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Climate Hustle

12/01/2015 by Fredski
I did some interesting reading today. Looks like my pal Al Gore wont be in the movie biz running his truths unopposed. this Pearl Harbor day a movie i...
Views: 39, Comments: 10
Last comment 12/01/2015 by Tornado

Pic of the Day

12/01/2015 by Fredski
is your home ready for one of these?
Views: 147, Comments: 15
Last comment 12/01/2015 by Johny451

Carbon Free Power Production by 2050

12/01/2015 by NotUrOrdinaryJoe
Well, you all heard the news. The timeline end date has been set. Ready, Fire, Aim!! Can it be done? Is there enough aluminum and other exotic stuff...
Pathfinder Tags: and coal Carbon Free Emissions Goal gas Solar energy replaces oil
Views: 120, Comments: 50
Last comment 12/01/2015 by Johny451

4m40 Engine..

12/01/2015 by mathokoza shongwe
i have a problem more oil spill out of the bleeder pipe whenever i stop after use. it makes me to fill up oil every weekend, it never happened before...
Views: 83, Comments: 3
Last comment 12/01/2015 by lyn

What is This?

11/30/2015 by Fredski
Views: 120, Comments: 17
Last comment 12/01/2015 by texasron
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Commercial Space

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Catia Tutorial : 5 Axis Machining Program

11/27/2015 by loveteenvn
Give you the document with catia v5 : + Catia advanced machining : Mullti cuver machining : video 1 programming for gear helical : video 2 Full...
Pathfinder Tags: 5 axis machining program catia cam catia tutorial cnc program tutorial
Views: 50, Comments: 4
Last comment 11/27/2015 by Kilowatt0

Fee Structure of AWS Certification Program!

11/26/2015 by dexterdex
Hi guys, via a web page I came to know about the certification course in AWS welding ( )....
Views: 19, Comments: 0

AMWEI Silicon PTC Thermistors Temperature Sensors, NXP KTY84, 83, 81 cross

11/26/2015 by AMWEI Thermistor
AMWEI Linear Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensors, axial glass DO35 package, KTY84 83 81 substitute, resistance increases with the temperature...
Pathfinder Tags: 81 KTY83 Linear Silicon PTC Thermistors Temperature Sensors NXP KTY84
Views: 21, Comments: 0

Advantage of Digital Tablet Oscilloscope

11/26/2015 by micsig
anyone knows digital tablet oscilloscopes? it is an oscilloscope digital with 10.1" TFT color screen,multi touch/mouse operation,100/150/200MHz bandwi...
Pathfinder Tags: digital oscilloscope oscilloscope tablet oscilloscope
Views: 50, Comments: 9
Last comment 11/26/2015 by micsig

Recombinant Human KLK11, His tagged

11/15/2015 by Caroline91
Recombinant Human KLK11 isoform 1 (NP_006844.1) (Met 1-Asn 250), fused with a C-terminal polyhistidine tag, was produced in Human Cell. Can anyone gi...
Views: 61, Comments: 0
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CR4 Feedback

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What Happened to my Daily Digest email?

11/17/2015 by CMMSDON
Good morning, As of last week my daily digest email stopped coming to my inbox. Any reason why it stopped? I enjoy reading the blogs and comments ever...
Views: 193, Comments: 14
Last comment 11/18/2015 by dhayanandhan
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Notes & Lines

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Engineering the Guitar Capo: 200 Designs for One Purpose

12/01/2015 by Jonathan Fuller
A few weeks ago I bought my first guitar--which I need for a new part-time music gig-- in about 15 years. As I removed its packaging I thought about...
Pathfinder Tags: capo guitar
Views: 37, Comments: 2
Last comment 12/01/2015 by SolarEagle

Creative AI: Can Computers Create?

07/28/2015 by Jonathan Fuller
Artificially intelligent systems are capable of many human-like behaviors. At least on a surface-level, they can think, learn, speak, read, and simu...
Pathfinder Tags: aaron artificial intelligence creative ai
Views: 361, Comments: 22
Last comment 07/31/2015 by Unredundant

Your Kitchen Table Is Now A Musical Instrument

06/25/2015 by Jonathan Fuller
Pocket-sized instruments have always appealed to musicians. Pulling out a harmonica, xaphoon, or ocarina and playing on the go seems like the pinna...
Pathfinder Tags: electronic music tonetree
Views: 315, Comments: 5
Last comment 06/30/2015 by IanR
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Editor's Desk

47 blog entries, 178 comments (1 Viewing)

