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How many times have you watched automotive how-to shows on cable TV and wondered how they make it look so easy, and where did they get all those expensive tools? If you're like most automotive enthusiasts, you don't have any of those awesome tools, let alone a lift in your garage.

To Chris Duke, host of the web TV show, iTunes podcast, and TV program Motorz, keeping how-to installations real for enthusiasts became his calling. By showing the average Joe how to install products on his vehicle using common tools he has in his garage, anyone can walk away from an episode having the confidence to go out and buy that product they always wanted on their ride and install it themselves.

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Work Truck Makeover (Season 6: Episode 2)

Posted December 08, 2013 12:00 AM by motorztv

In this 76th episode of Motorz, Chris takes a heavily used (and active) 2002 Chevy 1500 work truck from a local landscape maintenance company and performs a "Motorz Makeover" on it. In addition to replacing the rusty enclosed trailer with a brand new 6Ă—10 Load Runner trailer from TrailersPlus, the entire truck sees a ton of upgrades from the interior to the exterior. Then when it's all done, both the truck and trailer get a custom vehicle wrap from our friends at A.P.E. Wraps!

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