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Re: 1 Phase To 3 Phase

02/28/2011 2:05 AM

hiii all,

to be precise, simply, capacitors wont do the job. if one can design an RC phase shift oscillator for power frequencies, it would be fine since these oscillators are used only in the audio frequency range so far as i know. and again, a possible solution may be to give the single phase supply to a motor which in turn drives a 3 phase generator (like in the case of Ward-Leonard system for dc motor speed control), thus u get three phase supply out of ur single phase.

another method will be to use a booster transformer, a state of the art solid state controller, a motor and a capacitor block. but this system is applicable to normal 220v ac as far as my knowledge goes. i have a schematic of it but i am unable to upload the image.

comments are welcome.



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