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BioMech & BioMed

06/07/2009 5:01 PM

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BioMech & BioMed

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Maximum Pressure for Human Lungs

10/17/2016 by ddurgin
What is the maximum pressure that human lungs can tolerate? DD 10/17/2016
Views: 353, Comments: 21
Last comment 10/25/2016 by James Stewart
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Biomedical Engineering

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Unfit Fitbits

10/25/2016 by Chelsey H
So…they were probably too good to be true. Recent reports have come out showing that fitness trackers may not be making you more fit. A study...
Views: 72, Comments: 5
Last comment 10/25/2016 by phoenix911

Starve A Fever

10/17/2016 by Chelsey H
Everyone has heard the old adage ‘feed a cold, starve a fever.’ A recent study published in the journal Cell sheds light on what mom used...
Views: 248, Comments: 3
Last comment 10/18/2016 by IanR
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Medical Equipment Design

125 blog entries, 579 comments (0 Viewing)

Implants Connect Using Wi-Fi

09/21/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Due to their size and location in the body, most medical implants are too power-limited to transmit data via traditional wireless routes. Wireless con...
Views: 122, Comments: 0

Tiny Tools Come into the Fold

04/20/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Brigham Young University researchers use principles of origami to design surgical tools so small that incisions will heal on their own - without sutu...
Views: 314, Comments: 1
Last comment 04/21/2016 by SolarEagle
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Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition

215 blog entries, 3158 comments (1 Viewing)

Debunking Hydration Myths

09/12/2016 by Jonathan Fuller
Recent American culture seems to obsess over hydration. I personally remember the turning point being during my high school years, around 2000, when c...
Pathfinder Tags: batmanghelidj hydration hyponatremia
Views: 352, Comments: 28
Last comment 09/16/2016 by phoenix911

Chemophobia (Or, The Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide)

09/01/2016 by Jonathan Fuller
Last week I ran across a post by a well-known food-industry critic warning that beloved snack crackers Cheez-Its are toxic. Cheez-Its contain soybean...
Pathfinder Tags: chemistry chemophobia food
Views: 416, Comments: 19
Last comment 09/12/2016 by James Stewart
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Healthcare Engineering

54 blog entries, 222 comments (0 Viewing)

A New Weapon In the Zika Virus Fight

02/18/2016 by cheme_wordsmithy
You may have heard about the Zika virus in the news. It's the latest in a long line of mosquito-born illnesses that seems to be spreading in epidemic...
Views: 517, Comments: 13
Last comment 02/20/2016 by SolarEagle

No Evidence that Cancer Screening Saves Lives

01/13/2016 by Quasar
An article in the British Medical Journal argues that screening for cancer has never been shown to save lives. The authors focus on the difference...
Pathfinder Tags: cancer screening mortality
Views: 410, Comments: 13
Last comment 01/15/2016 by jmueller
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IBM Opens a New Frontier in Healthcare Analytics

08/21/2015 posted in Editor's Desk
by wagman262
My colleague, Stephen Holloway, offers fascinating insight into IBM's recent deal that more closely aligns big data and analytics with healthcare. A p...
Views: 485, Comments: 0


01/26/2015 posted in Light & Laser Blog
by CR4 Guest Author
Imagine you are going out with your shy single friend to a party, he / she is talking to a nice potential match, but your friend starts to melt down....
Pathfinder Tags: optogenetics
Views: 789, Comments: 4
Last comment 01/27/2015 by Hilton

Pareiasaurs – Possible Relatives of Turtles

08/02/2013 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
Haven't heard of the pareiasaur? Me either, until I read an article in ScienceDaily. According to a study published in the Journal of Vertebrate P...
Pathfinder Tags: pareiasaurs
Views: 737, Comments: 0

Chatting with Canines

07/17/2013 posted in Animal Science
I have one particular family member who is a rather quiet sort. No matter my attempts to levy conversation, she'll just sit there quietly and stare...
Pathfinder Tags: dogs pets technology translation
Views: 890, Comments: 22
Last comment 07/23/2013 by suresh sharma

Unusual Bird Nest Building Materials

06/28/2013 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
It's a little late for most species of birds to be nesting but some, like these cedar waxwings, are still at it. Seeing this bird with such a huge am...
Pathfinder Tags: ANIMAL SCIENCE birds
Views: 1089, Comments: 16
Last comment 12/19/2013 by dj95401