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How Do I Find the Endurance of a Slab?

11/20/2014 by ranoo
hello eveyone, how can i find out if a slab of 2 years old can hold up more load ( about 1500kg ( this load includes a generator and a fuel tank )) ?...
Views: 206, Comments: 9
Last comment 11/21/2014 by passingtongreen

Advances in Earthquake Resistance

11/19/2014 by Fredski
I read this this morning, it fits with a recent thread on design.rollers are used in Japan on some taller buildings. I find this sliding concept inter...
Views: 118, Comments: 10
Last comment 11/20/2014 by SolarEagle

Understanding the Value of (Shapes) in Earthquake Resistant Construction

11/16/2014 by JE in Chicago
I was just approached by my G.F. (4th grade teacher) who was frustrated that she couldn't find an article related to the value of shapes (such as hone...
Views: 299, Comments: 12
Last comment 11/18/2014 by passingtongreen

Design by Abaqus

11/13/2014 by jhone
Objective: Design of the main towers for the Sagrada Familia in Ice Description: The Design of the Sagrada Familia in Ice is based on the design o...
Pathfinder Tags: ice Sagrada Familia
Views: 98, Comments: 2
Last comment 11/14/2014 by SolarEagle

Aluminium Angle Profile on Colorbond Steel?

11/11/2014 by dibramb
Hi everyone, I need to apply an angle profile on the enclosed trailer I builded, I made the frame using 25x25x1.6 mild steel, the blue painted, when...
Pathfinder Tags: aluminium electrolysis metal fabrication
Views: 273, Comments: 13
Last comment 11/13/2014 by geraldpaxton
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GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog

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Conquering Information Overload

11/19/2014 by larhere
Who isn't battling Information Overload? According to Daniel Levitin, McGill University psychology professor " Americans took in five times as much...
Pathfinder Tags: business consulting business effectiveness improving employee satisfaction
Views: 67, Comments: 3
Last comment 11/20/2014 by PWSlack

Corrosion Analysis: Understanding the Equipment

11/05/2014 by larhere
Back again. Today we'll discuss the third step in the corrosion evaluation/mitigation process 1. Identify the corrosion mechanism. 2. Understand the...
Pathfinder Tags: Corrosion corrosion analysis corrosion consulting HVAC corrosion
Views: 168, Comments: 6
Last comment 11/12/2014 by psikorsky

Reshoring Gains Momentum

10/29/2014 by larhere
Earlier this month we highlighted a BCG study ("The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing") showing the dramatic changes in manufacturing competi...
Pathfinder Tags: China factory Global global manufacturing global sourcing
Views: 162, Comments: 3
Last comment 10/31/2014 by Yahlasit
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Plant & Facilities Engineering

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BYOD Enhances Performance But Requires Data Protection

11/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
It's more than a catchy acronym - bring your own device (BYOD) represents a growing movement in industrial facilities that allows employees to gat...
Views: 86, Comments: 0

Small Adjustments Equal Big Results for Lean Operations

10/03/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Even the best efforts to improve processes throughout a facility will leave areas for improvement. Fortunately, seemingly minor adjustments can ha...
Views: 215, Comments: 0

Train, Retain, and Motivate: A Guide to Finding and Keeping Maintenance Talent

09/14/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A combination of retiring personnel and tightening budgets has led to a shortage of maintenance technicians. Add to that a shallow talent pool, and...
Views: 397, Comments: 19
Last comment 09/17/2014 by The.Tinkerer
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Building & Design Blog

147 blog entries, 1228 comments (0 Viewing)

Sky Rise Over Miami

10/24/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
From out on the ocean, the new Sky Rise Miami might appear to be a giant water-slide made of glistening steel and glass. But what will soon be the...
Views: 281, Comments: 3
Last comment 10/25/2014 by Anonymous Hero

How a Geomagnetic Reversal Could Kill All Technology

10/01/2014 by HUSH
When Chinese scientists created the first compass sometime between 2 B.C. and 1 A.D., they failed to harness the most important application--directi...
Pathfinder Tags: compass geomagnetism magnetic pole magnetism
Views: 478, Comments: 10
Last comment 10/26/2014 by jdsighter

