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RoyalCert International Registrars GmbH

Mayıs 2010 – Günümüz (6 yıl 2 ay)Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany

Founding Partner

RoyalCert International Registrars

Mayıs 2008 – Günümüz (8 yıl 2 ay)Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany and Istanbul-Turkey

1. RoyalCert was the first company that received TGA accreditation in Turkey.
2. It received Türkak accreditation.
3. Representation agreement was entered with TUV-Hessen.
4. Certification and second-party audit services were provided to the largest and leading companies of Turkey (including Turkish Telekom, Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Floronce Nightingale Group, Pegasus Airlines,Tursab,Tugiad,Turing Kurumu,Migros,Ağaoğlu,DAPYapı, etc.)
5. Representative offices were opened in Italy, Romania and Greece in Europe. More than 100 companies in Germany were offered services from the headquarters company in Turkey. Representative offices in United States and Mexico in American continent, Kuwait,Iran,UAE and Jordan in Middle East, Egypt in Africa and Russia, and Pakistan,India,Thailand,Taiwan,S.Korea,Indonesia,Malaysia in Asia followed.
6. The company was given the status of the most comprehensive international audit company of Turkey by the Foreign Trade Undersecretariat. The Company conducted audit services on many subjects including mainly Steel, Construction and Food industries.
7. Cooperation was made and seminars were given to tens of associations, and symposiums were participated on the subject.
8. Product Quality Liability insurance was started; and hundreds of organizations were given services with RoyalCert's registered trademark Q1.

Business Development Manager

Germanischer Lloyd-Swiss Certification AG

2008 – 2010 (2 yıl)Zürich Area, Switzerland

1.Included many global companies, including principally Toyota and Toshiba, to the portfolio of Swiss Certification AG.
2.Helped the publicity of Swiss Certification AG in Turkey by holding trainings and seminars at ABIGEM (EU Turkish Business Centers)
3. Carried out various activities with LODER (Logistics Association) for standardization of the logistic services and organized many seminars with participation of its members.
4. SWISS AWARD Project was established as a new assessment and rewarding Project through integration of the Excellence Model and ISO 9001 Quality Management System applications. This was mainly based on efficient monitoring of the systems of the applicant companies via self assessments and independent audits and rewarding of the best practices. "Best Quality Applications" award was given to DURAK TEKSTL and TOYOTA BOSHOKU TÜRKYE in 2010.
5. Swiss Certification AG activities were started in South Korea and Iran after the representative contracts were signed in these countries.


IMQ S.p.A.

2004 – 2009 (5 yıl)İstanbul, Türkiye

He started IMQ certification services in Turkey following the enactment of the due laws in the Republic of Turkey encompassing EC Directives on Elevator, Medical and LVD starting from 2002.
1. Training and certification services were started after the signing of a contract with Elevator Industrialists Association of Turkey.
2. Certification activity was conducted with the leading medical companies through contacting with the Medical Equipment Manufacturers Association

Country Manager, Regional Manager, Member of Advisory Board

United Registrar of Systems Ltd

Ocak 2001 – Ocak 2005 (4 yıl 1 ay)

1. World's first HACCP accreditation was conducted in Turkey by URS-Turkey, and it was completed successfully.
2. It was accredited by Turkish Accreditation Agency (Türkak) and TGA.
3. Works for opening Iran and UAE offices were accelerated.
4. Supplier audits were conducted in Iran within the framework of contracts signed with the leading companies in the country's automotive and oil industry.
5. HACCP certification service was given to more than 50 hotels in Dubai (including Hilton, Sheraton, Meridian,Holiday Inn, Movenpick, etc.)
6. Trainings and seminars were held.
7. Quality congresses were participated.

Founding Partner

Metrotest Ltd

Ocak 1997 – Ocak 2002 (5 yıl 1 ay)

1. Metrotest was among the first 3 laboratories that received accreditation in Turkey.
2. Calibration services were provided on the subjects of Weights (scale and etalon test weights), Temperature
(Thermocouples, furnaces, ovens and incubators), Pressure (manometer, vacuum meter), Electricity
(multimeter, signal generators, oscilloscope), Dimensional (calipers, micrometer, plate, comparator, plate,
surface gauge), Optics (spectrophotometer, refract meter).
3. The Company opened offices in 8 regions of Turkey.

Founding Partner

Metrosan End. Ltd

Ocak 1996 – Ocak 2002 (6 yıl 1 ay)

1. Metrosan produced etalon test weight for the first time in Turkey.
2. The Company produced spare parts for various industries mainly the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Calibration Expert Engineer


Ağustos 1995 – Ağustos 1999 (4 yıl 1 ay)Kayseri,İzmir,Gaziantep Turkey

He worked as expert in ;
Weight (Micro Balances & Ultra Micro Balances,Precision Balances,Analytical Balances,Mass Comparators,
Temperature,Halogen Moisture Analyzers,Pipette Calibration Workstation,Weights
OIML Class E1 to M3, ANSI/ASTM Class 1 to 4 for Reliable
Pressure (Pressure Gages,Strain Gages,Pressure Transducers)
Dimension (Calipers,Micrometers,CMM,Height Gages,Depth Gages,Height Gages,Reference Gages)
Optics laboratories.