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ASME IX 407.1 for overlay of CRA

04/17/2014 by anky60
ONE Interpretation Q&A published by ASME is as follows Interpretation: IX-04-20 Subject: QW-407.1, Welding Procedure Specification, Postweld H...
Pathfinder Tags: ASME IX 407.1 interpretation
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NACE MR0175 article 5.2 overlays

04/17/2014 by anky60
5.2 overlaysoverlays applied to carbon and low-alloy steel or to martensitic stainless steels by thermal processes such as welding ,silver brazing ,or...
Pathfinder Tags: overlay welding pwht
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Number of Passes in Welding and Consumable Cost

04/15/2014 by smathur72
I would like to know the general practice or rule for determining number of passes in welding i.e if we have to joint two 8 mm SS 304 Plates then how...
Views: 207, Comments: 8
Last comment 04/16/2014 by davlamb

Indian ISI Mark For Industrial Motor Controllers - Starters

04/14/2014 by Baphom8
Greetings: I am seeking information on the ISI mark as it pertains to direct on line motor starters and variable frequncy drive motor starters. I wou...
Pathfinder Tags: ISI Indian BIS motor
Views: 88, Comments: 10
Last comment 04/16/2014 by Shyam

Plastic Shaft Cover

04/12/2014 by cyclo
How do i get the contact of manufacturers of this yellow plastic cover of the shaft as showned in the pic, i have a specific dimension /size to be re...
Views: 187, Comments: 5
Last comment 04/12/2014 by cyclo
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Quality Assurance / Control

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Welding Thickness

04/15/2014 by Rizvin
How to calculate welding thickness requirement for pipes and plates?
Views: 120, Comments: 7
Last comment 04/16/2014 by Brave Sir Robin

MIG Welding Question

04/14/2014 by shebil
how can we calculate the weld thickness or depth required for a particular engineering steel of a required thickness. Like a pipe of 8000mm height 610...
Views: 214, Comments: 9
Last comment 04/15/2014 by texasron

Change Of Name Plate In Revamping Area

04/08/2014 by DEEPAK GARG
In one of my revamping project, one exchanger is already existing as 25-E-101B and its going to relocate in new position where earlier exchanger 25-E-...
Views: 91, Comments: 6
Last comment 04/09/2014 by LongintheTooth


04/06/2014 by shiras
Dear All, I would like to know about LSS TOXIC certification, for low temperature material (A420WPL6/A350LF2). Could you please explain the advantage...
Views: 84, Comments: 1
Last comment 04/06/2014 by lyn

What is Special in "Blue" Color ?

03/18/2014 by madhukar joshi
Am in the field of Textile dyeing and synthetic yarn making. In our industry for judging the dye pick-up evenness, the material (normally fabric) is s...
Views: 264, Comments: 10
Last comment 03/19/2014 by adreasler
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Speaking of Precision

293 blog entries, 2252 comments (0 Viewing)

Workforce Training- Solving the Skills Shortage Problem

04/15/2014 by Milo
PMPA member North Easton Machine Company Incorporated is taking an active role in solving the skilled workforce issues it faces. Jon Holbrook announce...
Views: 98, Comments: 13
Last comment 04/17/2014 by Brave Sir Robin

Manufacturing is Turning Grey--Aging Population of U.S. Manufacturing

04/08/2014 by Milo
Guest post by Frances Brunelle, at Accelerated Buy Sell Blog I was really impressed with her thinking--and the fact that she offers a solution. La...
Pathfinder Tags: career employment manufacturing
Views: 215, Comments: 6
Last comment 04/09/2014 by Oliver Dunthorne

Safety First--Do As I Say Department

04/04/2014 by Milo
I really get annoyed when people tell me to do as they say, rather than as they do. How about demonstrating leadership behaviors that show us that yo...
Pathfinder Tags: manufacturing safety warning
Views: 276, Comments: 6
Last comment 04/07/2014 by dhayanandhan
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BRM's Flexible Honing, Surface Finishing, and Deburring Blog

141 blog entries, 70 comments (6 Viewing)

Deburring and Edge Blending for Aerospace Parts

04/14/2014 by Brush Research
Burrs, sharp surface edges, and surface roughness can injure workers, cause mechanical and electrical problems, and reduce the service life of compo...
Pathfinder Tags: aerospace brushes ball hones burr removal cylinder hones cylinder honing tools ...
Views: 64, Comments: 0

Firearms Maintenance: Flexible Honing and AR-15 Chamber Polishing

04/07/2014 by Brush Research
The AR-15 rifle is a lightweight, air-cooled, magazine-fed rifle that's actuated by gas piston technology or direct impingement. Designed originally...

Flexible Hones for Nikasil Liners and Engine Rebuilds

04/02/2014 by Brush Research
Nikasil is a nickel-plated, silica carbide coating that's sometimes applied to the inner walls of engine cylinders. Invented by MAHLE in 1967, Nikas...
Pathfinder Tags: ball hone cylinder hone cylinder wall deglazing engine hone engine rebuilds ...
Views: 121, Comments: 0
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Machine Tools & Metal Working Blog

130 blog entries, 555 comments (0 Viewing)

Robots Take a New Turn

04/11/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
For companies carrying out turning operations, three levels of automation are available (in ascending order of complexity): bar feeding, automated par...
Views: 120, Comments: 0

Going Live Brings Benefits

03/15/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
CNC lathes with driven, or "live," tooling offer a significant increase in performance over counterparts that lack that attribute. This is true whethe...
Views: 155, Comments: 0
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Robotic Systems Blog

117 blog entries, 615 comments (0 Viewing)

When Does Technology Cross the AI Line?

