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Help with 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

04/15/2014 by gringogreg
HELP! my 1999 Pontiac Bonneville SE (3.8L V6 250K miles) refuses to die. I have beaten the crap out of it, and abused it in every possible way. Sure s...
Views: 320, Comments: 23
Last comment 04/19/2014 by cuba_pete

1998 Cavalier Won't Start When it Rains

04/14/2014 by silverfox41969
I have 1998 cavalier that seems to have developed and allergy to rain. When it drys up so does the car then it starts fine. Otherwise there's no fire...
Views: 323, Comments: 14
Last comment 04/16/2014 by dery2026

Ready For 78MPG?

04/14/2014 by Fredski
Views: 265, Comments: 26
Last comment 04/19/2014 by Anonymous Hero

Current Regulator Needed

04/08/2014 by freddy7
Hi, I am looking for some sort of current regulator. I have got a self-made camper van and am trying to charge my leisure battery from the van's opera...
Pathfinder Tags: current regulation DC DC regulator regulator
Views: 351, Comments: 42
Last comment 04/12/2014 by Yusef1

Drop In Fuel Out of Seawater?

04/07/2014 by Fredski
sounds too good to be true but its claimed to be working
Views: 431, Comments: 15
Last comment 04/17/2014 by Codemaster
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Hemmings Motor News Blog

1224 blog entries, 3096 comments (2 Viewing)

Tech 101 – Octane: the Facts and the Fiction Behind Those Higher-Priced Fuels

04/17/2014 by dstrohl
Any discussion about octane invariably leads to statements from some cars' owners that their engine performs better when they use the 91 or 93 (o...
Pathfinder Tags: gasoline octane petrol
Views: 309, Comments: 6
Last comment 04/19/2014 by Andy Germany

How Can I Find My Old Car?

04/16/2014 by dstrohl
Be it cruising down Main Street on a warm summer night, showing off for friends by doing burnouts, turning wrenches on the weekend, or blasting...
Pathfinder Tags: classifieds detective first car
Views: 260, Comments: 12
Last comment 04/17/2014 by Brave Sir Robin

National Corvette Museum Pulls the Last Corvette from the Sinkhole

04/15/2014 by dstrohl
When a sinkhole opened up beneath the National Corvette Museum's Skydome on February 12, the only certain thing was that eight historically signi...
Pathfinder Tags: corvette museum sinkhole
Views: 235, Comments: 2
Last comment 04/16/2014 by IdeaSmith
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Automotive Technology

160 blog entries, 2898 comments (2 Viewing)

Honda Is Developing a System That Informs Drivers of the Status of Traffic Lights

04/18/2014 by Jordan Perch
Honda has announced that it is going to start testing its driving support system, that can help drivers as many green lights as possible. The main goa...
Pathfinder Tags: Audi ces driving support system honda innovation ...
Views: 47, Comments: 2
Last comment 04/20/2014 by truth is not a compromise

Automakers Perfect New Aluminum Welding Systems

04/14/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
New federal fuel economy requirements are pushing automobile manufacturers to use lighter materials, including aluminum. Assembling aluminum body...
Views: 180, Comments: 1
Last comment 04/15/2014 by Rorschach

Walmart Is Testing an Unconventional Fuel-Efficient Hybrid Truck

04/11/2014 by Jordan Perch
Walmart, the world's largest retailer has been working on various sustainability projects for a while now, which include using 100% renewable ener...
Pathfinder Tags: green Hybrid innovation sustainability project Truck ...
Views: 282, Comments: 8
Last comment 04/13/2014 by Rixter
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Flexible Honing for Ford Small Block Engines

12/04/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Small Block Ford Engines are V8 power-plants sold by aftermarket auto parts suppliers and by Ford Motor Company itself. Originally built at the Blue...
Pathfinder Tags: cylinder hone engine hone Flex-Hone flexible honing plateau hone
Views: 232, Comments: 0

Engine Cylinder Honing on Motorz TV

11/27/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Chris Duke, the host of Motorz TV, captured some great footage of flexible honing while filming "How to Complete the Rebuild of a Chevy V8 Small Bloc...

Flexible Honing for Niaskil Engine Cylinders

11/20/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Nikasil is an extremely hard material that's used to line the surfaces of engine components. Developed by MAHLE in 1967, the electrodeposited nickel...
Pathfinder Tags: cylinder deglazing engine cylinders engine hones engine rebuilds Flex-Hone
Views: 285, Comments: 0

Valve Jobs in Classic Car Engines

11/05/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Leaded gasoline boosted engine compression, reduced knocking, and provided lubrication for valves and seats. An inexpensive octane booster, anti-kno...
Pathfinder Tags: Flex-Hone flexible honing valve guide honing valve guides valve stems
Views: 477, Comments: 3
Last comment 11/24/2012 by ferd

Flexible Honing for Douglass Motorcycles

02/29/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Douglass motorcycles dominated dirt track racing during the 1920s, and thrilled speedway racers through the late 1950s. Built by two brothers, Willi...
Pathfinder Tags: deburring cylinders Douglass motorcycles engine overhaul engine rebuild
Views: 221, Comments: 0

Flexible Honing for Stroker Engines

02/22/2012 posted in BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog
by Brush Research
Stroker kits are aftermarket automotive assemblies that increase engine displacement by lengthening piston travel. Along with a stroker crankshaft...
Pathfinder Tags: cylinder deglazing plateau finishing stroker engines stroker motors
Views: 222, Comments: 0