A Revolution Is Underway in Adhesives Applications

12/01/2015 by wagman262
Adhesives are gaining a foothold across a range of industrial applications. Kevin Harrigan details the quiet revolution in adhesives in this feature a...
Views: 23, Comments: 1
Last comment 12/01/2015 by SolarEagle

Inspections Are Critical for High Energy Piping

11/24/2015 by wagman262
Our contributing editor Victor Rodgers discusses the importance of inspections for high-energy piping in power plants and other process facilities. Re...
Views: 130, Comments: 3
Last comment 11/25/2015 by Unredundant

Fundamentals of Cooling Tower Heat Transfer--Part 3

11/19/2015 by wagman262
Read the third and final part of our series of articles that review the fundamentals of cooling tower heat transfer. Contributing writer Brad Buecker...
Views: 154, Comments: 11
Last comment 11/25/2015 by wagman262
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Roger's Equations

154 blog entries, 1705 comments (0 Viewing)

Three Generations of Fermions Are Enough

11/30/2015 by Roger Pink
I came across this interesting article which suggests it is highly unlikely there are more than the currently observed three generations of Fermions....
Views: 101, Comments: 3
Last comment 12/01/2015 by Mr. small

Blue Origin Suborbital Launch and Recovery

11/25/2015 by Roger Pink
Billionaire Rivals It looks like Bezos' "side" project Blue Origin is starting to get some traction. I'm a little disturbed by how news reports see...
Views: 139, Comments: 0

Dwarf Planet V774104

11/18/2015 by Roger Pink
I came across this recently in the news and thought I'd pass it along. For reference, Pluto is roughly 2,200 km across. - Astronomers spot most dista...
Views: 174, Comments: 3
Last comment 11/22/2015 by Peterpipper
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Challenge Questions

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Three Spheres: Newsletter Challenge (December 2015)

11/30/2015 This month's Challenge Question: Specs & Techs from IHS Engineering360: Consider three identical metal spheres, with diameters of 20 cm. Arrange...
Pathfinder Tags: challenge questions
Views: 634, Comments: 10
Last comment 12/01/2015 by zzorb

Tropical Cyclone No Fly Zone: Newsletter Challenge (November 2015)

11/01/2015 This month's Challenge Question: Specs & Techs from IHS Engineering360: Northern Australia gets hit by several tropical cyclones every year, as...
Pathfinder Tags: challenge questions cyclones weather
Views: 1536, Comments: 12
Last comment 11/03/2015 by zitiboat

Pack Your Bags: Newsletter Challenge (October 2015)

10/01/2015 This month's Challenge Question: Specs & Techs from IHS Engineering360: You are a regular hiker. When you pack your backpack you decide to put t...
Pathfinder Tags: challenge questions
Views: 1892, Comments: 59
Last comment 10/31/2015 by WilhelmHKoen
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Caption This!

335 blog entries, 14494 comments (0 Viewing)

Caption This for 11/27/15

11/26/2015 by LakeGrl
This weeks image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption!
Pathfinder Tags: engineering engineering images engineering mistakes funny images
Views: 455, Comments: 30
Last comment 11/30/2015 by Munster

Caption This for 11/20/15

11/19/2015 by LakeGrl
This weeks image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption!
Pathfinder Tags: engineering engineering images funny images
Views: 532, Comments: 34
Last comment 11/25/2015 by szwasta

Caption This for 11/13/15

11/12/2015 by LakeGrl
This weeks image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to Alex. Roman for submitting this image.
Pathfinder Tags: engineering engineering images funny images house construction light poles
Views: 617, Comments: 47
Last comment 11/19/2015 by wayneelowe
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The Engineer's Notebook

345 blog entries, 5479 comments (0 Viewing)

Self-Quantification and Supersensing Using Embeddables

11/06/2015 by Jonathan Fuller
If my last post on this blog didn't solidify it clearly enough, in many ways I might be labeled a neo-Luddite. Not anti-technology, per se, but conc...
Pathfinder Tags: biohacking embeddables quantified self wearables
Views: 130, Comments: 2
Last comment 11/08/2015 by SolarEagle

Questioning Smartphones and the Philosophy of Technology

10/22/2015 by Jonathan Fuller
A story from the annals of Zen Buddhism goes something like this: A man at a crossroads sees his friend on a horse speeding by at full gallop. Assu...
Pathfinder Tags: ethics smartphone addiction
Views: 389, Comments: 11
Last comment 11/09/2015 by 129CBRider

Do these alien plants come in peace?

