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Life is Short, but VWs Seem to Last Forever, which is How One Family Got to Enjoy a 1970 Type 2

Posted November 29, 2022 5:00 AM by dstrohl
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Unless you're a pharaoh building a pyramid, you can't take any of it with you when you go, so why not make sure it all goes to somebody who will enjoy and appreciate it, as the previous owner did with this 1970 Volkswagen Type 2 consigned to the Hemmings Auctions? The seller certainly appreciated it, if we can assume the stickers in the back window correlated to the seller's travels in the bus. Then again, with the shape the bus is in — it has a nicely redone interior, a fun paint scheme, a sunroof, and an 1800cc engine swapped in — it's hard to see how it'd be hard to appreciate taking it on family road trips and honoring the previous owner's wishes. From the seller's description:

The seller says he’d been searching for a Bus for five years, and that this one was offered beyond his price range. He says that after staring at it for a month, though, his wife urged him to call the seller anyway. After a conversation, the owner invited him to come see the Bus, and to bring his family along. When he arrived, he says the man was very kind and in conversation revealed he had a terminal illness. “He offered me the Bus for less than it was worth, because he knew I couldn’t afford his original price,” the seller remarks. “He only asked that my family enjoy it and that we stay in touch. I sent him pictures from parades, newspaper articles, magazines, etc. until one day he stopped responding. I’ll never forget the kindness of that man."

As for the Bus itself, the seller says it has a custom interior, an aftermarket engine, “top notch paint,” and up-to-date services. Though not a camper, it is equipped with a working fridge and four batteries to power it. The seller says he is selling now after buying a ranch in Texas, which is where the vehicle is currently located. “I have put my time, money, and heart into this one-of-a-kind bus.”

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