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Why the Laser Engraving Industry is Here to Stay

Posted July 16, 2017 12:00 AM by Epilog Laser
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Laser engraving has transformed from a niche technology used by a handful of businesses and craftspeople to a widely used method for designing many aspects of one’s surroundings. Over the past decade, laser engraving has taken hold in many industries around the globe, finding its way into applications too numerous to count. While it’s certainly logical to assume that laser engraving is here to stay, a closer look at a few of the top applications for the technology helps to underscore that point.

1) Deterring forgery and theft. This is one of the most valuable applications of laser engraving, with implications for businesses, government organizations and personal users. The ability to add a name, serial number, company logo or other identifying mark is a powerful tool in the fight against counterfeiting and theft.

Image caption: All types of barcodes, serial numbers and logos can be engraved with the laser. (Source: Epilog Laser)

2) Increasing personalization. Laser engraving allows people to inexpensively create personalized electronics cases, one-of-a-kind wedding favors from champagne flutes to chocolate bars, and 3D-relief carvings, amongst other unique creations.

Image caption: Powder-coated water bottles customized with an Epilog laser. (Source: Epilog Laser)

3) The Maker Movement. In an era where all manner of how-to information is at our fingertips, the ranks of independent inventors, designers and tinkerers are swelling like never before. Epilog, with its strong commitment to hobbyists, has long been a supporter of the Maker Movement.

Image caption: Epilog Laser’s booth at a recent Maker Faire event. (Source: Epilog Laser)

Learn more about Epilog Laser and how the company is contributing to the growth in the laser engraving industry.

Editor's note: This is a sponsored blog post from Epilog Laser.


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