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09/29/2014 10:47 AM

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Formula for a Can of Soda

09/29/2014 by panel
How much aluminum is used to make a soda can. A formula for the whole thing will be helpful. 8
Views: 62, Comments: 13
Last comment 09/30/2014 by redfred

Determination of Fiber Tension for Winding Carbon Fiber by Filament Winding

09/28/2014 by muloto
fiber winding tension is an important parameter in carrying out filament winding of CNG cylinders.tension depends on the fiber strength,pattern to be...
Views: 89, Comments: 3
Last comment 09/28/2014 by SolarEagle

How to Dismantle Cam Follower Lever Assembly

09/28/2014 by pranav14
I'm working on Reman and reconditioning of Cam follower lever.But when goes to dismantle the lever,then ? Questions: i) How to dismantle Pin cam fol...
Views: 132, Comments: 5
Last comment 09/28/2014 by Anonymous Poster

Electric Resistance Single Phase Heating Element

09/24/2014 by ropo
Please direct me to where I can get a resistance heating element that can withstand 3000 degree centigrade and above with a device that can measure th...
Views: 269, Comments: 17
Last comment 09/26/2014 by davlamb

3D Metal Die Printing

09/23/2014 by riverrunner
Hi does anyone know of any 3d metal die printers in USA?
Views: 156, Comments: 9
Last comment 09/28/2014 by queena
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Quality Assurance / Control

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Leak Testing, Transformer Tanks, Assemblies: 695 MVA

09/29/2014 by Peterweld
Could anybody in the transformer manufacturing industry advise me what the best method would be to test transformer tanks and parts thereof.I am new i...
Views: 59, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/30/2014 by Peterweld

Internal Grinding

09/23/2014 by kavilrajeev
Views: 175, Comments: 7
Last comment 09/24/2014 by Andy Germany

Welding Qualification Range

09/22/2014 by kavilrajeev
Dear Sir, Please clarify the following doubts 1. ASME SEC IX-QW 451.2(b)-it says that if the weldmetal thickness is > 13 mm the welder can weld u...
Views: 172, Comments: 3
Last comment 09/24/2014 by sanweld

H2 Max 4 PPM

09/13/2014 by dineshmehta
What is the major difference between H2 max 4 ppm & Vacuum Degassing, this query is for plate as we want the plates to be Vacuum Degassed whereas...
Views: 192, Comments: 6
Last comment 09/13/2014 by lyn

Welding Procedure Specifications

09/11/2014 by shayanhussain
Dear all, I have a confusion regarding WPS and PQR as per ASM section IX. I want some help from you. I have qualified a welding procedure of a but...
Pathfinder Tags: Procedure Qualification
Views: 211, Comments: 14
Last comment 09/14/2014 by shayanhussain
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Robotic Systems Blog

122 blog entries, 623 comments (0 Viewing)

Assembling a Promising Future

09/29/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Take a futuristic ride on a car body as it gets assembled. On a single assembly line, many robots managed by one controller assemble different car...
Views: 15, Comments: 0

New Kinds of Robots

09/25/2014 by cheme_wordsmithy
Robots (both in reality and science fiction) have been a symbol of technological progress since the idea of the robot came into being. To create a mac...
Views: 109, Comments: 1
Last comment 09/29/2014 by phoenix911

The New Collaborative Paradigm

08/09/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
"There is significant diversity in the cobot gene pool." In fact, most conventional industrial robots, with the appropriate safety features, fit t...
Views: 297, Comments: 5
Last comment 08/10/2014 by europium mkII
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BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog

161 blog entries, 87 comments (1 Viewing)

Diamond Hones for Surface Finishing Hard Materials

09/29/2014 by Brush Research
Diamond hones are designed for the inner diameter (ID) surface finishing of parts made of hard materials. Examples include carbide wear rings and cer...

