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06/07/2009 5:01 PM

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BioMech & BioMed

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Separating Impurities from Cane Juice

09/05/2014 by Erion BWAMBALE
how best can i seperate impurities from cane juice ready to go nto the boiler,pliz help
Views: 173, Comments: 6
Last comment 09/08/2014 by jack of all trades

Intelligence vs Body Size

08/24/2014 by HiTekRedNek
Why do scientists relate body size to intelligence in animals? For instance dinosaurs are reportedly very dumb, because the brain weight in proportio...
Views: 506, Comments: 44
Last comment 08/26/2014 by tcmtech
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Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition

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Materials Mystery: NFL Footballs

09/03/2014 by HUSH
Tomorrow night a new season of NFL football begins. With it comes 21 weeks of pizza, wings, beer and pretending you're on the team (that "we" pronou...
Pathfinder Tags: construction design football NFL
Views: 216, Comments: 4
Last comment 09/04/2014 by BruceFlorida

Wearable Tech to Protect Pitchers

08/06/2014 by HUSH
Human capital has always considered a part of capitalism. For thousands of years, civilization was built on the sweat and blood of people considered...
Pathfinder Tags: baseball pitcher PPE protective equipment
Views: 332, Comments: 3
Last comment 08/07/2014 by tribefan1952

Building a Better World Cup Ball

06/11/2014 by HUSH
When we discuss foreign rivalries, there are a few that come to mind. England vs. France. Canada vs. USA. China vs. Japan. These are rivalries that...
Pathfinder Tags: design football soccer world cup
Views: 351, Comments: 7
Last comment 06/12/2014 by kevinm
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Biomedical Engineering

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Toothpaste Debunked

08/30/2014 by Chelsey H
Most of us can go through our morning routines without thinking. (I guess that's the point of having a routine). But as you brush away your morning...
Views: 597, Comments: 32
Last comment 09/04/2014 by Andy Germany

Don't Rush to Natural Sweetners

08/23/2014 by Chelsey H
"I'll have the pink one." That's what my mom always says when she is making her coffee. Of course she is referring to Sweet 'N Low, one of several b...
Views: 465, Comments: 33
Last comment 09/02/2014 by JRiversW

Why Do People Get Goosebumps?

07/27/2014 by Chelsey H
Goosebumps, goosepimples, goose flesh…there are many words for the little bumps that form on your skin and many reasons why they form. Medical...
Views: 436, Comments: 9
Last comment 07/31/2014 by adreasler
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Medical Equipment Design

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Medical Engineering Victory at the World Cup

08/02/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
For some, the most celebrated action at the World Cup in Brazil last month wasn't the home team's winning goal. It was the ceremonial first kick -...
Views: 404, Comments: 0

Can a Camera Replace an Eye?

07/10/2014 by HUSH
Gizmos and gadgetry imparting handicapped and impaired individuals with lost senses or new limbs isn't a new concept. Heck, it isn't even an old conc...
Pathfinder Tags: biotech blind Prosthetic
Views: 393, Comments: 2
Last comment 07/13/2014 by europium mkII

Getting Prosthetics Fit for Service

06/16/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The rapid evolution of lower limb prosthetics owes much to advances in miniaturized sensors, mechatronics, and other technologies. However, such...
Views: 330, Comments: 1
Last comment 06/18/2014 by JIMRAT
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Healthcare Engineering

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Wearable Health-Monitoring Patches

07/02/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
An experimental, flexible, wireless sensor that applies like an adhesive bandage or a temporary tattoo and yet remains soft and flexible enough...
Views: 302, Comments: 3
Last comment 07/09/2014 by vsar

Strategies for Engineering Negligent Senescence

01/08/2014 by HUSH
I know this is an engineering website, but if you'll allow me to take you back to middle school history class just for a moment. Ponce de Leon is an...
Pathfinder Tags: anti-aging biotech senescence
Views: 490, Comments: 2
Last comment 01/12/2014 by truth is not a compromise

Top Medical Technologies

01/01/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
Innovation and technology continues to improve every aspect of people's lives, including healthcare. Nowadays, a smarter healthcare system is more foc...
Views: 334, Comments: 0
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Pareiasaurs – Possible Relatives of Turtles

08/02/2013 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
Haven't heard of the pareiasaur? Me either, until I read an article in ScienceDaily. According to a study published in the Journal of Vertebrate P...
Pathfinder Tags: pareiasaurs
Views: 291, Comments: 0

Chatting with Canines

07/17/2013 posted in Animal Science
I have one particular family member who is a rather quiet sort. No matter my attempts to levy conversation, she'll just sit there quietly and stare...
Pathfinder Tags: dogs pets technology translation
Views: 421, Comments: 22
Last comment 07/23/2013 by suresh sharma

Unusual Bird Nest Building Materials

06/28/2013 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
It's a little late for most species of birds to be nesting but some, like these cedar waxwings, are still at it. Seeing this bird with such a huge am...
Pathfinder Tags: ANIMAL SCIENCE birds
Views: 504, Comments: 16
Last comment 12/19/2013 by dj95401

A Tale of the Rarest Species of Whale

06/07/2013 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
When's the last time you saw a beaked whale? Despite the fact that they look a little bit like bottle nosed dolphins, it's actually likely that you'...
Pathfinder Tags: beaked whale spade-toothed whale whales
Views: 250, Comments: 0

Zebrafish in Research

05/24/2013 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
Zebrafish have been in the news recently. These small fish are gaining popularity in research labs. Read on to find out why! Zebrafish Facts * One...
Pathfinder Tags: ANIMAL SCIENCE research zebrafish
Views: 216, Comments: 0

Therapy Dogs Provide Comfort and Confidence

04/26/2013 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
Dogs do more than guide the blind these days. Some are trained to call 911 in an emergency while others comfort the elderly and those with learning...
Pathfinder Tags: ANIMAL SCIENCE dogs therapy dogs
Views: 176, Comments: 2
Last comment 08/28/2013 by 129CBRider