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09/15/2014 7:19 AM

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Mechanical Engineering

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Heat Exchanger

09/15/2014 by walt
I have a remote solid fuel heat source for my house(outdoor furnace) that I want to add another heat loop. This will be isolated from the existing sys...
Views: 45, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/15/2014 by tcmtech

Caculate Velocity

09/15/2014 by Muhammad Usman
if it is possible then told me if i have diameter of oxygen pipe line & also i have pressure how i would able to calculate velocity & flow met...
Views: 80, Comments: 4
Last comment 09/15/2014 by SHOCKHISCAN

Fouling Factor

09/15/2014 by Anonymous Poster
Which having high fouling factor on turbine blades among HP,MP and LP steam
Views: 66, Comments: 3
Last comment 09/15/2014 by PWSlack

Simulating Flywheel with Servo Motor

09/13/2014 by Gone Coastal
We have a hydraulic motor/gearbox comb that currently is tested with a 1000 in-lb drag load and a flywheel that has a 100 in-lb-sec^2 moment. We have...
Views: 166, Comments: 11
Last comment 09/15/2014 by BruceFlorida

Hydropneumatic and Booster Pump

09/13/2014 by cckla
Hydropneumatic and booster pump both using a pressure tank during operation. What is the different between these two type pump ? They seem both provid...
Pathfinder Tags: booster hydropneumatic pump
Views: 114, Comments: 8
Last comment 09/14/2014 by pnaban
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Pneumatics Blog

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Energy Storage Solution in the Bag?

09/13/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Can air and water combine to meet the challenge of storing energy from renewable sources? A Canadian start-up company called Hydrostor thinks so....
Views: 197, Comments: 6
Last comment 09/15/2014 by adreasler

Getting a Lift from Vacuum

06/20/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Aging baby boomers who lose mobility can also lose access to the upper floors of their homes. A chair lift can get the elderly and disabled upstai...
Views: 601, Comments: 8
Last comment 06/23/2014 by phoenix911

Human or Geminoid?

02/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
You'll be pardoned for getting a little confused while watching a video showing so-called "Geminoids" along with the people they were modeled after. G...
Views: 455, Comments: 2
Last comment 02/17/2014 by SolarEagle
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Valve Technology Blog

68 blog entries, 517 comments (0 Viewing)

Solar Rays Emerge as a Way to Treat Water

09/08/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Communities around the world are beginning to use solar panels to power water and wastewater treatment systems. In Hemingway, SC, the community upgr...
Views: 55, Comments: 0
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Hydraulics Blog

61 blog entries, 460 comments (1 Viewing)

Hydraulics Powers One-off Chinese Swing Bridge

08/31/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
When Chinese engineers built a highway overpass, they could not disrupt the high-speed rail line the roadway would straddle. Instead they built th...
Views: 331, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/02/2014 by phoenix911

3 Ways to Increase the Life Span of Your Hydraulic Equipment

01/11/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
Like it or not, hydraulic systems are part of modern-day life. You probably rely on hydraulics for your power brakes and power steering. Hydraulic sys...
Views: 643, Comments: 3
Last comment 02/24/2014 by Allen123
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Workbench Creations

149 blog entries, 1883 comments (0 Viewing)

To an Engineer Anything Can Be Building Materials

01/06/2014 by frankd20
A fun few-hour project done on a whim, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
Pathfinder Tags: igloo snow building
Views: 1102, Comments: 6
Last comment 01/07/2014 by artsmith
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Motors Blog

70 blog entries, 1267 comments (0 Viewing)

Amorphous Iron: The Right Stuff for Motors?