04/09/2014 by HUSH
If you've ever been alive, and I assure you that you have been (even if you haven't "lived"), then you're familiar with Pac-Man. I don't mean Manny Pa...
Pathfinder Tags: artificial intelligence robots skynet
Views: 171, Comments: 6
Last comment 04/10/2014 by Bill H.
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Elasto Proxy's Sealing Solutions Blog

35 blog entries, 180 comments (0 Viewing)

High-Performance Thermoplastics (HPTPs): Are They Worth It?

04/08/2014 by Doug Sharpe
Why would you pick a specialty polymer that costs more than most engineering thermoplastics (ETPs)? How can your company compete if buyers choose...
Views: 129, Comments: 0

Composite Materials: Lunch Is Served

03/17/2014 by Doug Sharpe
What do composite materials have in common with lunch? Plenty, if you enjoy a sandwich for your mid-day meal. In material science, composites are...
Views: 167, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/18/2014 by Wal

Foam Rubber vs. Sponge Rubber: What’s the Difference?

03/03/2014 by Doug Sharpe
Image source: Did you know that there's a difference between foam rubber and sponge rubber? Sure, the two terms are often used i...
Views: 324, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/07/2014 by Tornado
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Packaging & Labeling

89 blog entries, 840 comments (0 Viewing)

Shifting from Sense and Alert to Sense and Control

03/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Constantly pressed to raise efficiencies, food and beverage companies often turn to Enterprise Resource Planning and other "sense and alert" managemen...
Views: 98, Comments: 0
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Fastening, Joining & Assembly

65 blog entries, 345 comments (0 Viewing)

Robots — and Cobots — on the Move

03/14/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
One day last November a "cobot," i.e. collaborative robot, rang the closing bell at NASDAQ to mark the listing of the first ever robotics industry sto...
Views: 114, Comments: 0
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RTD Manufacturing

5 blog entries, 17 comments (0 Viewing)

Without Rare Earth Elements, Is U.S. Industry a House of Cards?

02/28/2014 by RTD Manufacturing
Did you watch the finale to Season One of House of Cards? If you're a fan of this fictional political drama, you may recall that Congressman Frank Un...
Views: 245, Comments: 5
Last comment 03/03/2014 by HUX
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Industrial MRO

72 blog entries, 653 comments (0 Viewing)

Regulation Will Change Asset Management

02/26/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The ISO 55000 Asset Management Systems standard, due to go into effect next month, focuses on managing physical assets, initially in public industries...
Views: 114, Comments: 0
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Food & Beverage Technology

44 blog entries, 710 comments (0 Viewing)

Latest Food Ingredient: Poor Critical Thinking

02/26/2014 by HUSH
One thing people seem to love to get their panties (and 'man-ties') in a twist over is the ingredients of their food. Browse the Facebook and you'll...
Pathfinder Tags: additives food organic psuedoscience
Views: 296, Comments: 21
Last comment 03/10/2014 by serenelli
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

American Precision Museum - History of Precision Manufacturing

05/24/2013 posted in TechnoTourist’s Engineering Expeditions
by SavvyExacta
Have you heard of the American Precision Museum? Located in Windsor, Vermont, this organization provides maintenance and display of the history of US...
Pathfinder Tags: American Precision Museum history manufacturing
Views: 368, Comments: 0

Material Selection: Where Imitation is Not the Highest Form of Flattery

09/07/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank PJ Sikorsky of GEA Consulting for contributing this blog entry. Imitation may be the highest form of flattery...
Pathfinder Tags: engineering designs liberty ships material selection shipbuilding steel
Views: 588, Comments: 5
Last comment 10/24/2011 by Anonymous Poster

Magnetic Chucks: Permanent, Electromagnetic, or Electro-Permanent?

08/30/2011 posted in How to Select Industrial Products
by Steve Melito
Welcome to the first entry in CR4's newest blog, How to Select Industrial Products. It's been awhile since I've blogged for CR4, but that's not beca...
Pathfinder Tags: industrial products magnetic chucks magnetic workholding workpieces
Views: 950, Comments: 0

Material Selection: The Times, They Are A-Changing

08/10/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank PJ Sikorsky for contributing this blog entry, which complements his last post about material selection. Contin...
Pathfinder Tags: aluminum Copper costs material selection profitability ...
Views: 391, Comments: 5
Last comment 02/04/2013 by catisred

Cast Iron Is Not Cheaper Than Brains

07/19/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank PJ Sikorsky, Metallurgical Consultant, for contributing this blog entry, which originally ran here. I can't b...
Pathfinder Tags: how to select materials material costs material selection raw materials
Views: 695, Comments: 15
Last comment 07/20/2011 by Spinco

GEA’s HVAC Blog – How’s it Working?

06/22/2011 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by geanorm
Editor's Note: CR4 would like to thank Norm Greene (geanorm) for contributing this blog entry. GEA started blogging in November 2010. Like many othe...
Pathfinder Tags: blogging blogs HVAC social media technical content ...
Views: 298, Comments: 8
Last comment 06/27/2011 by Doorman