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Anyone Know About Such a Bracket

01/30/2015 by youngken
For a crane lifted formwork like this: I found this bracket I think this is a one directional bracket, the channel rail can only going up. Is...
Views: 160, Comments: 4
Last comment 01/31/2015 by uli_newBuilder

Becoming an Engineer

01/28/2015 by ControlExpert51
Hello everyone, I have been working towards becoming a civil engineer for about a year now, and was wondering after my schooling, where do I go from t...
Pathfinder Tags: civil engineer job search
Views: 68, Comments: 3
Last comment 01/30/2015 by old salt

The Costa Concordia. What Are Your Thoughts on This Feat?

01/22/2015 by Original_Macgyver
i just saw the show on Nova. Is this an amazing feat of engineering or what?
Views: 410, Comments: 17
Last comment 01/30/2015 by old salt

Why is This Stairway / Ladder Designed Like This?

01/16/2015 by Original_Macgyver
Why is this stairway / ladder designed like this? Have you ever seen this type of stairway / ladder? This accesses a roof hatch. The steps on either...
Views: 713, Comments: 37
Last comment 01/23/2015 by SHOCKHISCAN
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New York's "Low Line" — a High Tech Underground Park

01/25/2015 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Encouraged by the success of New York City's High Line - an outdoor walking park constructed on an abandoned railroad bed - developers are now proposi...
Views: 125, Comments: 1
Last comment 01/29/2015 by Unredundant

The Greenest Space in NYC is Underground

12/31/2014 by HUSH
I swear, I try to make my blog posts as relatable as possible. That often means trying not to write about New York City-centric events, but this nat...
Pathfinder Tags: green space new york city PV remote skylight
Views: 194, Comments: 1
Last comment 01/05/2015 by reward54

Korea Constructs "Cloud World" for Scientists

12/16/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A global "Cloud World" of science is about to be established in Korea. Facilitated by an award winning design, the IBS, or Institute for Basic Scienc...
Views: 218, Comments: 8
Last comment 12/18/2014 by adreasler
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Plant & Facilities Engineering

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Transition from Manager Mode to Leadership Level

01/18/2015 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Your job title may say manager, but are you also a leader? It's a loaded question, especially if you believe you are a leader but feedback from em...
Views: 171, Comments: 3
Last comment 01/19/2015 by facilitiesmgr

BYOD Enhances Performance But Requires Data Protection

11/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
It's more than a catchy acronym - bring your own device (BYOD) represents a growing movement in industrial facilities that allows employees to gat...
Views: 163, Comments: 0

Small Adjustments Equal Big Results for Lean Operations

10/03/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Even the best efforts to improve processes throughout a facility will leave areas for improvement. Fortunately, seemingly minor adjustments can ha...
Views: 252, Comments: 0
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HVAC Movie Stars

09/28/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Bruce Willis crawling through air ducts in Die Hard. Nerve gas getting released into the HVAC system in 24. Scores of movies where ducts are used fo...
Views: 429, Comments: 4
Last comment 09/29/2014 by Hilton

Where are the Techs?

08/28/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Business is booming in the HVAC industry as efficient new designs, wireless thermostat installations, upgrades to attain LEED certification, and o...
Views: 397, Comments: 7
Last comment 08/30/2014 by markar

Not Licensed? Not Cool!

07/29/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Unlicensed HVAC contractors are more than just an annoyance; they're actually doing so much damage that the industry's credibility is under threat...
Views: 551, Comments: 10
Last comment 08/01/2014 by Tom_Consulting
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Construction Tools & Equipment

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Earth Movers Make Way for James Bond Film Studio

09/20/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Pinewood Studios is a British film company best known for its James Bond action movies. Now the firm is breaking ground near Atlanta, GA for an an...
Views: 333, Comments: 1
Last comment 09/22/2014 by adreasler

Under Your Home

06/15/2014 by Chelsey H
Have you ever thought about what was under your house? In London, many people are finding still-functioning digging machines in the hidden depths un...
Views: 965, Comments: 15
Last comment 06/16/2014 by dj95401

Itsy Bitsy Termite Building Machines

04/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
We can learn a lot from termites. Or so says the Harvard University School of Engineering which is currently conducting research on the newest an...
Views: 697, Comments: 0
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Water Chiller Performance Calulations-Basic Cycle

12/10/2014 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
Water chillers are commonly employed to chill water for air conditioning systems. This chilled water is circulated thru cooling coils. Air is passed o...
Pathfinder Tags: centrifugal compressors chiller performance chillers
Views: 209, Comments: 3
Last comment 12/13/2014 by Noudge79

Conquering Information Overload

11/19/2014 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
Who isn't battling Information Overload? According to Daniel Levitin, McGill University psychology professor " Americans took in five times as much...
Pathfinder Tags: business consulting business effectiveness improving employee satisfaction
Views: 156, Comments: 3
Last comment 11/20/2014 by PWSlack

Corrosion Analysis: Understanding the Equipment

11/05/2014 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
Back again. Today we'll discuss the third step in the corrosion evaluation/mitigation process 1. Identify the corrosion mechanism. 2. Understand the...
Pathfinder Tags: Corrosion corrosion analysis corrosion consulting HVAC corrosion
Views: 228, Comments: 6
Last comment 11/12/2014 by psikorsky

Reshoring Gains Momentum

10/29/2014 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
Earlier this month we highlighted a BCG study ("The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing") showing the dramatic changes in manufacturing competi...
Pathfinder Tags: China factory Global global manufacturing global sourcing
Views: 203, Comments: 3
Last comment 10/31/2014 by Yahlasit

Trane Introduces HFO1233zd in Series E Centrifugal Chillers

10/22/2014 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
Trane introduced the first chiller using R1233zd at the Chillventa Expo last week in Italy. Air conditioning manufacturers are scrambling to comply wi...
Pathfinder Tags: gwp HFO HVAC announcements New Refrigerants
Views: 232, Comments: 0

Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness is Changing Worldwide

10/10/2014 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
Boston Consulting Group, BCG, just released a "must read" report "The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing" if your company manufactures in mult...
Pathfinder Tags: factory global hvac HVAC Business Strategy HVAC global sourcing
Views: 233, Comments: 1
Last comment 11/06/2014 by reward54