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Hyundai to Collaborate with Cisco Systems on Connected-Car Technologies

Posted May 30, 2016 11:38 AM by Jordan Perch

Internet connectivity is expected to become an integral part of future cars, as a key step towards the introduction of fully-autonomous vehicles. That is why many automakers are investing in in-car connectivity technologies, providing various functions, including navigation, car diagnosis, smartphone apps integration, roadside assistance, and much more.

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai Motor is now joining the large group of automakers developing connected vehicles, which have become the automotive industry's latest battlefield. Like most of its competitors, Hyundai will partner up with a tech company to develop connected-car technologies.

Cloud and Data Analytics

In their mission to build connected cars, Hyundai will be working together with Cisco Systems, one of the world's leading technology companies, specializing in networking equipment. In a press release, the car maker has announced that it will collaborate with Cisco on a global connected car project, that is aimed at developing technologies that will allow fast data transfer within and between vehicles.

"Future connected cars will open new innovations in quality, safety, and security, as never before. By expanding time and space, more safety will be guaranteed for our customers. Hyundai Motor will provide new values that go beyond our customers' expectations in safety, quality and security through cooperating with Cisco. This collaboration will be a chance to bring closer the Hyundai Motor-led future of connected cars and shift paradigms of new mobility," said Euisun Chung, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor.

Hyundai says that it will work on cloud, big data analytics, and connected car security technologies, and that it will invest heavily in research and development.

Connected Car Roadmap

Hyundai recently introduced the "Connected Car Roadmap" project, which focuses on developing technologies that have to do with autonomous driving, remote maintenance, "smart traffic" functionalities, and connectivity. The partnership with Cisco is a key part of that initiative.

The results of the research and development efforts conducted in collaboration with Cisco will be implemented in future projects centered around the above-mentioned technologies.

"This is truly an exciting time to collaborate with Hyundai Motor. Digital disruption into the automotive industry is being driven by technologies that are creating new user experiences; and our leadership in the areas of connected vehicles, security, and large-scale communication technologies will be crucial to establishing an industry-leading platform. Cisco is honored to join efforts with Hyundai Motor on the Connected Car initiative, and to play our part in the automotive industry's evolution," said Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco.

This partnership between Hyundai and Cisco is the latest in the series of collaborations between automakers and tech companies, and it is yet another indication that the auto industry will not be able to continue to grow without forming alliances with some of the key players in the tech industry.


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