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Re: Which One is the Most Reliable Microcontroller?

10/31/2011 2:23 PM

Users are good source of information. Most of the manufacturers will not admit problems unless someone pricks them and asserts with proof.

Sometimes you see PINs of the IC falling apart. This may sound ridiculous but this is what I have seen happening for real. Something within the material eaten itself and PINs dropped out just by blowing air.

There are more problems in both material and design process. World economy has pushed many manufacturers to cheat. It is going to happen more often.

Do I use Microcontroller in a pacemaker or not will remain only a question unless I can have a clear answer if this can keep working for 20 years from implanting date.

Critical applications where survival depends on reliability of that small tiny stuff matters. I will not place a question to you all unless I am very serious about it.

Which uC or uP you are going to trust? I will say none and will make my own State Machine to do the job. This I did 35 years ago and I still feel the same way. Why these years could not bring one device which we can trust?

Prof. (Dr.) Shyam, Managing Director for Sensors Technology Private Limited. Gwalior, MP474001, India.
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