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Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1998, Automatic Shutdown Device

12/23/2009 4:51 PM

Thanks for the info. I had already replaced both of these sensors and the relay. Now the problem is getting worse. I don't know if this is related, but now the gage cluster turns off while driving. All the dials turn off. No tac, no speed, no oil, no amp, no gas, no oil but have dash lights and turn signal indicators. Totally baffling no power windows, but get this the windows work when the ingition switch is in acc mode. The gages return if you turn the starter switch to the start mode and let go back to run, but after about 5 seconds all the gages return to 0 and no longer respond. I replaced the ingition switch and traced every wire from the power center to the ignition switch and did not find any loose connections or cut/frayed wires and no blown fuses. I am working with a Haynes manual and they don't have very detailed schematics. I can't afford to pay a pro at $125 and hour for tracing problems.

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