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Smartphone CTF 2K11

Posted December 15, 2010 8:30 AM by embeddedreporter

There's been some great reading the last few days on companies trying to get to the top of smartphone and tablet hill and capture the flag going into next year. Just a quick sample:

Apple continues to score with sales of iPads and iPhone 4s, while prepping the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 somewhere in the wings. Rumors abound that Foxconn is cranking up around a half million units of the next iPad for sometime in the "next 100 days". Apple is clearly trying to take a three-screen strategy – include TV as the third – and keep their design edge as pure as possible.

This has interesting implications in the battle for embedded hearts and minds where differentiation (what Steve Jobs likes to call "fragmentation") has a high value, but Apple has staked out a leadership position and is not sitting still. Apple will be huge in markets like mHealth which can app up a standard device, although I've seen engineer comments from LinkedIn they've got to be a bit more Bluetooth friendly to really connect with medical and personal fitness devices on a big scale.

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