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English UNIT

03/05/2015 by Kulas
How can Pounds be abbreviated like this "lbs". ( Do we read "ealvbies" => pounds ) Can I complain? Why is this so hard and confusing. Any bright h...
Pathfinder Tags: Lbs to Pounds
Views: 37, Comments: 6
Last comment 03/05/2015 by phoenix911

108 MTRS of 60MM Dia Round Bar

03/04/2015 by JOACHIM S DSOUZA
Views: 33, Comments: 3
Last comment 03/05/2015 by SavvyExacta

Problem with Ordering Online

03/04/2015 by JWthetech
"It has to do with your internet provider (Claro) You must be physically ordering within the same country that is listed as your billing address. For...
Views: 51, Comments: 16
Last comment 03/05/2015 by Rixter

Special Property Of Straight Lines

03/04/2015 by Durga prasad
Find the equation of the straight line passing through two lines, where the two lines are passing through origin, Let the two lines be a1x+b1y=0 and...
Views: 75, Comments: 9
Last comment 03/05/2015 by nick name

Distance Between Two Points By Change of Coordinates by Shifting Axes Near Or Far

03/04/2015 by Durga prasad
Let us assume that there are two points in a space (plane surface), 'P' and 'Q'. Let the space be divided into 4 parts by a horizontal line y-axis a...
Views: 57, Comments: 6
Last comment 03/04/2015 by Anonymous Hero
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Commercial Space

1836 threads, 3395 comments (2 Viewing)

Protective Storage for Blueprints and Rolled Documents

03/03/2015 by rhinotube
Can storing blueprints and other rolled documents be difficult? We manufacture a triangular plastic storage tube that can store rolled documents,...
Views: 70, Comments: 8
Last comment 03/04/2015 by jack of all trades

1-Stroke Engine for Hybrid Applications

03/03/2015 by ASleasman
I was doing some research and came across this new engine that is under development. It's a single stroke rotary engine that gets the efficiency of a...
Views: 294, Comments: 12
Last comment 03/04/2015 by James Stewart

Quickbooks File Recovery

02/21/2015 by ArthurJones
Recuperation for Quickbooks repairs degenerate Quickbooks records (QBW documents) that are made in Quickbooks 2014, 2013, 2012, and all past versions....
Views: 39, Comments: 0

Exchange Server EDB Recovery

02/20/2015 by ArthurJones
The new programming changes over the EDB documents of the letter drop to PST records and spares it in MS Outlook. It implies that regardless of the fa...
Pathfinder Tags: edb to pst edb to pst conversion edb to pst converter exchange server recover
Views: 44, Comments: 2
Last comment 02/28/2015 by Anonymous Poster
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CR4 Feedback

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Changes In CR4 - Suggestion(s) Sought by CR4 Admin

02/08/2015 by dhayanandhan
Some time back (say 8 weeks ago) CR4 Admn, requested CR4 Members to send their suggestion(s)/expectation(s) etc. to improve the quality and maintain t...
Views: 349, Comments: 21
Last comment 02/10/2015 by Tonymech
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Roger's Equations

106 blog entries, 1285 comments (2 Viewing)

Google Making Progress in Quantum Computing

03/05/2015 by Roger Pink
Last year Google leapt into Quantum Computing by hiring Dr. Martinis and his quantum computing research group from the University of California, Santa...
Views: 2, Comments: 0

3753 Cruithne

03/03/2015 by Roger Pink
Space is a vast, empty wasteland filled with debris. Take for instance the region of space in the vicinity of Earth's orbit. We are all familiar with...
Views: 129, Comments: 3
Last comment 03/04/2015 by Crabtree

New Titanium-Making Process

03/02/2015 by Roger Pink
Recently I posted an article about a new Steel Alloy stronger than Titanium. It looks like there's been an advancement in the processing of titanium t...
Views: 192, Comments: 12
Last comment 03/05/2015 by Unredundant
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Editor's Desk

6 blog entries, 38 comments (1 Viewing)

IHS Expert Joins Our Engineering Innovation Webinar Lineup

03/03/2015 by wagman262
Thrilled to say that Jim Belfiore, an IHS colleague and noted global expert on innovation in engineering, will take part in the Engineering360 webinar...
Views: 40, Comments: 0

Which Automaker has a Lead in Autonomous Vehicle Development?

