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General Discussion

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220 Volt 3 Phase Plug Conversion Using Existing Wire to Breaker Box

03/30/2017 by Printing Canada
We have a 240 3 Phase plug in our factory this comes from a 120/240 volt electrical panel. I have a simple question are we able to change the breaker...
Views: 83, Comments: 13
Last comment 03/30/2017 by SolarEagle

Noise Map: Enter Your Zip or Zoom In to Look At How You Sound

03/30/2017 by JE in Chicago
This isn't the first noise map, but it's pretty neat. Where I live I'm able to see three flight paths into Ohare airport, but they are still way up a...
Views: 81, Comments: 17
Last comment 03/30/2017 by JE in Chicago

Cassini Bids Farewell

03/30/2017 by gutmonarch hello saturn
Views: 70, Comments: 4
Last comment 03/30/2017 by redfred

Husqvarna Mower Problem

03/29/2017 by lindafie
Ok I may not post this right so if I don't forgive me for my mistakes. I am posting this for my husband just as he has written it. Have a 2011 Husqva...
Views: 100, Comments: 8
Last comment 03/30/2017 by ronc
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Commercial Space

1975 threads, 3749 comments (0 Viewing)

Best Electronic Manufacturing Services in USA.

03/30/2017 by qcamfg
Get the best manufacturing solutions with high quality products with our services in PCB Assembly, Turnkey and Consigned Assembly, Low Volume to Produ...
Views: 21, Comments: 2
Last comment 03/30/2017 by TonyS

Aviation Light

03/30/2017 by Anonymous Poster
To send proposal , I need information and support from manufacture aviation light with spec below TECHNICIAN DATA RUNWAY APPROACH LIGHTING CONTROL U...
Views: 34, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/30/2017 by PWSlack

International Summer School – Advanced Urban Design

03/25/2017 by moabdallah
IEREK in collaboration with Ain Shams university – Cairo will host a two-week summer school in advanced urban design. The course will deal with...
Views: 59, Comments: 0

New Engineering Site

03/10/2017 by TheEngineeringNerd
Hi guys, Check out the launch of my new Engineering website: Let me know what you guys think or how I could improve it?
Views: 117, Comments: 2
Last comment 03/10/2017 by TheEngineeringNerd
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CR4 Feedback

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Login Page Not Secure?

03/04/2017 by Andrew Westman
Just noticed this when I logged in: What gives?
Views: 357, Comments: 14
Last comment 03/08/2017 by IQ

You or Somebody Else Has Done This Operation Too Many Times

03/01/2017 by lexx7887
Why do I get this message when trying to post a reply now?
Views: 283, Comments: 15
Last comment 03/03/2017 by Kris
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Challenge Questions

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Answer: Prime Partition, March 2017 Challenge Question

Question: If p(n) is the number of partitions of n, defined as the number of ways to write the integer n as a sum of positive integers where the orde...
Views: 16, Comments: 0

Puzzling Prime Partition: Newsletter Challenge (March 2017)

This month's Challenge Question: Specs & Techs from IEEE Engineering360: If p(n) is the number of partitions of n, defined as the number of ways...
Views: 808, Comments: 26
Last comment 03/20/2017 by mgaulin
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42 blog entries, 333 comments (1 Viewing)

Today is a Big Day for Rocketry!

03/30/2017 by Bayes
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will deliver SES-10, a commercial communications satellite for SES, to a Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO). SES is a w...
Views: 30, Comments: 4
Last comment 03/30/2017 by Bayes

Anti-Aging Breakthrough

03/27/2017 by Bayes
I came across this article and thought it was interesting... - UNSW scientists unveil a giant leap for anti-aging - UNSW researchers have made a disc...
Views: 183, Comments: 14
Last comment 03/29/2017 by Just an Engineer
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The Engineer's Notebook

400 blog entries, 6482 comments (1 Viewing)

Dumbphones Are Making A Comeback (But Only In Japan)

03/28/2017 by Hannes
I’m not a fan of smartphones, to the point that I still don’t own one. I’ve blogged about it a bit. I’m called a Luddite, part...
Views: 396, Comments: 11
Last comment 03/30/2017 by Anonymous Poster

Building Blocks are Off-the-Wall

03/27/2017 by MaggieMc
When I was in architecture school, our professors routinely asked us what had brought us to architecture. Was it visiting Fallingwater as an impressio...
Views: 116, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/27/2017 by tcmtech
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Caption This!

