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Continuing Education - What Do You Do?

07/08/2014 by SavvyExacta
Just curious - what do you do to continue your education and stay current in your industry? Research on your own, conferences, trainings, certifcation...
Views: 243, Comments: 22
Last comment 07/10/2014 by James Stewart

Apprenticeship vs. College Degree

07/01/2014 by Lehman57
There was an article in the May 8 issue of Machine Design that some high school graduates are better suited for an apprenticeship program instead of a...
Views: 338, Comments: 49
Last comment 07/09/2014 by TVP45

2014 MPEP Exam Question

06/25/2014 by Welddoctor
"Has anyone taken this years exam?" If so "How was your Prometric experience?" "Do You have any PDF searching advice?"
Views: 88, Comments: 3
Last comment 06/25/2014 by RAMConsult
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Engineering Careers

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Question About Working Through Recruiting Agencies

07/14/2014 by 7055
I had a quick question. I recently took a job as a test engineer through a recruiting agency that I have worked with in the past, we'll call them Comp...
Views: 235, Comments: 6
Last comment 07/15/2014 by reward54
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Engineering Projects

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EMTP-RV Software Download

06/25/2014 by siphojobe
Good morning every one, I am a final year student and I am doing a project on overvoltage transients and insulation coordination, I need to use the e...
Pathfinder Tags: EMTP-RV
Views: 336, Comments: 7
Last comment 06/27/2014 by Brave Sir Robin
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Engineering Management

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Generation Y — How to Fit In

07/06/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Numerous sources have explored the multigenerational workplace and the fundamental differences in how each generation looks at any situation. Each...
Views: 198, Comments: 0

Hiring Practices Narrow Employment Choices

03/16/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Why, when alleged staff shortages prevent engineering departments from reaching their full potential, are so many engineers unemployed? This piece loo...
Views: 521, Comments: 17
Last comment 03/21/2014 by aDIYguy

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Plan Offices

09/14/2013 by CR4 Guest Author
Why Open Plan Offices? In the 1950s in Germany the Quickborner team of management consultants developed the radical office layout idea of Bürolands...
Views: 1739, Comments: 9
Last comment 09/17/2013 by AstroNut
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Engineering Careers

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Do Engineers Make Good Terrorists?

05/21/2014 by HUSH
So before I incite an online riot, I should note this disclaimer: I do not believe you, sir or madam, are a terrorist. However, your intrinsic knowl...
Pathfinder Tags: career DEGREE engineers terrorism
Views: 728, Comments: 159
Last comment 05/28/2014 by phoenix911

Workplace Noise: Dangers, Standards and Remedies

03/23/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
If you have ever visited a commercial warehouse, factory floor, airport or construction site, to name only a few common workplace environments, you pr...
Views: 315, Comments: 10
Last comment 05/13/2014 by Kevin LaPaire

BYOD: It's Happening Now

01/19/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
While the idea of bringing your own device to work was alien just a few years ago, the majority of companies now have a BYOD mindset. In fact, nearl...
Views: 409, Comments: 4
Last comment 01/20/2014 by tcmtech
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Engineering...Beyond the Classroom

113 blog entries, 1469 comments (0 Viewing)

Top Trade Skills For 2014

02/23/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
Even with a slowly improving economy, unemployment continues to be a major concern among American workers. However, there are many employment opportun...
Views: 472, Comments: 3
Last comment 02/24/2014 by Rorschach

Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Electricity

01/06/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
It can be difficult to keep thinking of entertaining ways to teach the important things. Science gets a particularly hard time amongst students. All k...
Views: 629, Comments: 15
Last comment 01/07/2014 by micahd02

Hands-On Learning: Why Woodworking In Schools Is Important

12/06/2013 by CR4 Guest Author
Hands-on learning courses were once a standard part of curricula in schools everywhere. These types of classes slowly started to fade away. One prime...
Views: 559, Comments: 51
Last comment 12/12/2013 by adreasler
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Engineering Communications

21 blog entries, 253 comments (0 Viewing)

How to Translate Science Speak

02/13/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
Scientists and engineers know things that laypersons don't know. This is just fine, except when the engineer/scientist has to or wants to communicate...
Views: 444, Comments: 12
Last comment 03/28/2014 by Ss_Reddy
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Futuristic Fusion

05/06/2014 posted in Plastics & Resins Blog
by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A research team from MIT has developed a hybrid material from living and nonliving materials. A first of its kind, the fused material holds the c...
Views: 189, Comments: 0

Much To Do! Twelve Potentially Economically Disruptive Technologies

06/12/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
Please read this free and insightful report from McKinsey & Co.: Disruptive Technologies: Advances that will Transform Life, Business, and the Glo...
Pathfinder Tags: Career Opportunities Disruptive Technologies McKinsey
Views: 271, Comments: 0

Be True to your School (Ranking)

05/09/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
Forbes Magazine joined the fray a few years ago in ranking America's Colleges and recently issued their 2012 results. US News & World Report (USN&...
Pathfinder Tags: college College Rank education forbes Professor ...
Views: 375, Comments: 4
Last comment 05/15/2013 by 70AARCuda

Math Use On The Job - Precision Machining

05/03/2013 posted in Speaking of Precision
by Milo
The Atlantic titles their article "Here's How Little Math Americans Use at Work." Spoiler alert, in Precision Machining, we all use a lot of math thr...
Pathfinder Tags: careers math precision machining
Views: 324, Comments: 13
Last comment 05/05/2013 by Milo

Math Isn't Rocket Science; Is it?

03/25/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
The Museum of Mathematics recently opened in New York City. As stated on the MOMATH website, "Mathematics illuminates the patterns and structures a...
Pathfinder Tags: CBS Sunday Morning education mathematics MOMATH Rocket Science
Views: 414, Comments: 11
Last comment 04/19/2013 by reward54

Bill Nye the Science Guy

03/18/2013 posted in Great Engineers & Scientists
by Chelsey H
On Wednesday March 13^th, I saw one of my childhood heroes- Bill Nye, as in, Bill Nye the Science Guy. He gave a free, open to the public speech to...
Views: 549, Comments: 5
Last comment 03/22/2013 by frankd20