02/20/2015 by wagman262
We've run a number of news headlines in recent weeks about autonomous vehicles and plans by automakers to bring their concepts to market. Which automa...
Views: 130, Comments: 4
Last comment 02/25/2015 by JavaHead

Curbing Aircraft Emissions Through Engineering Innovation

02/20/2015 by wagman262
Eric Olson has a terrific piece at the News & Analysis page on efforts to curb aircraft emissions. Route changes could result in reductions; techn...
Views: 70, Comments: 0
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Challenge Questions

325 blog entries, 27497 comments (1 Viewing)

3464-Cube: Newsletter Challenge (March 2015)

02/28/2015 This month's Challenge Question: Specs & Techs from IHS Engineering360: A 2-cube (square) has 4 vertices and 4 edges. A 3-cube (cube) has 8 vert...
Pathfinder Tags: challenge question characteristic cube Euler
Views: 544, Comments: 15
Last comment 03/04/2015 by danmanfish

Jovian System: Newsletter Challenge (February 2015)

02/01/2015 This month's Challenge Question: Specs & Techs from IHS Engineering360: It's 2045 and a group of space pioneers are on an interplanetary transpo...
Pathfinder Tags: challenge question
Views: 1856, Comments: 39
Last comment 02/18/2015 by James Stewart

Launch Location: Newsletter Challenge (January 2015)

01/01/2015 This month's Challenge Question: Specs & Techs from IHS Engineering360: The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is located at latitude 28.5°...
Pathfinder Tags: challenge question
Views: 1573, Comments: 11
Last comment 01/13/2015 by Jorrie
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Caption This!

297 blog entries, 12740 comments (0 Viewing)

Caption This for 02/27/15

02/26/2015 by Kaplin
This week's image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to energyconversion for submitting this image.
Pathfinder Tags: Caption this engineering images funny images human pyramid
Views: 523, Comments: 49
Last comment 03/03/2015 by texasron

Caption This for 02/20/15

02/19/2015 by Kaplin
This week's image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to energyconversion for submitting this image.
Pathfinder Tags: Caption this engineering images funny images
Views: 558, Comments: 42
Last comment 03/04/2015 by Yahlasit

Caption This for 02/13/15

02/12/2015 by Kaplin
This week's image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to Original_Macgyver for submitting this image.
Pathfinder Tags: Caption this engineering images funny images
Views: 564, Comments: 36
Last comment 02/18/2015 by Sciesis2
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The Engineer's Notebook

331 blog entries, 5385 comments (0 Viewing)

The Universe Forever

02/19/2015 by HUSH
Growing up, my mother taught me a nursery rhyme that helped me remember the order of the planets. "Many very early men jump straight up near Pluto."...
Pathfinder Tags: big bang cosmology Singularity universe
Views: 200, Comments: 3
Last comment 02/20/2015 by redfred

Moving On from Planet Earth

01/07/2015 by HUSH
Where do you want to live? Only two weeks into another New York winter, let's just say I'm ready for Florida. Or at least Florida weather, even if t...
Pathfinder Tags: Exoplanet habitability Mars Venus
Views: 215, Comments: 2
Last comment 01/09/2015 by Kulas

Fun Things on the Internet - Happy New Year!

12/31/2014 by Chelsey H
52 Things you Thought Were True (But Really Aren't) - This was a little upsetting. Did you know that the chewy base of gum is indigestible and passe...
Views: 360, Comments: 0
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Defense & Security Technology

81 blog entries, 1208 comments (0 Viewing)

Velocitas Eradico (I, Who Am Speed, Eradicate)

02/11/2015 by HUSH
Guns are so early 20^th century. Depending on country and culture, they may even be so 19^th century. Yes, they remain the primary means of personal...
Pathfinder Tags: defense navy railgun weapon
Views: 236, Comments: 10
Last comment 02/16/2015 by Del the cat

Military Radar Data Reduces Baltic Collision Risks

01/29/2015 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The Estonian and Finnish military forces are now sharing Baltic area radar information with civilian air traffic control agencies. The move is prompte...
Views: 144, Comments: 0

Will the U.S. Navy Build the World's Only Supercavitating Ship?

