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Carrier Gas

10/28/2014 by msn
Can H2 be used as carrier gas with TCD detector if H2 is also one of the components to be measured? If yes how H2 in carries gas doesn't affect H2 i...
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Last comment 10/29/2014 by Dave UAN

Soda Ash Recovery

10/27/2014 by dharam_ver9
Dear Friends, Can you tell me formula to find ranges of bed height in Soda Ash Recovery Plant(FBR).
Pathfinder Tags: PDT RANGES
Views: 139, Comments: 3
Last comment 10/27/2014 by phoenix911

Foundation Fieldbus

10/24/2014 by Anonymous Poster
Dear All Any handheld communicator to software to configure the foundation fieldbus instrument. please advise thanks
Views: 68, Comments: 0

VG800x Partial Valve Test

10/22/2014 by find2am
Is there any method to test the metso ON-OFF valves for partial stroke directly from the field
Views: 125, Comments: 2
Last comment 10/22/2014 by bigg

4-20ma Instrument Cable Thickness Calculation

10/18/2014 by mjain
Experts, We are implementing some transmitters in water treatment plant, the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is approx 120 meters....
Views: 291, Comments: 10
Last comment 10/27/2014 by Crabtree
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Scientific Instruments

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First-of-its-Kind Sensor for Portable Medical and Scientific Instruments

10/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Semiconductors keep getting smaller and more powerful, giving us smartphones and tablets that are portable workhorses. Now, these same technologie...
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Telescope Flexes Big Bang Muscle

04/25/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The cosmological community is abuzz about the recent findings from the Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization, or BICEP, telescope st...
Views: 446, Comments: 10
Last comment 05/03/2014 by redfred

Rosetta Awakens

03/08/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The spacecraft Rosetta successfully stirred from a long, 31-month, energy-saving slumber and sent a signal home to the European Space Agency in Darmst...
Views: 468, Comments: 2
Last comment 03/10/2014 by PWSlack
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Sensors & Switches

98 blog entries, 1009 comments (0 Viewing)

Reflections on Sensor Size

09/30/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Does sensor market demand depend upon sensor makers producing a never-ending stream of ever-smaller devices? Success in the mobile phone arena certa...
Views: 177, Comments: 2
Last comment 10/01/2014 by vsar

Growing Need: Monitoring Brain Trauma

09/11/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients may suffer progressive deterioration resulting from secondary factors related to the initial injury. Hence,...
Views: 232, Comments: 3
Last comment 09/13/2014 by Tom_Consulting

Tunnel Monitors New Tunnel Construction

07/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A former London Post Office railway tunnel refitted with sensors lets researchers study the impact of new tunnel construction on existing infrastructu...
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Quality Control

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Quality Cannot Compensate for Stupidity

09/12/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Quality issues with electronic products have always run hand in hand with rapid technological development. This item reports on one user who woke...
Views: 476, Comments: 21
Last comment 09/16/2014 by phoenix911

More Precise Benchtop Measurements from 0.5 to 8 GHz

06/21/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Combining a 40 Gsamples/second 10-bit ADC with bandwidths as high as 8 GHz gives this oscilloscope four times the vertical resolution (1 mV per divi...
Views: 475, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/12/2014 by cuba_pete

Bending Design Rules Without Breaking Them

05/07/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Despite decades of calls to design high-quality printed-circuit boards (PCBs) to facilitate manufacturing and test, implementation has remained s...
Views: 422, Comments: 2
Last comment 05/08/2014 by passingtongreen
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Test & Measurement

100 blog entries, 764 comments (0 Viewing)

If It Can't Stand the Heat...

06/08/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
No, this item isn't about defective aircraft batteries, but about the VAIO Fit 11A laptop/tablet hybrid that electronics giant Sony introduced in...
Views: 570, Comments: 4
Last comment 06/11/2014 by Andy Germany

Top Five LabVIEW Rookie Mistakes

03/26/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
One quick glance at your block diagram should indicate if you're making these common mistakes. LabVIEW graphical programming is relatively unique...
Views: 676, Comments: 0

Measure from Inside the Chip

03/02/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Analyzing circuits using external instruments has become increasingly difficult because of circuit complexity and lack of access to I/O signals. Atten...
Views: 398, Comments: 0
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Electronic Test Equipment Blog

87 blog entries, 332 comments (0 Viewing)

Functional Test — Alive and Well

06/01/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The time of "one size fits all" test strategies has long passed. Still, traditional techniques can meet today's test challenges - just not all o...
Views: 500, Comments: 0

The More Things Change…

04/09/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A wise soul once said that every generalization is false - including this one. For years, printed-circuit-board manufacturers have heard pundits talk...
Views: 408, Comments: 1
Last comment 04/11/2014 by BIN95
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