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Those little orange RSS buttons....

Posted May 24, 2005 10:00 AM by Chris Leonard
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So you find a great site with a lot of useful information. The problem is that it updates constantly and you do not have the time to check back throughout the day. This is a situation where accessing RSS feeds is very helpful. You can create a streaming feed that you can check without going to the site.

So how do you know if a site offers RSS feeds and if it does how do you use them?

You need to find the little orange RSS button... Scroll to the very bottom of this page or any page on CR4. Farthest to the right, you will see the orange RSS image. This signifies that the site you are using does provide RSS feeds. On some sites the button will say XML instead of RSS. They both function in the same way.

If you left-click the icon, you can see the RSS feed in XML code. If you wish to capture the code, right-click on the image and "Copy Shortcut". Now that you have the feed information, you need to get yourself an RSS feed reader...

And that's where we'll start tomorrow.

- Chris


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