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08/15/2015 12:00 AM

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Freon 134A Why Does it Burn?

08/30/2015 by fliptop427
Why does the 12A, 134A burn? I have been told they are sell you LP Gas. I do know that LP will cool as good as Freon and I have tested it in my truck....
Views: 108, Comments: 18
Last comment 08/31/2015 by SolarEagle

2001 Ford F 150 Dash Smoke

08/30/2015 by lyn
It's 110°F yesterday. Truck parked outside in the sun. Wife comes running in to tell me it's ON FIRE. I start a list of things I'll have to remove a...
Views: 402, Comments: 36
Last comment 08/31/2015 by Phys

Metric and US Standard Cross Over

08/26/2015 by fliptop427
Denso started solenoids lugs. On the base model 228000 is used on many import tractors and autos. The thread is a 8M 1.25 and in the event you need...
Pathfinder Tags: Metric and US Standard
Views: 226, Comments: 26
Last comment 08/29/2015 by HiTekRedNek

Will This Car Put Nails into Detroit's Coffin?

08/24/2015 by Fredski
this is the much anticipated Tesla model X. not as sporty or expensive as the famous Model S. will the market embrace it and send Tesla to new height...
Views: 342, Comments: 17
Last comment 08/26/2015 by RAMConsult

How Good is the P85D?

08/20/2015 by Fredski
consumer reports tests
Views: 198, Comments: 4
Last comment 08/20/2015 by WonTon1
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Hemmings Motor News Blog

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One Woman’s Solo Journey Around the World in a 1930 Hudson

08/31/2015 by dstrohl
While most 77-year old women are relaxing at home and ordering jewelry from QVC, Heidi Hetzer is circumnavigating the entire world in her 1930...
Pathfinder Tags: around the world classic car Hudson rally
Views: 17, Comments: 0

After All These Cars, Am I Still a Car Guy?

08/27/2015 by dstrohl
Lately I have been wondering if I can still call myself a car enthusiast. I certainly grew up a car guy (kid) in the late 1960s. I was the one in...
Pathfinder Tags: car culture classic auto project car
Views: 211, Comments: 2
Last comment 08/28/2015 by Unredundant

Lubrication Charts--Chassis Maintenance Sure Isn’t What it Used To Be

08/26/2015 by dstrohl
Grease guns must have been real popular years ago. Without them, the roads would have been strewn with automobiles and trucks that had come to a...
Pathfinder Tags: chart lubrication maintenance manufacturer
Views: 298, Comments: 2
Last comment 08/28/2015 by SolarEagle
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Automotive Technology

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Getting the Grid into the Driver's Seat

08/26/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
The power industry is facing a tough dilemma when it comes to charging electric cars. On one hand, lots of consumers need to first invest in electric...
Views: 196, Comments: 4
Last comment 08/27/2015 by Brave Sir Robin

Car Tech that Combats Drunk Driving

08/14/2015 by cheme_wordsmithy
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving was involved in 31% of all fatal car crashes in 2013. Roughly...
Views: 337, Comments: 22
Last comment 08/19/2015 by Unredundant

Trend Analysis Yields Design Payoffs

08/13/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
With Chorus 2015, engineers can take data from thousands of simulations to determine trends within their design space (see video). The latest release...
Views: 170, Comments: 0
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Tesla Is Willing to Pay Hackers to Uncover Bugs on Its Website

08/25/2015 by Jordan Perch
Tesla Motors may be considered as a technological leader, but it doesn't mean that its products and services are immune to the challenges and threat...
Pathfinder Tags: bugs hackers Model S tesla website
Views: 201, Comments: 4
Last comment 08/27/2015 by Unredundant

Chinese Tech Giant to Launch an Autonomous Vehicle by the End of This Year

07/27/2015 by Jordan Perch
As it turns out, automakers are not the only ones to be inspired by Google's driverless car project. Baidu, the Chinese web services company, recently...
Pathfinder Tags: Autonomous Vehicle Baidu chinese technology
Views: 192, Comments: 0

Jaguar Land Rover Developing a Pothole Alert System

07/20/2015 by Jordan Perch
Potholes are among the leading causes of car accidents and one of the most common road hazards, causing severe damage to vehicles and putting public s...
Pathfinder Tags: alarm jaguar Land Rover pothole
Views: 193, Comments: 1
Last comment 07/23/2015 by tonyhemet
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It All Started with Johnnie: Random Facts About Tyres

06/24/2015 posted in Building & Design Blog
by Cygnet
The earliest tyres were bands of leather, then iron, (later steel), placed on wooden wheels, used on carts and wagons. Historically, the spelling wa...
Views: 581, Comments: 15
Last comment 07/03/2015 by Cygnet

Lightweighting Vehicles Using Aerospace Techniques

08/25/2014 posted in IHS ESDU Blog
by SavvyExacta
Metals producers are gearing up for increased sales based on Ford's decision to make an aluminum F-150 this year. (Read more.) Automakers are eager t...
Pathfinder Tags: ESDU
Views: 492, Comments: 0

Flexible Honing for Ford Small Block Engines

12/04/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Small Block Ford Engines are V8 power-plants sold by aftermarket auto parts suppliers and by Ford Motor Company itself. Originally built at the Blue...
Pathfinder Tags: cylinder hone engine hone Flex-Hone flexible honing plateau hone
Views: 411, Comments: 0

Engine Cylinder Honing on Motorz TV

11/27/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Chris Duke, the host of Motorz TV, captured some great footage of flexible honing while filming "How to Complete the Rebuild of a Chevy V8 Small Bloc...

Flexible Honing for Niaskil Engine Cylinders

11/20/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Nikasil is an extremely hard material that's used to line the surfaces of engine components. Developed by MAHLE in 1967, the electrodeposited nickel...
Pathfinder Tags: cylinder deglazing engine cylinders engine hones engine rebuilds Flex-Hone
Views: 445, Comments: 0

Valve Jobs in Classic Car Engines

11/05/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Leaded gasoline boosted engine compression, reduced knocking, and provided lubrication for valves and seats. An inexpensive octane booster, anti-kno...
Pathfinder Tags: Flex-Hone flexible honing valve guide honing valve guides valve stems
Views: 672, Comments: 3
Last comment 11/24/2012 by ferd