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Symvoulos, LLC is multicultural and flexible young company whose main purpose is to assist small and medium sized European companies get a "foot in the door" and expand their client base in the immense American markets. We are a small outfit – just like you, our readers – but we have made full use of the expanded networking potential offered by the United States and we have built an extensive network of associates in many fields of business.

Symvoulos, LLC understands that small and medium sized concerns in Greece and southern Europe simply cannot allocate the resources to staff commercial or financial teams for overseas market penetration. Time zone differences, language barriers, expensive air-fares and of course the difficulty of locating efficient collaborators in far-away New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle - have long been a discouraging factor for small companies. On the other hand – who does not dream of expanding their technology and applications to reach a market of 300 Million Americans?

The Symvoulos, LLC team literally provides that bridge between Southern Europe and the United States! We are right next to the financial centers of New York but we have also worked and serviced clients in Greece and Germany. We speak Greek, English, German, French and Italian! We have dealt with the strikes and work stoppages of Southern Europe but we also know our way through the increasingly complicated United States Customs system! And being multi-cultural as a Team we know how to "translate" your desires and needs to the American market and of course explain the American needs and expectations to you!


The Symvoulos, LLC multi-faceted range of overseas services offers several options:

Local Research: Once we establish your targeted market, we will research new developments, advise you of the competition, and suggest penetration tools.

  • Promotion and advertisement: Web hosting (including advanced features like market research, start up, maintenance, satellite office (SATO), managed quoting, and monitoring/reporting of customers feedback)
  • Showroom facilities: The SYMVOULOS, LLC offices are close to the Interstate Highway and only 40 minutes away from New York and Kennedy Airport!
  • Expo management: We can import your equipment, organise your kiosk, represent you to your potential clients, gather and package marketing information and either sell or return your equipment to your home country.

item® MB-system. We are using the right building system .

Symvoulos has a team of project engineers dedicated to designing with the item® MB- System. We can design and build your frame, guard or slide for you, and free your time so you can concentrate on the part that you do best: Get the machines to work!!!

We have over 500 different design applications in our database! From A – Z, from Anatomic Chairs to…..XYZ- axis linear system for nuclear reactors!

For those with less experience, or less time, item® free Design tool design service is the best in the business. Fax or email us your drawing or sketch, and we will produce a design using the most appropriate item®- MB-system components. This means that you can be sure that you are getting a quality solution that works. There are a number are alternative options if any particular design doesn't suit you.

SYMVOULOS, LLC offers access to Consulting and Business Support services normally available to large corporations with large budgets!

Conveniently located near the financial centers of New York, SYMVOULOS, LLC. is uniquely positioned to offer economies of scale to medium-sized foreign corporations. By pooling our clients' needs, we can offer extensive access to consultants in many sectors":

Consultancy Support:

  • Accountants and CPA's
  • Mortgage Lenders and Commercial banks
  • Tax & Legal professionals,
  • Customs brokers,
  • Licensing bureaus.
  • Patent research.
  • Approvals UL, TÜV.
  • Public relations

Contact for more for more information