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CR4 Olymic Coverage: New Tech for 2012

Posted July 25, 2012 5:58 AM by HUSH
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They're calling the 2012 Olympic Games the Twitter Olympics. Why? For the first time, athletic results are expected to be mass disseminated by the world's leading social media site-well before traditional media reports. Also, the majority of athletes are reachable by the common man with the simple use of an "@" symbol. Yes, even you can ask @usainbolt if the green and gold makes him a faster runner.

But Twitter is far from the only use of modern technology to upgrade the Olympic experience. I present for the approval of the Midnight Society CR4, three technologies helping U.S. athletes in the pursuit for international gold and glory.

Calm in the Clutch

Nerves are the most critical biological response an athlete must overcome in a pressure-filled situation. When athletes are stressed neurotransmitters in the brain fire rapidly, causing such physical symptoms as dizziness, rapid heartbeat, poor judgment, and feelings of being overwhelmed and agitated. Clearly, none of these effects are good when Kobe Bryant needs to make a 3 with only a few seconds left on the clock.

What's the solution? Video games, duhhhh.

P3 Peak Performance in California hooks athletes up to a racing game that they control completely with their emotions. The racecar turns on its own on the track, but the vehicle's speed is regulated by a brain wave monitor. When the car gets into trouble it slows down, further frustrating the athlete. The effect: by staying calm in emotionally adverse situations, the athlete is better prepared for intense situations.

...Outside Online

This technology has been supplied to the U.S. water polo, track, and volleyball teams. Gooooo Team!

Lolo's Mechanics

Lolo Jones is set to become an American sweetheart in 2012. From her cool first name, promise to remain a virgin until marriage, and church-date idea with Tim Tebow post-Olympics, she's everything the U.S. looks for in international athletic representation. Remember Kerri Strug? Image that times infinity.

Well Lolo got some help from her sponsor Red Bull, who hooked her up with a biomechanics diagnostic machine. With 39 electrodes attached to her body, she ran her hurdles routine and a computer analyzed where her center of mass was on each foot strike. Ideally, her center of mass should be positioned just ahead of her lead foot.

Other athletes have seen a few hundredths of a second shaved from their hurdle times. To me, Lolo can come in last, and she'll still have me as an admirer.

...via Whats on Dalian

The Track Suit - A (Dimpled) American Style

If only for my entertainment, follow this link to remind yourself of the effects of dimples on a golf ball.

Simply, the dimples on the golf ball redirect the air flow and create a layer of turbulence; the separation of the fluid boundary is later along the golf ball's body, significantly reducing drag.

...via Science Buddies

Well, the ingenious folks at Nike have developed a tracksuit based on the skin of a golf ball. Dimpled tracksuits are being supplied to American Allyson Felix, and South African Oscar Pistorius a.k.a The Faster Man on No Legs.

These things are quick, man. Average 100m dash results were .4 seconds faster than the control. You better look fast though, because these will be shortly banned from the next Olympics if they're deemed unfair, much the way polyurethane swim suits were banned in 2010.

...via Nike

It's ok. Then we can at least wear them as our national outfits for 2016. Have you seen Ralph Lauren's uniforms…that were produced in China?

The Olympics start on Friday (27 July 2012). While the technologies for the Olympics will continue to evolve over time, it will always be the individual performances that raise names and colors into triumph.

It's a good thing too. We don't need the games to turn into a spectacle of the haves and the have-nots. The Olympics are a game of human will.

...via World Art Australia


Outside Online- Innovative Olympic Training Techniques; New Gear of the 2012 Olympics


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