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Delta Capacitor Connection

04/17/2014 by jinxnao
H, above it is said that, Crs is sum of the Cdelta and the C value obtained from the paralleling of two other Cdelta then it is 1,5 Cdelta.. I thin...
Views: 35, Comments: 5
Last comment 04/17/2014 by jinxnao

what happen if i do synchronization in counter clock with synchroscpe method?

04/17/2014 by Anonymous Poster
what happen if i do synchronization in counter clock with synchroscpe method?
Views: 41, Comments: 6
Last comment 04/17/2014 by Tornado

Book Name - Electrical Design

04/16/2014 by faisal farooqui
give me basic electrical designing book name which cover nec rule and iec rule
Views: 73, Comments: 2
Last comment 04/16/2014 by lyn

Electrical Motor Starter in Star Delta

04/16/2014 by Anonymous Poster
My motor is 30kw, so I want to know how much current takes during starting(star) and normal running condition(delta). plz also explain........
Views: 71, Comments: 5
Last comment 04/17/2014 by PWSlack

How to Connect Inverter with RCBO ?

04/16/2014 by Sujit Roy
I have main connection of 4KW , I wanted to put a RCBO - 32 A ( 30 mA - 2 pole - Siemens) , I also have a inverter of 800VA , which will auto connect...
Views: 87, Comments: 2
Last comment 04/17/2014 by PWSlack
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Electrical Components

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Server Farms Go Green

03/13/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are all pursuing green ways to power their energy-hungry data centers. A recent Facebook server farm location was chos...
Views: 157, Comments: 0
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Wire and Cable Technology Blog

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Auto Industry Steers to Ultrasonic Splicing

03/09/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
While many engineers remain reluctant to switch from older resistance welding or soldering methods, the auto industry is recognizing the advantages of...
Views: 287, Comments: 3
Last comment 03/12/2014 by SimpleMind
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Shock, Vibration and Noise Blog

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New Method Bridges Gaps

02/21/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
German researchers have developed a new method for detecting structural problems in bridges. The ResoBridge method (registration required) measures t...
Views: 229, Comments: 0
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Lab Equipment Blog

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Why Labs are Embracing Social Media

02/16/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Lab staff have been among the most skeptical professionals in seeing the value of social media outlets, but the genie is finally out of the bottle, c...
Views: 236, Comments: 0
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DIY Laser Light Show Projector

06/28/2012 posted in Workbench Creations
by frankd20
Laser light shows can be pretty impressive. I was curious about how these shows are done, so I thought I would try to create one of my own. Below are...
Pathfinder Tags: Laser laser dac laser light show laser projector laser scanners ...
Views: 1331, Comments: 12
Last comment 07/26/2012 by frankd20

5 Reasons to Not Root Your Android Device

06/27/2012 posted in TeknologikL
by yamdankee
Previously, we discussed some reasons why you should root your Android device. There are, of course, drawbacks. So here are 5 reasons you may not want...
Pathfinder Tags: Android custom roms iphone rooting why not to root
Views: 1156, Comments: 1
Last comment 06/30/2012 by Kris

What is Your Favorite Loudspeaker Design?

06/25/2012 posted in Acoustics & Audio Technology
by rawlifelivin
Think of a loudspeaker in your head. Got it? Now what did that image look like? Just about everybody will have imagined a wooden box with conical dr...
Pathfinder Tags: audio dynamic electrostatic Hybrid martinlogan ...
Views: 2237, Comments: 24
Last comment 12/26/2013 by ronseto

Economic Audio: HDMI Cables

06/19/2012 posted in Acoustics & Audio Technology
by rawlifelivin
Of all the overpriced electronic components available to consumers, the most targeted by audio enthusiasts the world over are cables. Whether the disc...
Pathfinder Tags: amazon audio audiophile audioquest cable ...
Views: 609, Comments: 18
Last comment 06/21/2013 by cuba_pete

Economic Audio: Bose 301 V vs. Wharfedale Diamond 10.1

06/08/2012 posted in Acoustics & Audio Technology
by rawlifelivin
In the world of high fidelity audio, there are a lot of components that are unnecessarily overpriced. Big name electronics companies don't always gi...
Pathfinder Tags: audio audiophile Bose Hifi Speaker ...
Views: 1155, Comments: 53
Last comment 06/28/2012 by Holzfeller

Convenience Fee to Pay for Technology via the Same Technology

01/09/2012 posted in Acoustics & Audio Technology
Verizon — the largest wireless and Internet provider in the U.S. — has come up with a new $2 fee, scheduled to go into effect on January 1...
Views: 1828, Comments: 8
Last comment 10/13/2012 by ferd