12/10/2014 by HUSH
For the good of everyone, major combat operations by a military navy haven't occurred in decades. Though expeditionary exercises in support of air a...
Pathfinder Tags: defense ghost navy supercavitate
Views: 543, Comments: 30
Last comment 12/18/2014 by cuba_pete
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Animal Science

211 blog entries, 1923 comments (0 Viewing)

The Science of Your Bird Feeder

01/16/2015 by SavvyExacta
Winter is a quiet time outdoors in the Northeastern USA, but a bird feeder brings chirping visitors back in the colder months. Feeding the birds is...
Views: 280, Comments: 6
Last comment 01/19/2015 by adreasler

Ways to Care for Your Aging Cat

06/16/2014 by SwissMiss
One of my most cherished memories is the day I adopted my first cat. My younger self was delighted to have a new friend, and as we grew together ove...
Views: 751, Comments: 11
Last comment 01/16/2015 by Phys

Jeepers, Creepers... a Different Kind of Peepers!

05/01/2014 by SavvyExacta
The birds are singing, the grass is greening, and the peepers are peeping. Spring has finally sprung here in upstate New York after a long, long win...
Pathfinder Tags: ANIMAL SCIENCE frogs hibernation peepers
Views: 595, Comments: 5
Last comment 05/02/2014 by lyn
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The CR4 Admin Blog

71 blog entries, 1180 comments (0 Viewing)

CR4 Highlights from 2014 & Plans for 2015

12/29/2014 I can't believe another year is drawing to a close. So many things happened in 2014 that I wanted to take a moment to highlight them before we move o...
Views: 196, Comments: 9
Last comment 02/11/2015 by Kris

CR4 Feature Requests - Share Them Here

12/23/2014 As promised, here's your chance to give your CR4 wishlist to Santa! What would you like to see on CR4? Quoting someone else's post? No more anonymous...
Views: 280, Comments: 61
Last comment 01/10/2015 by James Stewart

CR4 Bugs - Share Them Here

12/22/2014 Here's your chance to vent - what's broken on CR4? For example, I know that a number of users cannot post pictures. Please share anything that's not...
Views: 321, Comments: 46
Last comment 01/06/2015 by Hilton
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The Standard

4 blog entries, 13 comments (0 Viewing)

New ISO Energy Management Standard Released

11/18/2014 by KevinCassidy
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released the new ISO 50003:2014 Energy management systems - Requirements for bodies provi...
Pathfinder Tags: ANSI audit certification Energy energy standards ...
Views: 133, Comments: 0

Follow up: Women's Lacrosse Headgear Standard Set for Second Ballot

11/13/2014 by KevinCassidy
I wrote about the debate between the Florida High School Athletic Association and US Lacrosse over the use of helmets during high school girls lacross...
Pathfinder Tags: ANSI ASTM eye protection face florida ...
Views: 117, Comments: 1
Last comment 01/28/2015 by sporteyes

Don't Forget to "Look Before You Pump"

11/05/2014 by KevinCassidy
The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) has been active in educating consumers about the variety of fuels available at the pump, and how to ident...
Pathfinder Tags: ANSI automotive E10 E15 equipment ...
Views: 209, Comments: 8
Last comment 11/08/2014 by tcmtech
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61 blog entries, 517 comments (0 Viewing)

Safety Concerns of Oil by Rail

10/30/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
Historically, most oil in the U.S. has been transported via pipeline. In 2008, the U.S. saw the rise of a new alternative for crude oil shipment - rai...
Views: 398, Comments: 19
Last comment 02/23/2015 by machia0705

Dangerous Drilling - Oil & Gas Rig Safety

03/06/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
Crude oil and natural gas have over the last hundred plus years become critical to our way of life and economy. Not only do they satisfy a huge chun...
Views: 633, Comments: 2
Last comment 03/06/2014 by texasron
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Physics In Film

9 blog entries, 85 comments (0 Viewing)

Medieval Physics - Siege Engines

09/03/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
I don't think a blog series titled Medieval Physics would be complete without a discussion of siege engines. Siege engines were the machines that made...
Views: 584, Comments: 10
Last comment 09/09/2014 by SavvyExacta