How to Select Abrasives and Grits for Flexible Honing Tools

09/22/2014 by Brush Research
Flexible cylinder honing is a low-pressure, low-temperature abrading process that removes burrs and improves surface finish at the same time. Unlike...
Pathfinder Tags: abrasive grains ball hones cylinder hones cylinder honing tools deburring tools ...
Views: 72, Comments: 0

How Manufacturers Use Flexible Honing Tools

09/15/2014 by Brush Research
Manufacturers are using flexible honing tools to automate surface finishing and deburring operations. By removing burrs and improving surface finish...
Pathfinder Tags: automated deburring automated finishing ball hone cylinder hone cylinder honing ...
Views: 116, Comments: 0
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Food & Beverage Technology

50 blog entries, 751 comments (0 Viewing)

What's Driving the Next Packaging Trend?

09/27/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Brand owners are accustomed to tracking consumer attitudes toward packaging features - from easy-open packs to portion-size containers - to keep i...
Views: 81, Comments: 1
Last comment 09/28/2014 by Tornado

Key Concepts for the Future of Food

08/21/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
How can a food manufacturer balance consumer demands, safety regulations, and processing productivity? It's simple: modernize equipment, automate smar...
Views: 237, Comments: 6
Last comment 08/27/2014 by ronseto

I Welcome Our Burger Robot Overlords

08/13/2014 by HUSH
I'm the type who rarely visits a fast food burger place. There are a multitude of reasons why. First, it's not really too healthy. It's also rarely...
Pathfinder Tags: automated burger fast food robot
Views: 400, Comments: 19
Last comment 08/15/2014 by ronseto
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Elasto Proxy's Sealing Solutions Blog

44 blog entries, 289 comments (0 Viewing)

Plastic Parts, Perspectives, and 3D Printed Cars

09/18/2014 by Doug Sharpe
No, Thomas Edison did not discover that electricity could travel in a vacuum. Local Motors did not build the world's first 3D printed car either....
Views: 190, Comments: 7
Last comment 09/19/2014 by Unredundant

Sealing Solutions and Material Compatibility

08/19/2014 by Doug Sharpe
How safe are the sidewalks in your city? If you're concerned about cracked cement at your feet, you may want to look skyward instead. No, don't lo...
Views: 216, Comments: 0

How Safe Are Your Tires?

08/04/2014 by Doug Sharpe
Doug Sharpe President of Elasto Proxy Did you drive to work today? Maybe you carpooled, or traveled by van or bus instead? If your method of t...
Views: 510, Comments: 30
Last comment 08/08/2014 by Andy Germany
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Industrial Automation

92 blog entries, 1598 comments (1 Viewing)

Manufacturing in a Virtual World

09/01/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Virtual technology stands poised to help manufacturers optimize product design and assembly line configuration, and reduce operating costs in the...
Views: 170, Comments: 0

Printed Electronics and the Internet of Things

08/22/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Until recently, conventional wisdom saw printed electronics primarily as a way of producing high-volume, low-cost, low-performance electronics, su...
Views: 268, Comments: 1
Last comment 08/23/2014 by jhhassociates

Migrating to IPv6

07/12/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
As manufacturers assign unique IP addresses to an increasing number of automation devices, pressure to transition industrial control networks to I...
Views: 338, Comments: 0
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Machine Tools & Metal Working Blog

135 blog entries, 560 comments (0 Viewing)

Getting Your Coordinates Right

08/30/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Accurate measurement of workpieces is vital to effective quality control in metals manufacturing. Previously, that has often meant taking cumberso...
Views: 224, Comments: 0

Hot Off the Press

08/16/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Assuming the automotive industry remains a major user of metal materials, its priorities will inevitably continue to determine those of many metal...
Views: 263, Comments: 1
Last comment 08/17/2014 by Stuart21

Breathing Easy

08/01/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
If there is one thing that has changed perceptibly in machining shops over the past few decades it is the atmosphere - quite literally. Where once...
Views: 311, Comments: 0
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Speaking of Precision

306 blog entries, 2379 comments (1 Viewing)

Pipe Steel: Internal Defect

08/29/2014 by Milo
The majority of defects encountered in steel bars in our shops are found on the surface. Internal defects can also be encountered, and we posted a...
Pathfinder Tags: defects pipe steel test
Views: 260, Comments: 1
Last comment 08/31/2014 by phoenix911

Grinding Advice You Probably Didn’t Know

08/19/2014 by Milo
Our post on No Gloves When Working on Grinders has prompted a number of responses. Here are some additional reasons why you should not even need glov...
Pathfinder Tags: finger cots gloves grinding tips
Views: 436, Comments: 11
Last comment 09/28/2014 by Andy Germany