10/08/2015 by BestInShow
Fred Pearce's new book on invasive plant species, The New Wild, came out while I was blogging last summer about the use of native plant species on g...
Pathfinder Tags: Ascension Island Fred Pearce invasive plants Japanese knotweed
Views: 264, Comments: 6
Last comment 10/10/2015 by SolarEagle
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Defense & Security Technology

93 blog entries, 1436 comments (0 Viewing)

F-35C Undergoes Second Carrier Qual Tests

11/01/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Earlier this month, the F-35C naval variant of the Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter underwent its second phase of development testing aboard the USS...
Views: 43, Comments: 0

Humvee Replacement Contract Awarded

09/23/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Oshkosh has won the U.S. Army contract for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), which will replace the venerable Humvee. The company beat out a L...
Views: 106, Comments: 1
Last comment 09/30/2015 by adreasler

Russia Ramps Up Baltic Air Incursions

08/28/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Last month saw a record number of intercepts by NATO fighters of Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea. Large formations totaling 22 aircraft...
Views: 347, Comments: 18
Last comment 09/01/2015 by Unredundant
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Animal Science

218 blog entries, 1998 comments (0 Viewing)

Parasitoid Wasps Are Walking Horror Stories

10/27/2015 by Jonathan Fuller
Love it or hate it, Halloween's upon us, and so is the proliferation of horror movies on many of your 800 cable channels. Most everyone seems to hav...
Pathfinder Tags: ichneumon wasp parasite wasp
Views: 298, Comments: 1
Last comment 10/28/2015 by tonyhemet

More Photos from My Trail Camera

09/22/2015 by SavvyExacta
Here's another batch of deer photos from my trail cam. I'm sharing these because my first post about the camera seemed to be popular. (You can check o...
Pathfinder Tags: ANIMAL SCIENCE trail cam
Views: 399, Comments: 25
Last comment 10/06/2015 by adreasler

The Summer of the Shark

07/15/2015 by HUSH
It's that time of the year where people are more interested in getting out of their office or home and to the pool. Or if you live in a coastal area...
Pathfinder Tags: beach protection shark technology
Views: 360, Comments: 0
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Physics In Film

11 blog entries, 91 comments (0 Viewing)

Back to the Future Tech - How Do We Compare?

10/23/2015 by cheme_wordsmithy
So two days ago was October 21, 2015 - the monumental day when Marty McFly time traveled into the future in the movie Back To The Future Part II. Be...
Views: 222, Comments: 2
Last comment 10/26/2015 by adreasler

Do We Finally Get Hoverboards in 2015?

07/29/2015 by HUSH
Since skateboarding doesn't require enough agility and balance, next week Lexus will officially unveil a hoverboard. Ever since Marty McFly used a h...
Pathfinder Tags: Back to the Future hoverboard Lexus maglev
Views: 338, Comments: 4
Last comment 07/31/2015 by BabyGuinness
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The CR4 Admin Blog

82 blog entries, 1326 comments (0 Viewing)

CR4 Menu Options - Quick Links

10/07/2015 by SavvyExacta
Last week I announced that there's a new navigation bar at the top of CR4. Read that post here. You may have noticed that the community (CR4) button i...
Views: 166, Comments: 1
Last comment 10/12/2015 by JBTardis

Enhancements to IHS Engineering360 Navigation

09/30/2015 by SavvyExacta
A new version of the IHS Engineering360 masthead is being rolled out. It includes new dropdown menus to help you navigate content easily. There will a...
Views: 177, Comments: 1
Last comment 09/30/2015 by SolarEagle

CR4 Daily Digest: New Email Address and FAQs

09/11/2015 by SavvyExacta
The CR4 Daily Digest is being sent from a new email domain. You will now receive the Daily Digest from Everything els...
Pathfinder Tags: Daily Digest
Views: 106, Comments: 0
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63 blog entries, 543 comments (0 Viewing)

Why We Need Others To Catch Our Typos

09/04/2015 by cheme_wordsmithy
If yvo'ue raed something aoubt how the brian wrkos you may konw why you can raed tihs snetecne whiuott mcuh tbruloe. I remember the first time...
Views: 430, Comments: 18
Last comment 09/11/2015 by energyconversion

Big Bets Lost on Vegas Hotel

04/23/2015 by HUSH
If you're in Las Vegas, you're probably going to gamble. The city is well known for its attractions, from the resorts to the shopping to the shows t...
Pathfinder Tags: architecture las vegas structural engineering
Views: 465, Comments: 2
Last comment 04/25/2015 by Rixter
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What Is It?

