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Top Sectors for Engineering Job Seekers

Posted February 05, 2017 12:00 AM by ASME Job Board + Career Center
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According to the major publications such as Forbes, the WSJ and Bloomberg 2017 should be an interesting year for employment. Many industries are poised for and anticipating growth and engineers will remain in high demand and have incredible opportunities, particularly in revitalized sectors like infrastructure and manufacturing.

Infrastructure spending for example is projected to increase as part of the make America great again movement touted by the new administration. Construction project design, project management, heavy equipment related jobs will all flourish as a result. One can already imagine that there will be a few high profile transportation, energy and defense infrastructure projects funded and developed in the next few years.

Manufacturing could possibly relive a kind of renaissance. Many companies might scrap plans to move production abroad and instead increase capability in domestic factories and save domestic manufacturing jobs. Automation and other factors have reduced the labor force and manufacturing base but even with high output efficient factories, automation still requires engineers to design processes and tooling in addition to the products being produced.

And then there is Defense spending indicating that lots of interesting things with automation and robotics might happen in this sector again requiring engineers to do the job.

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