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Re: Your Own Personal Robot

01/19/2012 10:52 PM

The question is:- What would the robot want to do?

Can we enslave this machine with human sentience?, or can we give it a job?

What would be it's wages? Would it be free to quit or join a union?

If this robot can do all things you can do, as fast as you can do them, would it want it's own robot? and so on?

Would a robot be honest, hard-working, trust worthy...and I can go on.

As robots get better they will integrate more and more human skills into a more and more humanlike shape until they may, in time, look the same, weigh the same and in general be impossible to tell apart from a human. If this robot took your place and killed your wife -and ran off leaving you to explain it to the police( it looks like you and has your fingerprints) how would you deal with that?

The time when robots can do this is many many years in the future, but it will eventually come to pass. Will we leave them self determination? Can they vote? Can they live forever? Can they replace us as we all die off?

Are we evolved robots that have outlived their progenitors?

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