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Sustainable Engineering

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Cost Per Unit kWh of a Battery Over Its Life

10/12/2016 by jawadwaheed09
When we are comparing alternates, most of the times we are required to choose the one thats cheaper and provides the same value. If we are comparing d...
Pathfinder Tags: battery Costing diesel Energy
Views: 258, Comments: 15
Last comment 10/17/2016 by Winfield Hill

Solar Water Distillation Using Vacuum Pump

09/27/2016 by Metom
I am doing research about solar vacuum water distillation. The design model will consists of a glass cover, basin water equipped with reflecting mirro...
Views: 231, Comments: 16
Last comment 09/29/2016 by James Stewart

Fly Away Flywheels

09/26/2016 by Drew K
This is in the news feed on the CR4 page, a topic I feel strongly about. I think it is about time we started using energy instead of abusing it. If I...
Pathfinder Tags: energy storage flywheel locomotive
Views: 868, Comments: 81
Last comment 10/01/2016 by SolarEagle
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Alternative & Renewable Energy Blog

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Australians Claim Solar Thermal Efficiency Record

10/19/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
A new efficiency record has been posted for a steam-generating solar thermal dish constructed by Australian National University engineers. A 97% conve...
Views: 221, Comments: 10
Last comment 10/21/2016 by Brave Sir Robin

A Reboot for Flywheel Design

09/20/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Flywheel energy storage system design has been revised by a Lancaster University, UK, student to retain energy kinetically in a levitated floating mas...
Views: 287, Comments: 9
Last comment 09/25/2016 by Rixter
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Water & Wastewater Systems

53 blog entries, 463 comments (0 Viewing)

Successful Takeoff for Water-saving Tech

09/11/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
In the process of allowing thousands of people to travel to far-flung destinations each day, major airports consume huge amounts of water. Recently, t...
Views: 189, Comments: 0

The State of U.S. Drinking Water

07/07/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
How safe is America's drinking water? A recent study conducted by Yale University ranks the U.S. just 32nd among the nations of the world in drinking...
Views: 191, Comments: 2
Last comment 07/09/2016 by SolarEagle
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Environmental Technology

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Fracking Tries for a Greener Footprint

08/03/2016 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The environmental complaints lodged against hydraulic fracturing are varied: groundwater contamination, large volume water use in water-deficient regi...
Views: 90, Comments: 1
Last comment 08/05/2016 by James Stewart

Ocean-Powered Electricity?

02/03/2016 by HUSH
Where I live, gasoline is less than $2 per gallon, and it seems like this price will hold steady for the immediate future. It's a small victory, for...
Pathfinder Tags: hydropower ocean power generation turbine
Views: 429, Comments: 16
Last comment 02/09/2016 by Mr. small
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E&E Exchange

82 blog entries, 1006 comments (0 Viewing)

Air Pollution Linked to Heart Disease

06/02/2016 by cheme_wordsmithy
It may seem obvious, but air pollution really does affect our health. Many parts of the U.S. experienced some pretty hot days in the last couple week...
Views: 231, Comments: 0

Just What (or Whom) Are We “Sustaining?”

05/31/2016 by Jonathan Fuller
In a previous post I discussed the founders of the original Earth Day predicted that our 21^st-century world would be devoid of any and all animal...
Pathfinder Tags: ecology Environment sustainability
Views: 222, Comments: 5
Last comment 06/02/2016 by James Stewart
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Webinar Calendar – January 2016

01/11/2016 posted in IHS Product Design Blog
by SavvyExacta
Engineering360 has a great lineup of webinars each month. Learn about specific topics from industry experts, for free, from the comfort of your own...
Pathfinder Tags: adhesives education electronics emissions pollution control ...
Views: 371, Comments: 0

IHS Introduces New PEV Index

07/27/2015 posted in Automotive Technology
by joekroog
The sails of electric vehicles have caught a warm breeze. The accelerating growth of this segment from special tax incentives, stricter regulations,...
Pathfinder Tags: automotive electric car electric vehicle IHS pev ...
Views: 426, Comments: 2
Last comment 07/30/2015 by Unredundant

Shale Gas, Tight Oil, Carbon Emissions and You

06/29/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
Methinks, yet again, there is change blowing in the wind. US President Barack Obama presented his plan for reducing carbon emissions to thwart clim...
Pathfinder Tags: carbon emissions Coal Fired Power Plants Economics Shale Gas Tight Oil
Views: 965, Comments: 21
Last comment 11/09/2015 by machia0705

Getting the Lead OUT!

05/05/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
There is U.S. federal legislation slated to take effect on January 4, 2014 that will improve drinking water quality once again. Such changes may happe...
Pathfinder Tags: ANSI 61 lead free lead in drinking water NSF 372 NSF 61
Views: 836, Comments: 40
Last comment 05/12/2013 by Anonymous Hero

And the Ground Beneath Our Feet, It Shifted

04/07/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
"Game On" is the title; "all in" is the message. The article is a LinkedIn posting made by Jeff Immelt, the now long-tenured chairman of venerable Gen...
Pathfinder Tags: Immelt industrial revolution Maker Movement Oklahoma Shale Gas ...
Views: 831, Comments: 7
Last comment 03/16/2014 by 129CBRider