George Lucas Scripts a New Museum

09/23/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
It's no coincidence that the new George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago looks like something from out of this world. After all, the names...
Views: 216, Comments: 1
Last comment 09/24/2014 by Unredundant
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81 blog entries, 690 comments (0 Viewing)

HVAC Movie Stars

09/28/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Bruce Willis crawling through air ducts in Die Hard. Nerve gas getting released into the HVAC system in 24. Scores of movies where ducts are used fo...
Views: 358, Comments: 4
Last comment 09/29/2014 by Hilton

Where are the Techs?

08/28/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Business is booming in the HVAC industry as efficient new designs, wireless thermostat installations, upgrades to attain LEED certification, and o...
Views: 361, Comments: 7
Last comment 08/30/2014 by markar

Not Licensed? Not Cool!

07/29/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Unlicensed HVAC contractors are more than just an annoyance; they're actually doing so much damage that the industry's credibility is under threat...
Views: 517, Comments: 10
Last comment 08/01/2014 by Tom_Consulting
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Construction Tools & Equipment

50 blog entries, 326 comments (0 Viewing)

Earth Movers Make Way for James Bond Film Studio

09/20/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Pinewood Studios is a British film company best known for its James Bond action movies. Now the firm is breaking ground near Atlanta, GA for an an...
Views: 277, Comments: 1
Last comment 09/22/2014 by adreasler

Under Your Home

06/15/2014 by Chelsey H
Have you ever thought about what was under your house? In London, many people are finding still-functioning digging machines in the hidden depths un...
Views: 923, Comments: 15
Last comment 06/16/2014 by dj95401

Itsy Bitsy Termite Building Machines

04/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
We can learn a lot from termites. Or so says the Harvard University School of Engineering which is currently conducting research on the newest an...
Views: 636, Comments: 0
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

How Would You Fix It? Garage Foundation

08/27/2014 posted in Workbench Creations
by SavvyExacta
The photos below are of a pre-1900 building that was most recently used as a garage. As you can see, there is a problem with the foundation. A plan f...
Views: 625, Comments: 23
Last comment 09/02/2014 by Doorman

Caption This for 06/14/13

06/13/2013 posted in Caption This!
by Kaplin
This week's image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to Usbport for submitting this image.
Pathfinder Tags: bridge Caption this engineering images fail funny images
Views: 745, Comments: 31
Last comment 06/19/2013 by phoenix911

November 13, 1927 – The Holland Tunnel Opens

11/13/2009 posted in "On This Day" In Engineering History
by Steve Melito
On this day in engineering history, the first of 51,694 vehicles drove through the Holland Tunnel, a dual-tube structure that passes beneath the H...
Pathfinder Tags: civil engineering engineering marvels November 13 tunnel construction tunnel design
Views: 811, Comments: 5
Last comment 12/17/2012 by 129CBRider

DIY Grape Arbor (Part 1)

09/14/2009 posted in Workbench Creations
by U V
Well, it has been a busy summer. I built this grape arbor for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Then I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee last...
Pathfinder Tags: concrete slab DIY projects grape arbor post pockets rebar
Views: 758, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/17/2009 by U V

Prepare for the Juan De Fuca Disaster

03/27/2008 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
The Juan De Fuca Plate is the modern-day cause of volcanic activity, earthquakes and tsunamis in the northwest quadrant of the continental United S...
Pathfinder Tags: disaster earthquake juan de fuca pacific northwest subduction ...
Views: 941, Comments: 13
Last comment 04/01/2008 by RHABE

Houston, We Have a Problem: Our City is Sinking!

03/20/2008 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
Poor land development choices and fresh water problems plague Houston, Texas. The coastal metropolis, located near the Gulf of Mexico, is like New...
Pathfinder Tags: Houston levee subsidence subsiding urban well
Views: 703, Comments: 20
Last comment 03/09/2010 by RCE