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Communications & Electronics

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Project Loon

05/08/2017 by JWthetech
In early March I was looking skyward shortly after sunset and saw a weather balloon. It had a payload of some sort with several strobes. Thought about...
Views: 405, Comments: 43
Last comment 05/12/2017 by James Stewart

Soldering Techniques For Tiny Chips to Tiny Boards

05/04/2017 by James Stewart
#1- I am not a producer of electronic goods, but I recently acquired some really nice angle sensors (NVE) for cheap, so I bought six. #2 - When I rec...
Views: 365, Comments: 33
Last comment 05/08/2017 by bullardrr

Chicago Miniature

05/03/2017 by cuba_pete
I am looking for a cross-reference listing for old CML indicators, specifically CML 070. I know they are VCC now, but none of the regular suppliers I...
Views: 147, Comments: 6
Last comment 05/22/2017 by Lenp

Wire Crimping Dies

04/28/2017 by Lenp
Maybe someone can point me in a direction for this one. We use a table top model AM-10 pneumatic terminal crimping machine. It takes most of the stan...
Views: 305, Comments: 27
Last comment 05/22/2017 by James Stewart
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Acoustics & Audio Technology

85 blog entries, 617 comments (0 Viewing)

Google Launches DIY Artificial Intelligence Kit

05/10/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Using the voice recognition kit, the first kit to be released, makers could replace physical buttons and digital displays on household appliances or c...
Views: 7, Comments: 0

LG's Bluetooth Speaker Plays Music, Floats in the Air

01/17/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The futuristic Levitating Portable Speaker from LG Electronics is catching stares at CES 2017. The 360 degree omnidirectional speaker employs a turbin...
Views: 145, Comments: 3
Last comment 01/20/2017 by Mikerho
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Data Acquisition

109 blog entries, 709 comments (0 Viewing)

Helsinki Transport Uses Open Source Code for Trip Planner App

05/06/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Ongoing development of this trip-planning tool is designed to be collaborative and involve developers, the general public, and other cities’ tra...
Views: 34, Comments: 0

Liquid Volumetric Displays of 3D Images

03/16/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
A new volumetric display with laser-generated microbubble voxels enables a 3D image to appear in a columnar display instead of on a flat surface witho...
Views: 114, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/16/2017 by Rixter
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Electronic Components

125 blog entries, 689 comments (0 Viewing)

IoT Development Board Integrates MEMS and Multiple Wireless Standards

05/04/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
STMicroelectronics has introduced an Internet of Things (IoT) discovery kit that supports multiple low-power wireless standards and integrates a compl...
Views: 28, Comments: 0

Developing a Two-way Radio on a Single Chip

04/11/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Traditionally, in order to enable two-way communication, individual send and receive circuits are needed. Researchers at Cornell University have devis...
Views: 118, Comments: 0
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Electronic Product Design

109 blog entries, 443 comments (0 Viewing)

Vintage Airstream Trailer Decked Out with Voice-controlled Home Automation

05/01/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Home automation is moving beyond the confines of an actual house and into a custom vintage Airstream trailer. Control4 has added 4K TV, audio, LED lig...
Views: 18, Comments: 1
Last comment 05/12/2017 by Brave Sir Robin

J.D. Power 2017 Tablet Satisfaction Study

04/27/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
A J.D. Power tablet satisfaction study showed that Microsoft tablets attract higher incidence of early adopters to the technology, since they have exp...
Views: 5, Comments: 0
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Display Technologies

102 blog entries, 335 comments (0 Viewing)

Graphene-based Transparent Electrodes for OLED Panels

04/30/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Graphene is being researched to be used to cool electronic chips, to develop extremely sensitive sensors, foldable pressure sensors, flexible antennas...
Views: 12, Comments: 0

Sharp Eyes $7 Billion Plant Investment

02/23/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Sharp will take the lead in the joint construction of a liquid crystal display panel plant in the U.S. with Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group, an exec...
Views: 158, Comments: 0
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Light & Laser Blog

137 blog entries, 1166 comments (0 Viewing)

