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Re: Which One is the Most Reliable Microcontroller?

10/30/2011 9:10 PM

How reliable is the Microcontroller one is planning to use in most robust design?

As reliable as the weakest links, namely the designers in charge of the hardware connected to the microcontroller and software that runs on the microcontroller. These are always the biggest factors and individual microcontroller hardware reliability is almost a non-issue.

When was the last time a microcontroller failed before a passive device such as a capacitor? When was the last time the reason for a glitch causing intermittent crashing of a microcontroller was not related to poor hardware or software implementation?

As for all the other effects and events you have mentioned, it is far, far easier to design around a standard microcontroller and protect it from whatever environment it is expected to survive than to purchase, say an expensive military-grade microcontroller, which you STILL will have to protect to some degree. I don't think there is anything fancy about the microcontrollers used in satellites, only the hardware used to protect them from that particularly harsh environment.

For really, really harsh environments or levels of accuracy and protection it is back to checking the available microcontroller data sheets and careful planning and implementation of the hardware surrounding the microcontroller and software running on it.

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