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Moderator Justice

Posted November 20, 2021 12:00 AM
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This is CR4: Moderator justice

The moderators and administrators of CR4 are employees of Globalspec, and [a small] part of our job is to keep CR4 running. Since this is a business and a private entity, we fulfill the vision and enforce the rules of CR4. We are the judges, jury and executioners of CR4.

We enforce the rules via four mechanisms.

  • Comment or post revision or replacement: We will edit or remove content that breaks the site rules. Depending on the infraction, we may also follow-up with one of the following actions.
  • Warning: We will PM you and ask you not to do XYZ again.
  • Limit: We will limit your account privileges (e.g., commenting, posting, mailbox, login) for a specific period of time.
  • Ban: We permanently limit your account and ban all associated IP addresses from accessing CR4.

We’ve banned multiple members throughout the years for myriad reasons, although it is rarely the first step in corrective action. We’ve yet to unban a member because in most cases those users had several warnings before it was executed.

Remarkably, no one has gone mad with moderator power on CR4 yet. (Admittedly the temptation exists, at times.)

We also have a resident Spamkiller (shout out SolarEagle!) who helps us keep some of the annoying spam at bay. He is currently the only Spamkiller and the admins and moderators appreciate his help.


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