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Sustainable Engineering
09/20/2015 12:00 AM

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Sustainable Engineering

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Texas, Unique in so Many Ways

09/24/2015 by lyn
Texas holds a unique distinction in our country when it comes to electricity production. Specifically wind generation. This Could Only Happen in Tex...
Views: 306, Comments: 31
Last comment 09/30/2015 by Drew K

Charging R600a

09/13/2015 by hydrogenhead
Moving on from my peltier air conditioner project which consumed 900 to 1000 watts at 24 volts, I wanted to get into phase change systems. The system...
Views: 236, Comments: 33
Last comment 09/16/2015 by SHOCKHISCAN
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E&E Exchange

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EPA's New Proposed Rule - A Brief Summary

09/25/2015 by cheme_wordsmithy
On August 31^st 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a proposed rule that will have a significant impact on the way hazardous waste...
Views: 166, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/28/2015 by Unredundant

Tesla's New Vision

07/17/2015 by cheme_wordsmithy
Nikola Tesla was a visionary - he believed in, pioneered, and advanced a number of foundational technologies which we take for granted today; such as...
Views: 485, Comments: 4
Last comment 07/17/2015 by Anonymous Hero

Convenience in Green Tech

05/27/2015 by HUSH
So I can't really speak for other cities' transit authorities, but the Metropolitan Transit Authority that serves the New York City area is absolute...
Pathfinder Tags: convenience green sustainability technology
Views: 239, Comments: 3
Last comment 05/29/2015 by BestInShow
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Environmental Technology

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Carbon Nanofibers Made from Atmospheric CO2

09/17/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
A novel approach to carbon capture skips the sequestration part of the equation - instead, atmospheric carbon dioxide is converted into carbon nanofi...
Views: 231, Comments: 7
Last comment 09/18/2015 by Legolaz

Engineering the Self-destruction of Electronic Waste

07/23/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Here's an idea for reducing electronic waste streams: have the electronics self-destruct when no longer needed instead of lingering in landfills....
Views: 307, Comments: 9
Last comment 07/26/2015 by jack of all trades

You Waste, You Pay

07/14/2015 by Jonathan Fuller
I grew up with two brothers, one of whom carried a toddler-esque pickiness into adulthood. It's probably no surprise, then, that the word "wasteful...
Pathfinder Tags: california drought food waste food waste zero
Views: 313, Comments: 7
Last comment 07/18/2015 by tonyhemet
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Water & Wastewater Systems

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Power from a Pipe

09/09/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Their purpose is to transport drinking water, but can water pipes also be a reliable source of clean energy? That's the idea behind technology develo...
Views: 373, Comments: 31
Last comment 09/11/2015 by adreasler

Thinking Differently About Water

08/22/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
"Historically, companies have paid attention to the price of water and not necessarily the value of water to their business," says the water managemen...
Views: 297, Comments: 2
Last comment 08/23/2015 by Wal

Updating Western Water Infrastructure

08/05/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
The huge network of dams, reservoirs, and aqueducts in the Western U.S. just won't do anymore. Why? This long-serving water infrastructure, operated b...
Views: 253, Comments: 2
Last comment 08/06/2015 by C-Mac
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Alternative & Renewable Energy Blog

229 blog entries, 2433 comments (0 Viewing)

Internet Delivery Solar Drone Ready for Test Flight

09/04/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
Realizing that the World Wide Web isn't truly world-wide, engineers at social media giant Facebook plan to bring Internet service to remote regions v...
Views: 208, Comments: 5
Last comment 09/06/2015 by Rixter

Tapping the Power Lapping at Australia's Shores

08/11/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
With recent completion of onshore testing, BioPower Systems plans to install a 250 kW demonstration version of its bioWAVE® device off the coast of Vi...
Views: 167, Comments: 0

It's the Humidity: the Power of Evaporation

07/30/2015 by IHS Engineering360 eNewsletter
With a boost from bacterial spores, engineers from Columbia University, NY, demonstrated several versions of small-scale engines powered by evaporatio...
Views: 278, Comments: 4
Last comment 08/03/2015 by Rixter
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

IHS Introduces New PEV Index

07/27/2015 posted in Automotive Technology
by joekroog
The sails of electric vehicles have caught a warm breeze. The accelerating growth of this segment from special tax incentives, stricter regulations,...
Pathfinder Tags: automotive electric car electric vehicle IHS pev ...
Views: 297, Comments: 2
Last comment 07/30/2015 by Unredundant

Shale Gas, Tight Oil, Carbon Emissions and You

06/29/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
Methinks, yet again, there is change blowing in the wind. US President Barack Obama presented his plan for reducing carbon emissions to thwart clim...
Pathfinder Tags: carbon emissions Coal Fired Power Plants Economics Shale Gas Tight Oil
Views: 858, Comments: 20
Last comment 04/29/2014 by russ1

Getting the Lead OUT!

05/05/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
There is U.S. federal legislation slated to take effect on January 4, 2014 that will improve drinking water quality once again. Such changes may happe...
Pathfinder Tags: ANSI 61 lead free lead in drinking water NSF 372 NSF 61
Views: 746, Comments: 40
Last comment 05/12/2013 by Anonymous Hero

And the Ground Beneath Our Feet, It Shifted

04/07/2013 posted in Common Purposes
by MillMatt
"Game On" is the title; "all in" is the message. The article is a LinkedIn posting made by Jeff Immelt, the now long-tenured chairman of venerable Gen...
Pathfinder Tags: Immelt industrial revolution Maker Movement Oklahoma Shale Gas ...
Views: 750, Comments: 7
Last comment 03/16/2014 by 129CBRider

Do Soy-Based Foams Put Ford in the Driver’s Seat?

03/07/2011 posted in Plastics & Resins Blog
by Steve Melito
In the summer of 1941, Henry Ford unveiled a plastic-bodied car that connected industry to agriculture. According to Lowell E. Overly, the former too...
Pathfinder Tags: car seats Henry Ford soy foam soy-based foams soybean car ...
Views: 342, Comments: 1
Last comment 08/15/2012 by lyn

Good Riddance, White Pages

11/18/2010 posted in TeknologikL
by Kaplin
Verizon has finally received the permission they have been asking for -- to halt production of the iconic White Pages in New York, Florida, and Penn...
Pathfinder Tags: Online Directory Phone Book Phone Lookup Verizon White Pages ...
Views: 588, Comments: 11
Last comment 11/23/2011 by 129CBRider