Gloves and Grinders – UNSAFE OSHA

08/15/2014 by Milo
If there is a worse combination than grinders and gloves, I don't know what it is, except perhaps for gloves and a drill. We posted a really cool vid...
Pathfinder Tags: gloves grinders osha Tools
Views: 554, Comments: 38
Last comment 08/20/2014 by JRiversW
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Industrial Processing Equipment Blog

89 blog entries, 557 comments (0 Viewing)

Water Treatment Trends

08/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Innovations in water treatment are driven by population growth, industrial water use, and the environment. So says George Barclay of Dow Water &am...
Views: 312, Comments: 13
Last comment 09/25/2014 by James Stewart

Next Generation DCS

07/30/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The complexity of integrated systems within process plants increases year by year, making it more challenging to keep track of them all. Flow Contro...
Views: 272, Comments: 0
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Industrial MRO

75 blog entries, 676 comments (0 Viewing)

To Train Future Skilled Workers, Speak Their Language

08/10/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
With baby boomers starting to retire in droves, training the next generation of maintenance professionals calls for methods specifically tailored...
Views: 399, Comments: 12
Last comment 08/15/2014 by Brave Sir Robin

Wearable Technology Brings Innovation, Connectivity to Maintenance and Operations

07/13/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
From improvements in machine-to-machine communications to the increased reliance on the Internet of Things, technology is changing the face of m...
Views: 284, Comments: 1
Last comment 07/14/2014 by reward54

Hazards of Counterfeit Electrical Products

05/15/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A recent survey conducted by Eaton and the Independent Electrical Contractors group shows that although more electrical contractors are recognizi...
Views: 440, Comments: 10
Last comment 07/14/2014 by pnaban
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Material Handling & Supply Chain Technology

156 blog entries, 586 comments (0 Viewing)

Dangerous Rail Tankers: Coming to a City Near You

07/23/2014 by HUSH
There are a few mechanical processes that truly leave me awe-inspired. The first of note is when I'm on an airplane; I look out over the wings to s...
Pathfinder Tags: crude oil freight train rail shipping
Views: 496, Comments: 19
Last comment 07/26/2014 by JNB

Refrigerated Supply Chain Efficiency Heats Up

01/26/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A white paper discusses best practices for handling and transporting temperature-sensitive loads, with an emphasis on advances in technology and opera...
Views: 364, Comments: 0

Reverse Engineer Your Conveyor

12/23/2013 by CR4 Guest Author
Timing, Timing, Timing! Efficient manufacturing boils down to cohesiveness, and a major component of this is timing. When dealing with container hand...
Views: 371, Comments: 2
Last comment 12/26/2013 by Janissaries
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Fastening, Joining & Assembly

68 blog entries, 348 comments (0 Viewing)

Taking the UV LED Cure

07/11/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Until recently, mercury vapor lamps have been the only light source for UV polymerizing of adhesives. LEDs, however, are on their way to becoming...
Views: 322, Comments: 1
Last comment 07/16/2014 by Rorschach

Wake Up and Use the Robots

06/28/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A majority of UK manufacturers polled in a recent survey said they do not use robots; nearly a third of those indicated they were either low volum...
Views: 352, Comments: 1
Last comment 06/29/2014 by SolarEagle

PLCopen — Bridging PLC, Motion Control, and Robotics

05/03/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Robots are being introduced to a growing variety of automated assembly operations, so it is more important than ever to consider how to integrate...
Views: 365, Comments: 1
Last comment 05/04/2014 by jhhassociates
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Packaging & Labeling

90 blog entries, 840 comments (0 Viewing)

Getting 'Gotta Have' Tech into Packaging Controls

06/18/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Ever witness a toddler adroitly navigating a game of Angry Birds? Do you wish your devices at work had similarly easy or intuitive functionality a...
Views: 284, Comments: 0

Shifting from Sense and Alert to Sense and Control

03/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Constantly pressed to raise efficiencies, food and beverage companies often turn to Enterprise Resource Planning and other "sense and alert" managemen...
Views: 276, Comments: 0
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RTD Manufacturing

5 blog entries, 17 comments (0 Viewing)

Without Rare Earth Elements, Is U.S. Industry a House of Cards?

