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Engineering Careers

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From Physics to Electrical Engineering

04/19/2017 by gabuke
Hello everyone, I am currently studying physics (2nd course) and dreaming about becoming an electrical energineer. I am sure that once I am finished b...
Views: 493, Comments: 44
Last comment 04/25/2017 by James Stewart

Production Engineering and Robots

04/07/2017 by BrazilianEnginner
Hello everyone. first of all let's me introduce myself, I am from Brazil and I am student, I study production engineering. I have a big doubt in my...
Views: 232, Comments: 20
Last comment 04/10/2017 by ronc
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Engineering Projects

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Engineering Careers

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Take Me To Mars and Back—Find the Engineers to Do Just That

04/16/2017 by ASME Job Board + Career Center
Interesting news from NASA reveals a lot of opportunities for engineers. NASA is building new deep space capabilities to take humans farther into the...
Views: 394, Comments: 8
Last comment 04/21/2017 by James Stewart

From Science Fiction to Science Facts – Mechanical Engineers Make It Possible

03/19/2017 by ASME Job Board + Career Center
Browsing through scientific and engineering web sites like, Stanford Engineering, MIT news, and will show you how mechanical engineers are cl...
Views: 651, Comments: 9
Last comment 03/23/2017 by Phys
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Engineering Management

113 blog entries, 978 comments (0 Viewing)

Four Questions for Markus Schmidt, Swisslog’s President of WDS Americas

03/12/2017 by ahorner_22
If you’ve been keeping up with the remodel of Radwell International’s new headquarters in Willingboro, NJ, then you know about the install...
Views: 273, Comments: 0

France Is Trying To Switch Off After-hours Email

02/27/2017 by Hannes
On January 1^st of this year, France passed a much publicized “right to disconnect” law. It requires firms with more than 50 employees to...
Views: 407, Comments: 6
Last comment 03/01/2017 by Phys
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Engineering Communications

24 blog entries, 281 comments (0 Viewing)

Brain Science of Is and Es

08/25/2016 by Chelsey H
It wasn’t at all surprising to learn that I was considered an extrovert when I took the Myers-Briggs in college. I’ve always loved to be w...
Views: 319, Comments: 8
Last comment 11/14/2016 by adreasler
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Engineering...Beyond the Classroom

127 blog entries, 1699 comments (0 Viewing)

In Pursuit of a PE

04/28/2016 by cheme_wordsmithy
This Saturday will mark two weeks since the last "principles and practice of engineering examination" was administered by the NCEES to thousands of...
Views: 607, Comments: 15
Last comment 11/22/2016 by phoenix911
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Bertrand Russell's Set Theory Paradox

01/25/2017 posted in Abe's Blog
by amichelen
Bertrand Russell Gottlob Frege In June 1902, Bertrand Russell, the great British mathematician and logician, sent the statement of a paradox to...
Views: 347, Comments: 24
Last comment 02/02/2017 by tkot

Hypatia of Alexandria – Part 1

11/01/2016 posted in Abe's Blog
by amichelen
(Note: This is part 1 of a three series blog.) I would like to write my first blog by introducing a woman, who, many years ago in Alexandria, excelle...
Views: 338, Comments: 9
Last comment 11/04/2016 by amichelen

Are Your Smarter (or Dumber) Than Your Ancestors?

04/06/2016 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
The Case for Being Dumber It's easy to find anecdotal evidence about how 'stupid' the world has become. Take a look at the millions of tacky social...
Views: 432, Comments: 21
Last comment 04/10/2016 by Peterpipper

The Next Best Thing to Nap Time

03/11/2016 posted in Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition
by Chelsey H
There is a common thought (among teenagers and adults. that is) that nap time is wasted on elementary school kids and you need more naps as you get...
Views: 338, Comments: 0

Unschool In Session?

12/26/2014 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
by Hannes
The national Common Core initiative and a bevy of standardized tests have drawn an awful lot of doubting eyes toward American education. While Commo...
Views: 465, Comments: 11
Last comment 12/28/2014 by Noudge79