06/17/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
Engineers should know a couple of things about amorphous iron: it's not hard to come by and there are good reasons for using it in motors, according t...
Views: 510, Comments: 0

Motor Quartet Makes Sand Art

02/09/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
This video shows how four stepper motors work together to produce eye-catching sand art. The accompanying article describes the drawing machine that u...
Views: 455, Comments: 1
Last comment 02/10/2014 by geraldpaxton

The Evolution of Tugboats

02/08/2014 by CR4 Guest Author
Tugboats have a rugged, old world charm that attracts a brand of enthusiasm few other boats can. They are one of the sea's most hardworking, yet humbl...
Views: 693, Comments: 3
Last comment 07/07/2014 by lyn
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Motion Control Components

100 blog entries, 931 comments (0 Viewing)

A New Approach for Controlling Condition Monitoring

06/02/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The prevalence of around-the-clock condition monitoring is skyrocketing as sensing technologies become smarter, easier to implement, and more affo...
Views: 403, Comments: 0

The Swift Switch to Single-cable Servo

02/28/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The dualistic world of analog and digital feedback is fading fast. Digital signals are beginning to take precedence for communication between servo dr...
Views: 429, Comments: 1
Last comment 02/28/2014 by BIN95
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Drives Blog

68 blog entries, 882 comments (1 Viewing)

What's Driving Designers to Digital Simulation?

04/18/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
The use of virtual design tools - motion-design software and related products - by mechanical, electrical, and control engineers receives the spo...
Views: 388, Comments: 4
Last comment 04/21/2014 by Brave Sir Robin

Networking to Sustain Capacity in the Process Industries

04/03/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
A new white paper from the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA) presents its vision for open process integration in the processing industry,...
Views: 251, Comments: 0
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Pump Technology Blog

75 blog entries, 541 comments (0 Viewing)

Treating a Treater's Chemical Dependency

02/18/2014 by IHS GlobalSpec eNewsletter
When a Washington state wastewater treatment plant replaced traditional tube-element peristaltic pumps with a new metering pump, its chemical costs d...
Views: 430, Comments: 2
Last comment 02/18/2014 by SavvyExacta
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

GEA Co-Sponsors Technical Conference

03/27/2013 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
We are pleased to be one of the sponsors of the 2013 ASHRAE Region VI Technical Conference being held May 1 and 2 in our hometown of La Crosse, WI. T...
Pathfinder Tags: GEA hvac industry HVAC technologies
Views: 151, Comments: 0

World's Tallest Building (A Prefab) - Update From China

03/20/2013 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
We have been following this ambitious undertaking of building the world's tallest building, the 220 floor "Sky City", in an incredibly short three mo...
Pathfinder Tags: buildings china hvac fabricated buildings Prefab Buildings
Views: 850, Comments: 10
Last comment 07/22/2014 by RandallAvery

Supply Chain Insights - an Industry Veteran's View

03/13/2013 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
In my thirty plus years in Strategic Supply Chain I have come to appreciate the constant evolution in our business. I'd like to share with you today...
Pathfinder Tags: global sourcing HVAC
Views: 225, Comments: 1
Last comment 03/14/2013 by JNB

Customer Centric Concepts – Unlocking the Secrets

03/06/2013 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
The term Customer Centric Concepts came from our 25 years of experience developing and maintaining account relationships with Trane's National Account...
Pathfinder Tags: Customer Centric Concepts Customer Satisfaction HVAC Partners
Views: 220, Comments: 11
Last comment 03/12/2013 by Yusef1

HVAC Materials – An Evolution

02/27/2013 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by psikorsky
This week GEA's PJ Sikorsky answers questions about materials used in HVAC products over the years. 1. What has been the biggest change in materials...
Pathfinder Tags: Corrosion HVAC Metallurgist materials materials selection New Refrigerants
Views: 370, Comments: 1
Last comment 08/26/2013 by 129CBRider

Ozone Layer Healing, But...

02/15/2013 posted in GEA's Global HVAC Technology Blog
by larhere
According to the ozone sensors on Europe's MetOp weather satellite, the hole over Antarctica in 2012 was the smallest in the last 10 years. Since...
Pathfinder Tags: Antartic hole global warming ozone layer
Views: 443, Comments: 24
Last comment 12/12/2013 by truth is not a compromise