LiDAR for the DIY and Hobbyist UAV Enthusiasts

04/25/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
There are now LiDAR options that cost in the hundreds of dollars — rather than in the thousands — that are good for do-it-yourselfers and...
Views: 14, Comments: 0

Laser Engraving Tips from the Experts

03/26/2017 by Epilog Laser
Need recommendations for solid hardwood engraving? Nervous about etching glass? Looking for inexpensive substrates to play around with? Experts fro...
Views: 322, Comments: 0
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Networking & Communications

101 blog entries, 1089 comments (0 Viewing)

Cybersecurity: A Fact of Technological Life

04/22/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Cyber-threats and attacks can take many shapes, but they all have the same objective: to cause harm for gain. The need to protect computer devices and...
Views: 14, Comments: 0

Bridging the Industrial IoT Gap With Learning Tools For Engineers, Students and Makers

01/15/2017 by Heiko Luckhaupt
Heiko Luckhaupt, Industry Sector Marketing Manager at RS Components discusses the gap between the IoT and the industrial world and a new open Arduino-...
Views: 513, Comments: 0
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Appliance Technology

84 blog entries, 604 comments (0 Viewing)

IKEA Introduces Smart Home Lighting Products

04/17/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The smart lighting will allow consumers to choose the appropriate light for early morning, another for late evening, and a third for cooking or workin...
Views: 202, Comments: 13
Last comment 04/19/2017 by Brave Sir Robin

Electrically Reversible Magnetism

02/27/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
By designing a particular non-metal, the scientists were able to achieve a multiferroic state where magnetism can be manipulated with an electric fiel...
Views: 206, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/01/2017 by Andrew Westman
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Wireless Technology Blog

120 blog entries, 2487 comments (0 Viewing)

Reinforced Isolator Offers High Efficiency, Low Emissions

04/15/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Texas Instruments has introduced a single-chip reinforced isolator with integrated power that reportedly offers 80% higher efficiency than existing in...
Views: 80, Comments: 0

Get Ahead in RF & Antenna Design

02/16/2017 by SavvyExacta
Interested in simulation for space hardware, broadband macromodeling, interference modeling, synthesis tools, or real-time location tracking? CST has...
Views: 166, Comments: 0
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Solutions for Industrial Computing

185 blog entries, 748 comments (0 Viewing)

Oh, The Humanity: You Can Now Instantly Kill A Computer For $50

12/08/2016 by Hannes
I recently took an interest in home defense—y’know, just in case. Inspired by a friend who lives way out in the country and keeps a Louisv...
Views: 447, Comments: 10
Last comment 12/10/2016 by Del the cat
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Webinar Calendar – January 2016

01/11/2016 posted in IHS Product Design Blog
by SavvyExacta
Engineering360 has a great lineup of webinars each month. Learn about specific topics from industry experts, for free, from the comfort of your own...
Views: 500, Comments: 0

Meet the Team: Bryan DeLuca, Director of Content and Publishing at Electronics360

01/08/2016 posted in The CR4 Admin Blog
You may have seen a recent post about CES from Bryan DeLuca. There was some confusion over whether he was spamming CR4. That's not the case; he's part...
Views: 347, Comments: 2
Last comment 01/11/2016 by 70AARCuda

Webinar Calendar - December 2015

12/17/2015 posted in IHS Product Design Blog
by SavvyExacta
December is halfway over, but there's still one more webinar on the Engineering360 calendar for 2015. Webinars allow you to learn about specific topi...
Views: 422, Comments: 0

Spotted on My Trail Camera

06/20/2015 posted in Animal Science
by SavvyExacta
Last month I set up a trail camera in a wooded part of my property. It's caught family members, a guy we don't know, and a few animals. I thought I'd...
Views: 883, Comments: 34
Last comment 06/23/2015 by IdeaSmith

AM Broadcasting: A Rebirth?

01/17/2014 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
by Hannes
Picture this: you're an 8 year old on a Friday night in 1933, cross-legged on the floor next to your hulking, overheating Zenith console, impatientl...
Views: 589, Comments: 1
Last comment 01/18/2014 by Chankley