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Re: The New Blue Collar

04/20/2010 9:14 AM

i think what you have described is a start in the right direction for this country. if we are to survive we need to build a better product that the rest of the world can and will buy. if our product is better we can charge a higher price. automation is the only way we will be competetive with asia. that gives us a chance to compete on the basis of price and quality. my business is mechanical service and building automation controls. i did see this coming years in advance and i have invested in training and equipment and software to improve efficiency. we now have internet in all the trucks with printers so my techs can access qb online and leave an invoice upon completion. they also have access to schedule and tech assistance and we can enter time sheets right on the job. this allows me to maintain my price level and remain profitable. the point is whether i like it or not we are in this global whatever and the dream economy has met it's logical end. to survive and thrive we all have to look at the future and the realities and mold ourselves to what is and not what we would like. jfk made a famous statement to this effect.