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STAAD Pro Software

09/08/2017 6:27 AM

Details about STAAD Pro:

STAAD is nothing but Structural Analysis And Design. STAAD Pro programming is broadly utilized as a part of the structural analysis and designing structures – towers, buildings, bridges, transportation facilities, utility and industrial structures. Designs can include building structures incorporating culverts, petrochemical plants, bridges, tunnels, piles; and construction materials such as timber, steel, concrete, aluminum and cold-formed steel.

Here are some ways in which you can benefit post learning STAAD Pro.

  • You will come to know how to have isometric and point of view perspectives and 3D shapes.
  • You will be aware how to design concrete structures like columns/beams/slabs/footings according to the international codes.
  • You will get to learn how to generate text/graphics input
  • You will come to know how to execute flexible zoom and numerous views.
  • You will have the knowledge on how to perform code check, member selection and optimized part selection comprising of design/analysis cycles.
  • You will know how to utilize built-in command file editor and straightforward command language.
  • You will learn how to finish complete object-oriented instinctive 3D/2D graphic model creation.
Suhas Jadhav
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