesn't run you have a large power fuse that needs to be replaced. If motor does run than the problem is in the hydraulic control circuit and is probably a small fuse or switch that is bad. If the problem is still there it could be many things including wiring , battery fault indicator , battery hydraulic cut-out control card , hydraulic control card , hydraulic motor , seized hydraulic pump , hydraulic snubber , and a few other things. I have a diagram for a Hyster N30R. It is similar but not exactly like the one you need.