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Eco Exotic Sports Car - Zoleco Project

Posted February 03, 2012 12:00 AM by cheme_wordsmithy

Editors Note: CR4 would like to thank Zoltan Bod (Natloz) for contributing this blog entry.

I (Zoltan) began the Zoleco project back in November of 2007. I have always been excited about cars. I love performance, handling and energy efficiency. Exotic cars make my heart sing. I thought that it was about time that someone dream audaciously and act boldly to combine these traits into one Eco Exotic Sports Car.

I began by incorporating the aerodynamic efficiency of the tear drop shape into my design architecture. With the very low drag imposed by this shape it allowed me to run a small efficient turbo charged

3 cylinder gasoline engine to motivate the vehicle and burn fuel sparingly.

I have to date built the full size design and development model which will be used as a blueprint to build the proof of concept. I have decided to build the proof of concept as a Bonneville Salt Flats race car. And what better environment to prove the car than on the salt dyno?

This phase of the development program will be called the 150mph/150mpg Challenge. The business plan and pitchbook are being developed for this challenge which is the next round of funding. When this challenge has been successfully completed the car will go on a promotional tour in preparation of the development of the street version. The car will start off production with a carbon fibre/Kevlar composite body and chrome moly full perimeter space frame chassis. The car will comfortably seat four and the HP to overcome drag formulas indicate mileage to be on the order of 90mpg at 65mph or 151mpg at 45 mph.

The proof of concept race car will be the verifying factor in these performance estimates. More details about the project are available at the project site and also in a featured entry on gizmag.


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