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Maker Faire Brings Laser Engraving Action to the DIYers

Posted June 25, 2017 12:00 AM by Epilog Laser
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Every year hundreds of Maker Faires take place around the world—San Francisco, New York, China, Germany, France, and countless other locations. Families, enthusiasts, hobbyists and DIYers gather in the spirit of creativity to celebrate the Maker Movement. The fairs, which range from mini-events conducted by communities and schools to all-out flagship festivities set up by the Maker Media team itself, are progressive showcases that display new technologies, innovations, and experimentations across the fields of science, engineering, art, performance, and craft. (If you haven’t been to a Maker Faire yet, you need to get there!)

Figure 1: Things you can make with a laser engraver.

If you do find yourself at an upcoming Maker Faire, you may run into Epilog Laser – a well-established company in the laser system space – creating samples for giveaways, and educating attendees about how affordable a high-speed, high-resolution laser-engraving system can be. Epilog has a strong commitment to hobbyists and has been supporting the Maker Movement nearly since its inception. In fact, watch a video demonstration provided by Epilog at the 2017 Bay Area Maker Faire!

Figure 2: An Epilog laser system. The company manufactures its systems at its headquarters in Golden, Colorado, and over 95% of component parts are made in the U.S.A.

An Epilog laser isn’t simply a tool; it’s a vehicle for transferring your ideas onto almost any material. Most people who purchase a hobbyist laser do so because they want professional-looking engraving results. Often, they are looking to bring their ideas from concept to salable item—whether through prototyping, embellishment engraving, or even starting their own custom engraving business.

Figure 3: Photo captured at Epilog Laser’s Booth @ Maker Faire.

When you stop by the Epilog booth at an upcoming Maker Faire, you’ll witness for yourself how easy it is to cut and engrave all kinds of materials. The company will have a variety of samples on hand so you can see exactly how powerful laser systems engrave and/or cut wood, acrylic, fabric, tech gadgets, and even glass.

Learn more about Epilog Laser and it countless projects for the DIYer.

Editor's note: This is a sponsored blog post from Epilog Laser.


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