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I Need Help Big Time! Civil Engineers Give Me Your Expertise!

06/20/2017 by keiran marley
Hello, if you're reading this, thanks for helping. I'm stuck on two assignments I have been given and I have searched over the internet for days and c...
Views: 295, Comments: 11
Last comment 06/22/2017 by keiran marley

Who Made The First Geodesic Dome?

06/19/2017 by MR. Guest
In discussing Structural Engineering, Buckminster Fuller once said, in essence, that (primitives) could not have invented the geodesic dome, becausue...
Views: 328, Comments: 52
Last comment 06/22/2017 by truth is not a compromise

Working Out the Tension on a Screw Pile

06/03/2017 by Piler
Hi, looking at foundations for an art installation. The installation is 6.0m high x 1.4m wide and weighs 11 tonne it needs a temporary steel base (as...
Views: 297, Comments: 40
Last comment 06/07/2017 by bullardrr

Problems in Society

05/28/2017 by Anonymous Poster
Is poor planning of building structures a problem in society then how
Views: 88, Comments: 7
Last comment 06/04/2017 by Andrew Westman
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Guess the Architecture

59 blog entries, 994 comments (1 Viewing)

Guess the Architecture for 6/20/2017

Do you recognize this week’s building? Care to take a guess?
Views: 163, Comments: 7
Last comment 06/22/2017 by James Stewart

Guess the Architecture! for 6/13/2017

Do you recognize this week's building?
Views: 220, Comments: 8
Last comment 06/19/2017 by MaggieMc
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Plant & Facilities Engineering

133 blog entries, 681 comments (0 Viewing)

Expanded Component Range Brings Harmony to Control Cabinets

06/19/2017 by Gianluca Fanchini
Gianluca Fanchini, Industry Sector Marketing Manager of RS Components, looks at control cabinet components, and highlights that somehow there is the c...
Views: 186, Comments: 3
Last comment 06/20/2017 by Phys

Kia Enters Indian Market with $1.1 Billion Car Plant

05/14/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The South Korean automaker says it plans to produce a compact sedan and compact SUV especially for the Indian market at this new plant. When productio...
Views: 39, Comments: 0
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Building & Design Blog

213 blog entries, 1582 comments (0 Viewing)

ArchiTech: from CAD to BIM to AR and VR

06/05/2017 by MaggieMc
Architectural design has come a long way from hand drafted plans, but it will likely go much farther after the inaugural Tech+ expo that took place on...
Views: 80, Comments: 0

How Technology Has Changed the Construction Industry

05/27/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
To say that the construction industry has changed due to technological advances is an understatement. Once expensive and time-consuming, construction...
Views: 148, Comments: 1
Last comment 06/01/2017 by MR. Guest
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90 blog entries, 709 comments (0 Viewing)

Low GWP Refrigerants — Understanding GWP, GHG, ODP, and Climate Change

04/29/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
See an engineer's perspective on global warming and climate from man-made gases and refrigerants. While the current U.S. administration may choose to...
Views: 55, Comments: 0

Sensor Technologies Support "Next-Generation" Temperature Measurement

12/24/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Melexis has announced two new sensing technologies for simplified integration of temperature measurement into applications that enhance safety, effici...
Views: 143, Comments: 0
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Construction Tools & Equipment

73 blog entries, 382 comments (0 Viewing)

Fewer Malfunctions and Lower Costs Thanks to Smarter Maintenance Model

04/20/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Researchers at the University of Twente have developed a mathematical model for improving the maintenance schedule for trains, rails, aircraft, self-d...
Views: 43, Comments: 0

Ease Your Muscle Strain When Hammering

03/20/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
A shock-absorbing hammer may reduce arm muscle strain and consequently reduce the risk of tennis elbow for users. This conclusion was reached by an en...
Views: 183, Comments: 9
Last comment 03/21/2017 by jack of all trades
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

How Would You Fix It? Garage Foundation

08/27/2014 posted in Workbench Creations
by SavvyExacta
The photos below are of a pre-1900 building that was most recently used as a garage. As you can see, there is a problem with the foundation. A plan f...
Views: 1009, Comments: 25
Last comment 11/16/2016 by MR. Guest

Caption This for 06/14/13

06/13/2013 posted in Caption This!
by Kaplin
This week's image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to Usbport for submitting this image.
Views: 956, Comments: 33
Last comment 06/07/2016 by Gwen.Stouthuysen

November 13, 1927 – The Holland Tunnel Opens

11/13/2009 posted in "On This Day" In Engineering History
by Steve Melito
On this day in engineering history, the first of 51,694 vehicles drove through the Holland Tunnel, a dual-tube structure that passes beneath the H...
Views: 1003, Comments: 5
Last comment 12/17/2012 by 129CBRider

DIY Grape Arbor (Part 1)

09/14/2009 posted in Workbench Creations
by U V
Well, it has been a busy summer. I built this grape arbor for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Then I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee last...
Views: 947, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/17/2009 by U V

Prepare for the Juan De Fuca Disaster

03/27/2008 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
The Juan De Fuca Plate is the modern-day cause of volcanic activity, earthquakes and tsunamis in the northwest quadrant of the continental United S...
Views: 1152, Comments: 18
Last comment 10/20/2016 by MR. Guest