406 blog entries, 17100 comments (1 Viewing)

Caption This for 3/24/2017

03/24/2017 by MaggieMc
This weeks image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to Nigh for the submission, we're always looking for more!
Views: 524, Comments: 70
Last comment 03/29/2017 by phoenix911

Caption This for 3/17/2017

03/17/2017 by lmno24
This weeks image: Be sure to vote for your favorite caption! Thanks to user sptilton for the submission.
Views: 352, Comments: 20
Last comment 03/20/2017 by Mikerho
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WoW Blog (Woman of the Week)

178 blog entries, 520 comments (0 Viewing)

Woman of the Week – Florence Bascom

03/27/2017 by lmno24
Apart from being one of the first females to master in Geology, Florence Bascom was known for her innovative findings in the field. She led a generati...
Views: 133, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/28/2017 by tonyhemet

Woman of the Week - Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

03/21/2017 by lmno24
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi is a French virologist who has performed significant work in the identification of human immunodeficiency virus...
Views: 275, Comments: 0
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Defense & Security Technology

113 blog entries, 1653 comments (0 Viewing)

NASA Probe Dodges Mars Moon

03/15/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The mars atmosphere and volatile evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft carried out a rocket motor burn that boosted its velocity by 0.4 m/s. NASA says this is...
Views: 35, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/17/2017 by James Stewart

India's Space Agency Launches 104 Satellites

03/04/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
India's space agency put 104 satellites into orbit on February 15, reportedly the most in history, as it works to position itself as a destination for...
Views: 144, Comments: 6
Last comment 03/07/2017 by capri
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Animal Science

238 blog entries, 2171 comments (0 Viewing)

Dogs on the Brain

03/13/2017 by MaggieMc
My good friend just adopted a puppy, and with all the pictures coming my way, I have dogs on the brain. Evidently, so do researchers. Two studies were...
Views: 329, Comments: 11
Last comment 03/16/2017 by James Stewart

Kid’s Best Friend

02/01/2017 by MaggieMc
Last week, “A Dog’s Purpose” was released in theaters. The movie—which “shares the soulful and surprising story of one d...
Views: 235, Comments: 15
Last comment 02/05/2017 by JPool
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The CR4 Admin Blog

101 blog entries, 1488 comments (0 Viewing)

2016 Year in Review & Farewell

03/07/2017 by SavvyExacta
It’s a little late for a 2016 year in review but I thought it was a fitting subject for my final CR4 post. You see, I’m moving on to a new...
Views: 369, Comments: 16
Last comment 03/09/2017 by jdretired

Across Five Years (A CR4 Clip Show)

12/28/2016 by HUSH
It certainly doesn’t happen as much today, in the age of streaming services and binge watching. But up until recently the ‘clip show’...
Views: 220, Comments: 3
Last comment 12/30/2016 by Andrew Westman
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Editor's Desk

94 blog entries, 362 comments (0 Viewing)

3D-printed Artwork Created on the International Space Station

02/28/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The first-ever off-world artwork by Eyal Gever demonstrates what humanity can achieve through positivity, and lightens the mood with laughter in space...
Views: 73, Comments: 0

John Glenn Dies at Age 95

12/08/2016 by wagman262
What thoughts do you have on the passing of John Glenn? Not an engineer, but certainly an iconic figure who rode into space on the accomplishments of...
Views: 226, Comments: 13
Last comment 12/10/2016 by Casper71
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"On This Day" In Engineering History

241 blog entries, 840 comments (0 Viewing)

February 17, 1864—The Hunley Sinks the Housatonic

02/17/2017 by Hannes
On this day in 1864, the pioneering Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley rammed and sank the USS Housatonic during the US Civil War. She was the first co...
Views: 332, Comments: 2
Last comment 02/18/2017 by ronc

January 25, 1947 — The First Electronic Game is Patented

01/25/2017 by MaggieMc
Nowadays, many of us Millennials take our video and computer games for granted—they’re easily downloaded onto our smartphones, and there&r...
Views: 389, Comments: 6
Last comment 01/26/2017 by MaggieMc
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Notes & Lines

39 blog entries, 326 comments (0 Viewing)

Engineers Are Building DIY Pipe Organs, And They're Fabulous

02/06/2017 by Hannes
About a year and a half ago I started working as a professional organist on the weekends. In the course of that work I’ve met people who work a...
Views: 467, Comments: 17
Last comment 02/10/2017 by Hannes

Is Digital Music Making You Sad?

12/15/2016 by Hannes
John Philip Sousa—composer of the well-known “Stars and Stripes Forever” march and namesake of the sousaphone—famously hated r...
Views: 413, Comments: 28
Last comment 01/05/2017 by adreasler
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What Is It?

