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The Report Button: Best Way to Flag Problems on CR4

Posted July 23, 2012 1:25 PM by SavvyExacta
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The CR4 moderation team is alerted to issues of all sorts by members who use the report button. Spammers? We can stop them. Abuse of CR4's terms? We can resolve the issue. While the moderation team actively watches for inappropriate content, CR4 members can help us find these issues more quickly.

This is not to say that we want you to report every tiny incident or spend all of your time scouring the site for concerns. If you do see something you think we should be aware of (like a spammer, for instance), that's a great use of the report button. Telling us that someone misspelled a word is not such a great use of the button. (Try a private message to the user.)

Little is accomplished when you comment on a spam thread describing it as such. The spammer doesn't return for comments in the majority of these cases so it's not an effective way to help the original poster learn the site rules. Comments simply attract attention to the spam thread because now it appears to be actively generating a discussion.

How to Use the Report Button

  1. Click the 'Report!' button that appears on any thread, comment, or user profile. It's best if you click report on the specific content.
  2. Enter the problem into the text box and click the report problem button. The text box is limited to 250 characters, although due to a bug in the system, you can type more than that. Please keep your message brief because the moderation team will only see the first 250 characters. If you need to send a longer message you can private message or email us.

You can "report" yourself if you experiencing problems on the site. Remember that the message length is short, so if you need to describe something in any detail, it may be better to send the admin team a private message or email.


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