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NASA is Challenging You!

04/07/2014 by Fredski
when will LaDEE impact the lunar surface?
Views: 104, Comments: 2
Last comment 04/09/2014 by Hooker


03/27/2014 by IdeaSmith
Pathfinder Tags: discovery Mars StoneFish news Rover
Views: 197, Comments: 7
Last comment 04/07/2014 by IdeaSmith

$6,000,000.00 Up for Grabs

03/22/2014 by SolarEagle
Have a scheme to catch an asteroid? This might be your lucky day.....NASA is offering $6 mil to some lucky person or persons who can come up with a cl...
Views: 319, Comments: 32
Last comment 04/04/2014 by netmaker

New Study: Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe

03/17/2014 by Doorman's Chick
In modern science, the prevailing opinion supposes that whatever falls into a black hole disappears forever and breaks apart into the component pa...
Views: 410, Comments: 37
Last comment 03/19/2014 by Anonymous Hero
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Daydreaming About Drones

04/13/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Think beyond the boundaries, allow for a little artistic license, and consider some UAV possibilities offered up by Frog Design. Suggesting that d...
Views: 179, Comments: 3
Last comment 04/14/2014 by unclefastguy

Big Data Skyrockets

04/02/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Product complexity is a real and growing challenge. Many products incorporate multiple systems, sub-systems, and huge counts of components - all w...
Views: 108, Comments: 1
Last comment 04/03/2014 by Lynn.Wallace

Composites in the Aircraft Construction Industry

03/15/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
The use of composites is becoming increasingly more commonplace among aircraft manufacturers. Boeing used to use only a small amount of composites in...
Views: 225, Comments: 7
Last comment 03/24/2014 by DavidHeiman
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Women Who Inspire in Space and Science

11/19/2013 posted in WoW Blog (Woman of the Week)
by CR4 Guest Author
The world of engineering, technology and science is often associated with men, but if you look around this trend is starting to turn on its head. If y...
Views: 359, Comments: 9
Last comment 11/20/2013 by Tornado

The Wright Brothers 'Won' but Whitehead was First: Thanks to the Press

04/28/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
IHS Jane's has shared on their website that the 100th anniversary edition of Jane's All the World's Aircraft will credit Gustave Whitehead as the firs...
Pathfinder Tags: Charles Lindbergh Glenn Curtis Gustave Whitehead Wright brothers
Views: 603, Comments: 16
Last comment 03/22/2014 by Stuart21