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Pepsi Refresh to Fund "Good Ideas"

Posted February 02, 2010 5:00 AM by Sharkles

We'd all like to think we have good ideas from time-to-time, especially when we're collaborating on CR4. Last week, a thread about using shipping containers for temporary housing in Haiti was considered to be a "good idea" by many on the site. Unfortunately, turning good ideas into reality can be tough, which is why I was interested to see (albeit late) the "Pepsi Refresh Project" in the news.

What is the Pepsi Refresh Project?

The Pepsi Refresh Project invites individuals, businesses, non-profits, etc. to think about the world we live in and how to save, create, or change things for the better. Pepsi is encouraging ideas for all sectors of our lives, including Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Education, Health, and Neighborhoods. The best ideas, as voted by online users, will receive a Refresh grant ranging from $5,000 - $250,000.

Clear, constructive suggestions can be submitted to The site began taking submissions on January 13th, but up to 1,000 submissions are still being accepted a month. Ideas must have achievable goals, measureable results, and be ready to start soon.

The Process

When submitting an idea, a user creates a project profile that can be saved and edited throughout. This project profile includes a plan detailing the 5 Ws, potential challenges, time estimates, personnel needed to complete the project, and other necessary steps in accomplishing the goal. Users are also asked to realistically estimate which grant amount would make their project possible.

Because grants are given to ideas with the most votes, Pepsi encourages adding some "bells and whistles," such as pictures, video, animations, etc. to make ideas eye-catching and exciting. Social networking is highly suggested for promoting ideas as well. As matter of fact, I read about this project through Good, whom I follow on Twitter.

Voting decides which ideas get funded. So even if you don't submit an idea yourself, you can vote for ones that you think are good. Voting officially began February 1st and finalists will be announced March 1st. In the meantime, go to the Pepsi Refresh site and make your voice known for each of the grant categories.

Fine Print

Although CR4 is a global community, the Pepsi Refresh Project is not as inclusive. Qualifying ideas must be from persons 13 years or older who are legal U.S residents. If a user is submitting an idea on behalf of an organization, the company must also operate within the U.S.

Don't worry about these limitations, however. There may be a silver lining here, as online collaboration makes many things possible. Many good ideas have come out of CR4 discussions; maybe this project can put some of them to use!



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