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Re: 2004 Honda Civic - Gages Don't Work, But Carpet is Clean

11/03/2009 12:37 AM

For the instrument cluster circuit 2004 Honda Civic comes in 4 flavors: (DX,GX) (EX,HX,LX) (Hatchback) (Hybrid). I picked Hatchback for no good reason.

The only ground I see that could cause such widespread dash problems is from gauge assembly black wires B11 and B12 that ground (G502) under the right side of the dash. Another diagram says that B11 and B12 ground under dash assembly (G501). G501 appears to be incorrect.

The dash turn signal lamps ground through B12. The gauge and radio lamps ground through B12. The brake lamp is run by the dash CPU which grounds through B11. The high beam indicator is driven entirely by another system.

G502 grounds gauge assembly B11 & B12, Accessory power socket, keyless receiver unit, right power mirror, right side turn signal light.

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