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After 47 Years Parked in the Same Spot, This Lancia Fulvia Becomes an Overnight Sensation

Posted November 18, 2021 6:00 AM by dstrohl
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Moss grows from the doorjambs of Angelo Fregolent's Series II Lancia Fulvia Berlina. Some trim pieces left the car long ago, at least one of the tires leaked, and the body looks as though it were smeared with ash after years of exposure to the elements. Yet what appears to be a discarded husk of a car with nothing left to offer has, in recent weeks, become a national sensation that, due to its sudden fame, will soon see a full restoration and enshrinement in a garden not far from the parking spot it occupied for 47 years.

Via Ferdinando Zamboni—a road in Conegliano, Italy—is home to the country's oldest wine school, Scuola Enologica, and not much else. In between the school's swath of vineyards and an old cotton mill sits a closed-up newsstand, in front of which Fregolent parked his Fulvia.

Exactly when Fregolent, 94, got the Fulvia isn't clear. (Many Italian and British news outlets claim it's a 1962 model, despite the fact that the Fulvia wasn't introduced until 1963 and the Series II didn't appear until 1969). He reportedly bought it to haul newspapers to the stand, but around 1974, he decided to park it out front and use it as a drop-off locker, asking delivery drivers to place packages in the trunk. It's not clear whether he maintained the car mechanically, but he paid its license fees and insurance to keep it legal in its half-road/half-flagstone-sidewalk parking spot even after he closed the newsstand and stopped driving. He liked seeing the sedan parked there whenever he left the building (he and his wife still live above the newsstand) to head down to the local bar.

Despite becoming a magnet for selfie-snapping tourists and reportedly setting a record as the longest continually parked car in Italy (as well as qualifying for our list of vehicles that have remained in the same spot for ages), the Fulvia recently drew the ire of a neighbor, who pointed out that Italy's traffic laws had changed to outlaw parking on the sidewalk. Conegliano officials concurred last month, according to Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino, but by then, the Fulvia had attracted the attention of Club Serenissima Storico, whose members offered to take the car to last month's Auto e Moto d'Epoca motor show in Padua before sending it on to Vicenza for a full restoration.

Fregolent will still get to see the Fulvia whenever he wants after its restoration. The Cerletti school, located across the street from the wine school, plans to install the car in a special place in its garden, where Fregolent can see it from his house.


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