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WoW Blog (Woman of the Week)

Each week this blog will feature a prominent woman who made significant contributions to engineering or science. If you have any women you'd like us to feature please let us know and we'll do our best to include them.

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Woman of the Week – Danielle Dy Buncio

Posted November 13, 2017 4:30 PM by lmno24

Danielle Dy Buncio is the co-founder and CEO of VIATechnik, a construction and engineering services firm working to make the construction industry better. The company works through virtual design and construction by blending global human capital with construction technologies.

Dy Buncio leads the company’s strategic growth efforts and builds and manages client relationships with architecture, engineering and construction firms around the country. Her projects have included everything from a point cloud BIM of one of the world’s largest breweries to the creation of a virtual “gaming” environment of a nuclear power plant.

Source: Linkedin

The company name is a combination of Technik, the German word for engineering and via – which came out of a brainstorming session with her husband, who works alongside her at the company.

They help designers and construction firms envision and plan for large infrastructure through 3D virtual design modeling, scheduling, and estimating. Their projects are built by the company virtually before physical ground is actually broken. It’s typically large scale projects like convention centers and large buildings. The main goal is to save money for clients because they can pinpoint potential problems in the construction process before it happens, she noted in an interview on Bootstrapping in America’s YouTube channel. The models can also be 3D printed.

“The construction industry is historically slow to adopt technology, so we’re not necessarily a brand new business, we’re taking existing technologies and helping companies implement them faster or quicker. It’s not new technology, but it’s new to the industry,” she said in the interview.

Before to founding VIATechnik, she worked for general contractors in the Bay Area, Sydney, and Chicago. As a civil engineer and a LEED accredited professional, she has extensive commercial building, heavy civil, and marine construction experience.

Dy Buncio holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


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