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Low Speed Radar/Train Speed Detection

01/11/2017 by jjack
At the moment I am working on reliable train speed indication in our coal rail receival. I am having issues in finding an appropriate instrument in de...
Views: 321, Comments: 45
Last comment 01/13/2017 by rwilliams

Bentley Nevada Rack Configuration Software

01/11/2017 by Anonymous Poster
I would like to download RACK CONFIGURATION software for Bentley Nevada system. Anybody can send the download link? Thanks..
Views: 178, Comments: 7
Last comment 01/11/2017 by Anonymous Poster

Rotork Actuator

01/09/2017 by Pm anand
We are using IQ range Rotork actuator for our MOV, The display of the MOV showing "Err" message when we put the actuator in Stop & Local Mode.But...
Views: 133, Comments: 3
Last comment 01/10/2017 by Nelson Hozman

Temperature Transmitter

01/08/2017 by Mahmud Reza
Recently i am working on a data sheet of a PT100,3 wire RTD for the selection purpose of a TT which is best suited for my process.If my process temper...
Views: 145, Comments: 7
Last comment 01/13/2017 by Vulcan
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Test & Measurement

106 blog entries, 803 comments (0 Viewing)

Complete Isolation and Extreme Common Mode Rejection are Within Reach

01/11/2017 by SavvyExacta
VGS measurements on semiconductors are only possible with a measurement system that combines high common mode rejection ratio, high common mode voltag...
Views: 42, Comments: 0

Counterfeiters Can Produce Undetectable Fake U.S. Money

08/31/2016 by HUSH
Cash is an interesting byproduct of contemporary economies. The assorted rectangles of ink and paper have wildly different values despite themselves b...
Views: 816, Comments: 22
Last comment 09/05/2016 by Anonymous Poster
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Sensors & Switches

124 blog entries, 1055 comments (0 Viewing)

VR and AR: Soon to be Seen Virtually Everywhere

01/07/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Though the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) market remains in the toddler technology stage, market research firm IDC estimated the VR a...
Views: 64, Comments: 2
Last comment 01/07/2017 by Andrew Westman

Intel Builds Virtual Reality Platform Around 3D Sensing Technology

11/07/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Microprocessor giant Intel has introduced an internally-developed virtual reality (VR) solution named Project Alloy. The Alloy VR platform goes beyond...
Views: 82, Comments: 0
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Quality Control

127 blog entries, 977 comments (0 Viewing)

Space Technology Inspires Better Fitting Lenses

01/04/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
A new measurement and analysis machine created for the International Space Station leads to better fitting ophthalmic lenses. The development occurred...
Views: 85, Comments: 1
Last comment 01/05/2017 by Usbport

Detecting Exposure to Nuclear Materials

12/10/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The goal of the research was to determine if hair, fingernail clippings, and toenail clippings could be used to detect any radiation exposure in the p...
Views: 149, Comments: 8
Last comment 12/13/2016 by James Stewart
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Electronic Test Equipment Blog

102 blog entries, 350 comments (0 Viewing)

Design Platform Suits Next-Generation Wearable Tech

12/30/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
ON Semiconductor will introduce a comprehensive development resource for the wearable electronics sector at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. This f...
Views: 62, Comments: 0

Smart Testing of Aircraft Armaments

11/30/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Like other electronic systems, aircraft armaments have undergone an enormous transformation over the past few years. Testing them has become more comp...
Views: 112, Comments: 0
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Scientific Instruments

89 blog entries, 439 comments (0 Viewing)

Explosion Dynamics are Studied on a Tabletop

10/27/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Researchers used to study explosions from the confines of large laboratories, where scientists fire a flat bullet into an explosive charge, all within...
Views: 48, Comments: 0

Webb Telescope Passes Cryo Tests, Now "Optically Complete"

08/18/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has passed yet another barrage of tests, bringing it closer to its scheduled launch in October 2018. The latest roun...
Views: 175, Comments: 0
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