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Laser Engraving Stylish Summer Products

Posted July 17, 2022 5:00 AM by Epilog Laser

One of the best things about laser engraving and cutting machines is that they allow you to customize any gift or personalize nearly any product. Whether it’s for a friend's housewarming party, a thank you gift for a beloved teacher, or even just a little something for yourself, laser engraving/cutting machines let you put an extraordinary spin on any ordinary product. Here are a just a couple of laser engraving projects that celebrate all things summer!

Keep your vino at just the right temperature with these powder-coated wine tumblers! Available in a variety of colors, these wine tumblers are a great addition to your next festive event or even just a night in with friends. They also make a great holiday or housewarming gift! Fast and easy to customize, these sturdy tumblers are a must-have this summer.

Bring the outdoors in with these customized wooden planter boxes. This laser project walks you through the steps of engraving wooden boxes ideal for a variety of small plants. Whether you're in a warm or cool climate these little cubes make it easy to create a custom garden you can enjoy year round!

Whether you’re cutting parts for a prototype or customizing ready-made products, laser engraving/cutting machines allow you to bring creative visions to life at the touch of a button. The only limit is your imagination!


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