69 blog entries, 1869 comments (0 Viewing)

What is It? for February 2

Do you know what this is? Share your guess! Submitted by CR4 user phph001.
Views: 399, Comments: 9
Last comment 02/07/2017 by ronc
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Abe's Blog

5 blog entries, 69 comments (0 Viewing)

Hypatia of Alexandria – Part 3

11/15/2016 by amichelen
(Note: This is last part of Hypatia of Alexandri) Personal life If we have little knowledge of her scientific achievements, we know even less about...
Views: 295, Comments: 35
Last comment 11/19/2016 by TimONeill

Hypatia of Alexandria – Part 2

11/08/2016 by amichelen
(This is the second part of Hypatia of Alexandria) The ideas developed by the Pythagoreans represent a solid contribution to the scientific knowledge...
Views: 194, Comments: 1
Last comment 11/10/2016 by Bayes
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Rockaholic Adventures

50 blog entries, 611 comments (0 Viewing)

Morphology of Olympus Mons

12/05/2016 by Shawn
After discussing the morphology of Olympus Mons I felt compelled to share my intuition of the shield volcanos existence and morphology strictly throug...
Views: 195, Comments: 5
Last comment 12/08/2016 by Shawn
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Great Engineers & Scientists

145 blog entries, 500 comments (0 Viewing)

The First Lady of Structural Engineering

11/28/2016 by MaggieMc
Elmina Wilson is widely regarded as “the first lady of structural engineering.” Born on September 29, 1870, Elmina came from a family of w...
Views: 264, Comments: 1
Last comment 11/30/2016 by gideon
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65 blog entries, 579 comments (0 Viewing)

The San Fran Skyscraper with a Six-Inch Slant

09/28/2016 by HUSH
Skyscrapers are a lot more to a city than just real estate. They represent financial prosperity and engineering acumen. They transform the identity of...
Views: 782, Comments: 20
Last comment 01/25/2017 by MR. Guest

World's Most Dangerous Dam Threatens Up to 1.5 Million

03/30/2016 by HUSH
There could be an unprecedented engineering disaster in the weeks or months ahead. Mosul Dam in north Iraq is dangerously close to collapsing, years...
Views: 772, Comments: 12
Last comment 03/31/2016 by SolarEagle
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TechnoTourist’s Engineering Expeditions

83 blog entries, 490 comments (0 Viewing)

A Piece of Ireland in Texas

08/23/2016 by joeymac
Everyone knows that kissing the Blarney Stone over in Ireland is supposed to give a person the gift of gab and eloquence of speech. I was fortunate en...
Views: 431, Comments: 7
Last comment 08/25/2016 by joeymac

Amsterdam's Canals

07/13/2016 by joeymac
When I went on my European trip another stop I made was to Amsterdam, and I was fascinated by all of the canals and bridges connecting to everything....
Views: 246, Comments: 0
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Relativity and Cosmology

147 blog entries, 3998 comments (0 Viewing)

Another Relativity "Paradox"

04/11/2016 by Jorrie
A futuristic spaceship is stationed at its base, which is static at 10 light years (ly) from Earth in free space. The ship and base clocks are rat...
Views: 943, Comments: 28
Last comment 01/28/2017 by Erik Nelson
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IHS Product Design Blog

5 blog entries, 1 comments (0 Viewing)

Engineering Webinar Calendar - April 2016

04/04/2016 by SavvyExacta
Engineering360 has a great lineup of webinars each month. Learn about specific topics from industry experts, for free, from the comfort of your own...
Views: 252, Comments: 0
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

MkII Archer Automaton

12/28/2016 posted in Workbench Creations
by Del the cat
Over the last few weeks I've rebult the Archer automaton with several improvements. Although there are only two basic movements driven by cams the int...
Views: 203, Comments: 19
Last comment 01/07/2017 by Andy Germany

Archer Automaton

12/07/2016 posted in Workbench Creations
by Del the cat
For ages I've been tinkering with the idea of making an archer automaton. There are some superb Japanese ones, but while they are incredible pieces of...
Views: 495, Comments: 24
Last comment 02/01/2017 by English Rose

What is Really Missing From Soylent?

11/14/2016 posted in Food & Beverage Technology
by Tourmaline
What is really missing from Soylent? The idea of a meal replacement bar, shake, or pill is a delightful one. Imagine not having to worry about cookin...
Views: 251, Comments: 10
Last comment 12/18/2016 by Andrew Westman

Next Book- Three Moments of an Explosion

11/04/2016 posted in The CR4 Book Club
by Bayes
For any CR4 members that are interested, the CR4 Book Club will next be reading and discussing Three Moments of an Explosion by China Mieville. Her...
Views: 315, Comments: 0

Book Club Discussion: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

10/31/2016 posted in The CR4 Book Club
by Bayes
CR4 Book Club Discussion: - Dark Matter - by Blake Crouch (2016) A group of us at IEEE GlobaSpec read Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. We discussed th...
Views: 319, Comments: 22
Last comment 11/06/2016 by Rixter