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Signature: "Did you get my e-mail?" - "The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" - George Bernard Shaw, 1856
Location: In the bothy, 7 chains down the line from Dodman's Lane level crossing, in the nation formerly known as Great Britain, and now disconnecting as Little England and Wales (not too sure about Wales bit, either). Kettle's on.
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PWSlack is a genderless nom-de-plume for an individual that has a strong interest in things chemical, a moderate tolerance for things in other fields and a peculiar perversion towards railway engineering that is lifelong, chronic and terminal. While remaining a shy mystery, the location and national characteristics of this individual are prevalent.

Never a solo trumpeter, this individual is highly averse to the use of personal pronouns in a public forum and has a wicked sense of humour that ebbs and flows like the tide on a moonlit night.

"When using Morse, never send faster than the other end can receive."

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While somewhat rusty on the manipulation of S-plane algebra, Nyquist's Stability Criterion and equally out-of-practice on the Zeigler-Nicholls techniques of controller tuning, there may be some useful illumination to be had on a number of control and instrumentation issues as a result of holding a long-suit in that particular discipline.

In the game of Contract Bridge, 'bid on length, not on strength'.

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