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Re: For Musicians: Les Paul PAF Humbuckers Hum 60 Hz

10/06/2009 11:35 AM

I just replaced a friends pickups. He had a Fender Performer, with stock pickups, which sounded ok, but not screaming for blues. He bought some Seymour Duncan's which I think were aimed for Jazz... They definitely were screamers, and man he could wail on some blues solo's with the new pickups. I definitely recommend Seymour Duncan when considering pickups. However, their "wiring diagram" was incorrect, and when wired according to the literature on their website, the pickups would not work correctly. I wired them as standard pickups, with dual push/pull pots, and everything works great.

For some reason I constantly have a giant pile of broken equipment... every time I finish with one project, someone ends up on my porch with some other broken piece of band/audio equipment, or something they want to mod. it's a fun hobby, as long as it remains just a hobby. Right now, I have 2 mixers, 3 solid state amps, 2 tube amps, 1 guitar, a PA speaker crossover, and a combo amp/cab PA setup to work on, which seems to be about average. Maybe I should start charging for more than parts.

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