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High Gas Prices Got You Down? Here’s How to Enjoy Collector Cars and Not Dread the Pump
Created on 06/28/2022 5:00 AM
by dstrohl
When the Journey is the Destination: GT40, Smartabusa, Excelsior, Anglia, Civic, and Teardrop Build Videos
Created on 05/17/2022 5:00 AM
by dstrohl
It's Back to School Time. Bone Up on Batteries, Turbines and Motorcycle Safety with These Videos While Your Teacher Gets Some Shuteye
from Hemmings Motor News Blog posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: honda motorcycles
Created on 08/17/2021 5:00 AM
by dstrohl
Dale Clifft's Original Three-Wheeler Prototype Emerges from Hiding After Decades
Created on 05/24/2021 7:23 AM
by dstrohl
Really rising to the occasion: the full restoration of Honda N600 Serial No. 1 (VIDEO)
Created on 11/07/2019 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
The Motorcycle That Re-Wrote the Rulebook, Honda’s CB750, Turns 50
Created on 07/17/2019 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Honda Restores a…Chevy?
Created on 06/25/2019 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Automatic Gearbox Maintenance?
Created on 05/20/2019 6:40 AM
by r&ddoc
Monkey on your back (porch) – Honda’s Classic Minibike Returns to the U.S. Market
Created on 06/19/2018 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
After 50 Years, Honda Kills Off the Z50 “Monkey Bike” With a Final Anniversary Edition
Created on 04/10/2017 11:21 AM
by dstrohl
Honda CA160 Service Manual
posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: 160 dream honda restore
Created on 05/31/2016 11:16 AM
by geno368
Alternative Fuel Vehicles to Make Up Two-Thirds of Honda's Lineup by 2030
from MotorBeat posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: fuel vehicles honda
Created on 04/20/2016 11:19 AM
by Jordan Perch
Honda Continues to Be the Most-Stolen Vehicle in the US
from MotorBeat posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: car thieves honda most stolen car NICB report ...
Created on 07/09/2014 12:29 PM
by Jordan Perch
'03 Honda Element Ignition Problems
posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: element honda Ignition immobilizer
Created on 07/08/2014 10:42 AM
by sass
Honda Is Developing a System That Informs Drivers of the Status of Traffic Lights
Created on 04/18/2014 6:00 PM
by Jordan Perch
Tim Mings and the First U.S. Honda
Created on 05/15/2013 8:00 AM
by dstrohl
N600: The Original High-Performance Honda?
Created on 09/04/2012 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
2004 Honda Civic DX Dash Intermittent
posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: civic dash honda intermittent
Created on 08/15/2012 12:38 AM
by daytona89
2004 Honda Civic - Gages Don't Work, But Carpet is Clean
Created on 11/02/2009 8:59 AM
by ky engineer
1992 Honda Civic - Master Cylinder Problem?
posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: 92-95 brakeproblem brakes civic DIY ...
Created on 06/11/2009 1:05 PM
by WSimpkins20
2010 US Grand Prix? Maybe
Created on 09/19/2008 12:01 AM
by dstrohl
Good Economics or a Midlife Crisis? (The Salvaged Bike Odyssey - Part 2)
Created on 08/14/2008 6:00 AM
by ShakespeareTheEngineer
The Salvaged Motorcycle Odyssey - Part 1
Created on 08/07/2008 6:00 AM
by ShakespeareTheEngineer
Honda CA160 Motorcycle – Restoration Part 1
Created on 01/18/2007 11:58 AM
by stilljester
Automotive Share Shift Assessment
Created on 10/03/2006 5:00 PM
by MillMatt
Biomass Ethanol
Created on 09/18/2006 9:51 AM