Medieval Physics - Jousting

08/26/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
In a previous blog entry I gave a short summary of the physics and history of the bow and arrow (thanks to all you CR4 users who shared your insight a...
Views: 442, Comments: 8
Last comment 08/29/2014 by phoenix911

Medieval Physics - Bows & Arrows

08/12/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
Of the many interesting events that take place in the summer, one of my favorites are Renaissance fairs. Seeing the participants in character and cost...
Views: 590, Comments: 15
Last comment 08/13/2014 by suresh sharma
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Notes & Lines

18 blog entries, 117 comments (0 Viewing)

Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods

07/26/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
I remember the day I received my acoustic guitar, and played it for the first time. In the moment, it seemed produced the most beautiful sound I had e...
Views: 536, Comments: 15
Last comment 01/09/2015 by Hardknock

For Love of the Index

05/09/2014 by Hannes
If you're a literate human who's a (diligent) knowledge worker or (diligent) student, chances are you've used an index this week. Or at least you di...
Pathfinder Tags: books index indexing
Views: 381, Comments: 0

Wait...What'd I Just Say?

03/27/2014 by Hannes
Several months ago, an acquaintance decided to try out a speech recognition software program to cure writer's block. He found it to be quite "inte...
Pathfinder Tags: ambiguity natural language processing nlp words
Views: 904, Comments: 8
Last comment 04/02/2014 by Calnet42
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TechnoTourist’s Engineering Expeditions

80 blog entries, 461 comments (0 Viewing)

Vacation Destinations for Engineers

07/17/2014 by SavvyExacta
What are your summer vacation plans? TechnoTourist has compiled a list of some destinations of engineering interest that have been featured on the b...
Views: 612, Comments: 11
Last comment 07/22/2014 by SavvyExacta
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WoW Blog (Woman of the Week)

159 blog entries, 452 comments (0 Viewing)

Women Redefining Leadership in STEM and IT

05/10/2014 by Chelsey H
As of 2014, there is still a lack of female representation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Women hold just about 32 percent of...
Views: 653, Comments: 3
Last comment 05/11/2014 by europium mkII
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Independent Party on Disappointment Cleaver – Part II

02/17/2015 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
The historic ratio of independent parties to guided ascents of Mt. Rainier holds steady at roughly 45% to 55%. In search of a true sense of accompl...
Pathfinder Tags: Disappointment Cleaver Mt. Rainier
Views: 90, Comments: 0

Independent Party on Disappointment Cleaver - Part I

02/06/2015 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
Mt. Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver is a formidable expedition on glaciated terrain for novice mountaineers. It is a challenging class III climb...
Pathfinder Tags: Disappointment Cleaver Mt. Rainier
Views: 131, Comments: 2
Last comment 02/09/2015 by Shawn

HTRN's Cosmology Questions

01/17/2015 posted in Relativity and Cosmology
by Jorrie
in HTRN's thread about the rate of bubble rise and expansion in a fluid, he also saw analogies to cosmological expansion and he speculated: "Maybe we...
Pathfinder Tags: cosmological constant cosmology expansion
Views: 244, Comments: 16
Last comment 02/10/2015 by HiTekRedNek

Scrap Metal Wire Stripper

12/12/2014 posted in Workbench Creations
by frankd20
I have been working on a lot of building projects, with not much time for anything else these last few years. As part of these projects, I ended up...
Pathfinder Tags: copper wire recycling wire stripper
Views: 418, Comments: 8
Last comment 12/18/2014 by C-Mac

Heavyweights Flexing BICEP Muscles

11/30/2014 posted in Relativity and Cosmology
by Jorrie
I posted a Blog entry in Jan 2011 on the Colliding Branes Cosmic Model, in which the ideas of Neil Turok and Paul Steinhardt were discussed. Their...
Pathfinder Tags: cosmology Cyclic model inflation
Views: 212, Comments: 1
Last comment 12/01/2014 by Anonymous Hero

Are Energized Fluids the Economic Alternative?

10/03/2014 posted in Rockaholic Adventures
by Shawn
Suppliers, researchers, and service companies working in unconventional oil and natural gas plays look to displace large volumes of hydraulic fract...
Pathfinder Tags: energized fluids energized foams energized fracture treatments
Views: 304, Comments: 0