67 blog entries, 1842 comments (0 Viewing)

What is It? for July 26

07/26/2015 What is it? Share your guess in the comments below! Thanks to CR4 member Nigh for sharing this image.
Views: 712, Comments: 26
Last comment 07/28/2015 by GameJudge

What is It? for July 19

07/19/2015 What is it? Share your guess in the comments below! Thanks to CR4 member SolarEagle for sharing this image.
Pathfinder Tags: what is it
Views: 587, Comments: 36
Last comment 07/27/2015 by simonsd

What is It? for July 12

07/12/2015 What is it? Share your guess in the comments below! Thanks to CR4 member Dan A for sharing this image.
Pathfinder Tags: what is it
Views: 569, Comments: 36
Last comment 07/14/2015 by phoenix911
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Relativity and Cosmology

145 blog entries, 3786 comments (0 Viewing)

How Zeons turned into something Useful

06/30/2015 by Jorrie
In the last Blog, How Aeons turned into Zeons, we derived a very simple formula for the expansion dynamics of the cosmos, normalized to a 'natural cos...
Views: 347, Comments: 0

How Aeons turned into Zeons

05/12/2015 by Jorrie
Quite a lot has been written on this CR4 Blog about the standard Lambda-Cold-Dark Matter (LCDM) cosmological model and its equations. Arguably the...
Pathfinder Tags: cosmological constant cosmology expansion
Views: 268, Comments: 0

HTRN's Cosmology Questions

01/17/2015 by Jorrie
in HTRN's thread about the rate of bubble rise and expansion in a fluid, he also saw analogies to cosmological expansion and he speculated: "Maybe we...
Pathfinder Tags: cosmological constant cosmology expansion
Views: 390, Comments: 16
Last comment 02/10/2015 by HiTekRedNek
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Rockaholic Adventures

45 blog entries, 573 comments (0 Viewing)

Independent Party on Disappointment Cleaver – Part II

02/17/2015 by Shawn
The historic ratio of independent parties to guided ascents of Mt. Rainier holds steady at roughly 45% to 55%. In search of a true sense of accompl...
Pathfinder Tags: Disappointment Cleaver Mt. Rainier
Views: 401, Comments: 0

Independent Party on Disappointment Cleaver - Part I

02/06/2015 by Shawn
Mt. Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver is a formidable expedition on glaciated terrain for novice mountaineers. It is a challenging class III climb...
Pathfinder Tags: Disappointment Cleaver Mt. Rainier
Views: 172, Comments: 2
Last comment 02/09/2015 by Shawn
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Electrical Engineering Master's for Busy Professionals

10/18/2015 posted in Engineering...Beyond the Classroom
by Penn State
Penn State World Campus, the online learning platform for The Pennsylvania State University, offers a 100% online, 30-credit Master of Engineering...
Pathfinder Tags: ee degree electrical engineer masters degree penn state
Views: 398, Comments: 0

Scrap Metal Wire Stripper

12/12/2014 posted in Workbench Creations
by frankd20
I have been working on a lot of building projects, with not much time for anything else these last few years. As part of these projects, I ended up...
Pathfinder Tags: copper wire recycling wire stripper
Views: 509, Comments: 8
Last comment 12/18/2014 by C-Mac

Slo' Mo' Hat Cam

07/04/2014 posted in Workbench Creations
by Del the cat
I wanted to see how my arrows were flying from my bow, specifically flight arrows. A flight arrow presents a conundrum, you'd think you would want...
Views: 898, Comments: 67
Last comment 07/15/2014 by europium mkII

Whistling Walnut!

12/28/2013 posted in Workbench Creations
by Del the cat
What to do with the walnut shells left over from Christmas? Make a whistling arrow . I'd been toying with the idea for ages, and if you try an...
Views: 988, Comments: 33
Last comment 01/02/2014 by artsmith

Detective Work On An Exploded Warbow

07/11/2013 posted in Workbench Creations
by Del the cat
It's often impossible to actually work out how and why a bow explodes. But this time I think I know! I was building a copy of a Mary Rose Warb...
Views: 1054, Comments: 13
Last comment 07/14/2013 by lyn

Del's Lathe Refurb' pt 3

06/20/2013 posted in Workbench Creations
by Del the cat
I've done the back gears, I could have bought new gears, but I thought I'd 'make do and mend'. I replaced the small cog with a slightly larger one...
Views: 810, Comments: 16
Last comment 06/22/2013 by Del the cat