02/28/2014 by RTD Manufacturing
Did you watch the finale to Season One of House of Cards? If you're a fan of this fictional political drama, you may recall that Congressman Frank Un...
Views: 440, Comments: 5
Last comment 03/03/2014 by HUX

The Winter Olympics and Made in the USA Manufacturing

02/05/2014 by RTD Manufacturing
"Designer Ralph Lauren's new Olympic opening ceremony uniform has lots of stars and stripes. It has lots of red, white, and blue. And most importantl...
Pathfinder Tags: Winter Olympics 2014
Views: 360, Comments: 0

Industrial Machining Meets 3D Laser Printing

01/24/2014 by RTD Manufacturing
This ExtremeTech article argues that 3D laser printers will never be accurate enough, and will "invariably" require some type of secondary subtractive...
Views: 415, Comments: 1
Last comment 01/27/2014 by JRiversW
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Process Engineering & Construction

8 blog entries, 20 comments (0 Viewing)

Rhode Island Tax Code: What Manufacturers Don’t Know but Should

01/23/2014 by jsavage
In July of last year, the Rhode Island legislature enacted a change to the Rhode Island tax code regarding the state's version of the federal Sectio...
Pathfinder Tags: depreciation Manufacturers rhode island Section 179 deduction
Views: 417, Comments: 5
Last comment 01/26/2014 by phoenix911

The Implications of RoHS and REACH Updates

10/28/2013 by jsavage
Electrical products and medical devices which are manufactured in the United States, and sold in the EU may be significantly impacted by recent update...

Are You Ready for January 1st, 2014? The next deadline for permits for 527 CMR 33 is approaching at the end of the year.

10/17/2013 by jsavage
As we discussed in a previous post, Massachusetts has enacted a new regulation (527 CMR 33) that requires a permit to process hazardous materials. Whi...
Pathfinder Tags: 527 CMR 33 Massachusetts permit process hazardous chemicals
Views: 360, Comments: 3
Last comment 10/18/2013 by JNB
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

American Precision Museum - History of Precision Manufacturing

05/24/2013 posted in TechnoTourist’s Engineering Expeditions
by SavvyExacta
Have you heard of the American Precision Museum? Located in Windsor, Vermont, this organization provides maintenance and display of the history of US...
Pathfinder Tags: American Precision Museum history manufacturing
Views: 563, Comments: 0

Material Selection: Where Imitation is Not the Highest Form of Flattery

09/07/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank PJ Sikorsky of GEA Consulting for contributing this blog entry. Imitation may be the highest form of flattery...
Pathfinder Tags: engineering designs liberty ships material selection shipbuilding steel
Views: 622, Comments: 6
Last comment 05/29/2014 by indel

Magnetic Chucks: Permanent, Electromagnetic, or Electro-Permanent?

08/30/2011 posted in How to Select Industrial Products
by Steve Melito
Welcome to the first entry in CR4's newest blog, How to Select Industrial Products. It's been awhile since I've blogged for CR4, but that's not beca...
Pathfinder Tags: industrial products magnetic chucks magnetic workholding workpieces
Views: 971, Comments: 0

Material Selection: The Times, They Are A-Changing

08/10/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank PJ Sikorsky for contributing this blog entry, which complements his last post about material selection. Contin...
Pathfinder Tags: aluminum Copper costs material selection profitability ...
Views: 426, Comments: 5
Last comment 02/04/2013 by catisred

Cast Iron Is Not Cheaper Than Brains

07/19/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank PJ Sikorsky, Metallurgical Consultant, for contributing this blog entry, which originally ran here. I can't b...
Pathfinder Tags: how to select materials material costs material selection raw materials
Views: 723, Comments: 16
Last comment 06/22/2014 by Massey

GEA’s HVAC Blog – How’s it Working?

06/22/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank Norm Greene (geanorm) for contributing this blog entry. GEA started blogging in November 2010. Like many othe...
Pathfinder Tags: blogging blogs HVAC social media technical content ...
Views: 322, Comments: 8
Last comment 06/27/2011 by Doorman