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I knew Elon Could Do It!

11/24/2015 by Fredski
now he just needs to order one off of AMAZON:
Views: 244, Comments: 9
Last comment 11/25/2015 by redfred

What is This.....Exactly?

11/23/2015 by Fredski
Views: 504, Comments: 27
Last comment 11/26/2015 by Fredski

20 Million Times More Sensitive Than the Human Eye

11/12/2015 by Anonymous Poster
Ground broke for the world's largest telescope that will be 20 million time more sensitive than the human eye on Wednesday and it is planned to start...
Views: 211, Comments: 11
Last comment 11/14/2015 by energyconversion

Nearly as Strong as Titanium but Lighter than Styrofoam

11/10/2015 by ASleasman
I thought the development of this material was pretty cool and was worth sharing. Being developed for Boeing by HRL Laboratories comes this metal mate...
Views: 554, Comments: 16
Last comment 11/12/2015 by PWSlack
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Manned Mission to Mars

11/19/2015 by joeymac
Since the movie "The Martian" came out I was curious to see if NASA really is thinking about sending people to Mars and sure enough it's in the work...
Pathfinder Tags: manned mission Mars martian NASA Space Station ...
Views: 177, Comments: 4
Last comment 11/19/2015 by Rixter

Building a Better Space Suit

11/18/2015 by HUSH
Mars is getting more and more appealing. First as a planet studies project: last week it was reported the atmosphere is subject to intense, planet-...
Pathfinder Tags: Mars NASA space suit
Views: 119, Comments: 3
Last comment 11/19/2015 by adreasler

One Drone, Up Close and Personal

11/12/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
With drones permeating air space, and news about drones permeating air waves,Engineering360 contributor and former aerospace engineer Rick DeMeis dec...
Views: 193, Comments: 0
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Knowledge is Power! A Case Study

09/28/2015 by SavvyExacta
Growing up, young people often hear the phrase "knowledge is power." This phrase originally appeared in Latin as "scientia potentia est" and is attrib...
Pathfinder Tags: ESDU
Views: 257, Comments: 8
Last comment 10/03/2015 by IdeaSmith

Using Software to Aid Aircraft Design Analysis

04/17/2015 by SavvyExacta
Data is only as good as how it's used. And while there is a lot of data available about metal and composite structures, good software can help apply w...
Views: 403, Comments: 0

How to Predict In-flight Coaxial Jet Noise

04/03/2015 by SavvyExacta
Did you know that there are regulations regarding aircraft noise? Software is a valuable tool for predicting what aircraft might sound like in certain...
Pathfinder Tags: aerospace ESDU
Views: 299, Comments: 1
Last comment 04/05/2015 by lyn
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How To Dock With The International Space Station

03/24/2015 posted in Roger's Equations
by Roger Pink
There's a really cool video of how astronauts take the Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station. It includes a discussion with astronaut Scott...
Views: 340, Comments: 2
Last comment 04/06/2015 by 8320

Women Who Inspire in Space and Science

11/19/2013 posted in WoW Blog (Woman of the Week)
by CR4 Guest Author
The world of engineering, technology and science is often associated with men, but if you look around this trend is starting to turn on its head. If y...
Views: 1050, Comments: 9
Last comment 11/20/2013 by Tornado

The Wright Brothers 'Won' but Whitehead was First: Thanks to the Press

04/28/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
IHS Jane's has shared on their website that the 100th anniversary edition of Jane's All the World's Aircraft will credit Gustave Whitehead as the firs...
Pathfinder Tags: Charles Lindbergh Glenn Curtis Gustave Whitehead Wright brothers
Views: 1291, Comments: 16
Last comment 03/22/2014 by Stuart21