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06/14/2015 12:00 AM

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Aluminium Deformed Bar

06/16/2015 by youngken
Steel deformed bar is very commom, but anyone has seen aluminium deformed bar?
Views: 152, Comments: 11
Last comment 06/27/2015 by omw7

Pull Or Push: Pumping Water up to 15ft in Height

06/16/2015 by Tom_Consulting
I have a project that I'm thinking about that would pump water from a ravine/pond up a 15ft rise and about 30ft horizontal. The idea is to make a wate...
Views: 1006, Comments: 123
Last comment 06/24/2015 by James Stewart

Small Hole Drilling

06/12/2015 by Hook
Dear members, I need some help please. What is the best and most cost effective way to drill .050 size holes in 1/8" high density polyethylene ? I nee...
Views: 268, Comments: 19
Last comment 06/15/2015 by Randall


06/11/2015 by prof peanut
To find the height of a tower on a level field without access to the base of the tower using a theodolite is a relatively simple exercise. Take the an...
Views: 288, Comments: 11
Last comment 06/20/2015 by JIMRAT

Pile Driving in Pakistan

06/10/2015 by Andy Germany
If you're not an engineer some of the calculations may escape you, but don't worry, the video explains all the calculations in one go !! So...
Pathfinder Tags: engineer pile driving pakistan building
Views: 111, Comments: 4
Last comment 06/12/2015 by Brave Sir Robin
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GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog

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U.S.' Most Energy Efficient Cities-How Do They Do it?

07/01/2015 by larhere
Mayors and local lawmakers in America's largest cities continue to take innovative steps to lower energy costs for consumers and businesses, increase...
Pathfinder Tags: buildings code-standards energy efficiency trends
Views: 139, Comments: 0

MHI Chooses HFO-1233zd(E) for New Centrifugal Chillers

06/18/2015 by larhere
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has announced the availability of their new ETI-Z Series Centrifugal chillers based on environmentally friendly HFO...
Pathfinder Tags: HFO New Refrigerants refrigerants
Views: 120, Comments: 0

US HVAC Equipment Market and Forecast

05/20/2015 by larhere
The Freedonia Group just released a 300+ page market study titled US HVAC Equipment Market and Forecast which presents historical demand data for 20...
Pathfinder Tags: forecast hvac industry hvac manufacturing trends
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Construction Tools & Equipment

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E-dynamic Crane Climbs Mountains

06/27/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Construction of Italy's new Mont Blanc cable-car system might have initially seemed entirely out of reach. But with employment of a unique e-dynamic c...
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Mosque Moved in Heavy Lift

04/19/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
When the Saudi Arabian National Guard located in Jeddah made plans to expand five hospitals, they had a 2,400 ton problem standing in their way. That...
Views: 272, Comments: 4
Last comment 04/20/2015 by Wal

Super Size Your Site Dumper

03/20/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
The earth is moving more efficiently than ever with the introduction of a new line of site dumpers from one of the most trusted names in global const...
Views: 177, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/21/2015 by Wal
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Building & Design Blog

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Casablanca's Medina Rehab Plays It Again

06/21/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Casablanca's Old Medina, which dates back to the sixth century, is slated for a renovation of the 21st century variety. The five-year, 28 million euro...
Views: 82, Comments: 0

America's Infrastructure

06/16/2015 by joeymac
I think it can be said that to have a good quality of life, your infrastructure must be of good quality. What is infrastructure? Infrastructure consi...
Pathfinder Tags: bridges infrastructure roads upgrading utilities
Views: 289, Comments: 52
Last comment 06/25/2015 by bakerjohn

Rooflines Help Design Firms Stand Out

05/29/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Two firms with a similar design vision have been chosen in a competition to construct one of five new museums planned for Hungary's Budapest City Park...
Views: 138, Comments: 1
Last comment 05/30/2015 by jhhassociates
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Plant & Facilities Engineering

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Stop Poor Communication Patterns in Their Tracks

05/02/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
"What we've got here is failure to communicate." The iconic line from the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke may have been delivered by a warden to a prisone...
Views: 196, Comments: 14
Last comment 05/15/2015 by fixitorelse

Sensing the Future of Smart Buildings and Transportation

02/10/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
An article at makes the point that deploying sensor-enabled IoT nodes to monitor infrastructure elements such as bridges a...
Views: 112, Comments: 0

Transition from Manager Mode to Leadership Level

01/18/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Your job title may say manager, but are you also a leader? It's a loaded question, especially if you believe you are a leader but feedback from em...
Views: 239, Comments: 3
Last comment 01/19/2015 by facilitiesmgr
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Virtual Audits Take Off

03/25/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Commercial buildings spend more than $100 billion on utility bills each year in the U.S. alone, and anywhere from 30% to 50% of that energy use is...
Views: 107, Comments: 0

HVAC Movie Stars

09/28/2014 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Bruce Willis crawling through air ducts in Die Hard. Nerve gas getting released into the HVAC system in 24. Scores of movies where ducts are used fo...
Views: 504, Comments: 4
Last comment 09/29/2014 by Hilton

Where are the Techs?

08/28/2014 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Business is booming in the HVAC industry as efficient new designs, wireless thermostat installations, upgrades to attain LEED certification, and o...
Views: 439, Comments: 7
Last comment 08/30/2014 by markar
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

How Would You Fix It? Garage Foundation

08/27/2014 posted in Workbench Creations
by SavvyExacta
The photos below are of a pre-1900 building that was most recently used as a garage. As you can see, there is a problem with the foundation. A plan f...
Views: 767, Comments: 23
Last comment 09/02/2014 by Doorman

Caption This for 06/14/13

06/13/2013 posted in Caption This!
by Kaplin
This week's image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to Usbport for submitting this image.
Pathfinder Tags: bridge Caption this engineering images fail funny images
Views: 766, Comments: 31
Last comment 06/19/2013 by phoenix911

November 13, 1927 – The Holland Tunnel Opens

11/13/2009 posted in "On This Day" In Engineering History
by Steve Melito
On this day in engineering history, the first of 51,694 vehicles drove through the Holland Tunnel, a dual-tube structure that passes beneath the H...
Pathfinder Tags: civil engineering engineering marvels November 13 tunnel construction tunnel design
Views: 837, Comments: 5
Last comment 12/17/2012 by 129CBRider

DIY Grape Arbor (Part 1)

09/14/2009 posted in Workbench Creations
by U V
Well, it has been a busy summer. I built this grape arbor for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Then I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee last...
Pathfinder Tags: concrete slab DIY projects grape arbor post pockets rebar
Views: 789, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/17/2009 by U V

Prepare for the Juan De Fuca Disaster

03/27/2008 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
The Juan De Fuca Plate is the modern-day cause of volcanic activity, earthquakes and tsunamis in the northwest quadrant of the continental United S...
Pathfinder Tags: disaster earthquake juan de fuca pacific northwest subduction ...
Views: 964, Comments: 13
Last comment 04/01/2008 by RHABE

Houston, We Have a Problem: Our City is Sinking!

03/20/2008 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
Poor land development choices and fresh water problems plague Houston, Texas. The coastal metropolis, located near the Gulf of Mexico, is like New...
Pathfinder Tags: Houston levee subsidence subsiding urban well
Views: 741, Comments: 20
Last comment 03/09/2010 by RCE