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11/15/2021 12:01 AM

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What is going on here?

12/05/2021 by Trees4Life
Could any US residents tell me what is going on in this photo of a US roadway that I grabbed from a movie? In the screenshot below, the two lanes to...
Views: 81, Comments: 10
Last comment 12/05/2021 by Algeria

Oxygen & life

11/30/2021 by garth
If oxygen on our planet is the production of vegetation and marine microbes to some extent in the greater part. where did the oxygen in water come fro...
Views: 190, Comments: 8
Last comment 12/02/2021 by jmueller

Can other brand vooc charger for OnePlus phones?

11/28/2021 by Amberlia
VOOC is a technology which allows to charge your phone at very fast speed.several brands like Realme, OPPO and OnePlus uses this technology. But OnePl...
Views: 50, Comments: 1
Last comment 11/28/2021 by SolarEagle

What Does It Do?

11/28/2021 by lyn
We all know that this is the backside of a General N-141me. The front just has a bunch of marks and numbers. What is the purpose of the groove in...
Views: 248, Comments: 30
Last comment 12/02/2021 by HiTekRedNek
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Commercial Space

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CR4 Feedback

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CR4 Welcome Wagon

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Be excellent to each other

In recent weeks we’ve talked about eliminating political discussions, reporting things to moderators and also rating threads and comments. If e...
Views: 144, Comments: 6
Last comment 12/04/2021 by HiTekRedNek

Moderator Justice

This is CR4: Moderator justice The moderators and administrators of CR4 are employees of Globalspec, and [a small] part of our job is to keep CR4 run...
Views: 63, Comments: 0
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Challenge Questions

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Views: 239, Comments: 5
Last comment 12/05/2021 by redfred

Four Dogs Squared: November 2021 challenge question

Four dogs are placed in opposite corners of a 1 mile wide square. These dogs are fast. 30 mph fast. And they are stamina freaks. At their trainer's...
Views: 1266, Comments: 29
Last comment 11/22/2021 by Anonymous Poster
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Five Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

1 blog entries, 7 comments (0 Viewing)

Five Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

02/21/2021 by ahorner_22
It’s no secret that 2020 was a tough year. People experienced challenges they’ve never experienced before. For anyone running an essential...
Views: 246, Comments: 7
Last comment 03/03/2021 by Anonymous Poster
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Other Blog Entries of Interest

Pesky Ellipse Circumference

10/04/2020 posted in Relativity and Cosmology
by Jorrie
When I first heard that there is no easy exact formula for the circumference of the standard ellipse, I found it hard to believe. I had already learne...
Views: 389, Comments: 8
Last comment 11/30/2020 by Haymaker

SpaceProperTime Diagrams and the Central Singularity

08/24/2020 posted in Relativity and Cosmology
by Jorrie
In my prior Blog post on the Einstein equivalence principle, I have not identified important values, like the mass of the black hole, real distances a...
Views: 283, Comments: 4
Last comment 08/25/2020 by Jorrie

SPT-Acceleration and the Equivalence Principle

08/17/2020 posted in Relativity and Cosmology
by Jorrie
One day after Alice's arrival at Deep-2, she and Dot sat down for the change of shift briefing - recall that Dot must soon return for Home leave. Whil...
Views: 170, Comments: 8
Last comment 08/18/2020 by Jorrie

Space-Propertime Structure and Acceleration II

08/11/2020 posted in Relativity and Cosmology
by Jorrie
This is a fanciful little scenario for 'flexing the muscles' of acceleration in space-propertime a little and so giving a better intuitive feel for th...
Views: 182, Comments: 8
Last comment 08/18/2020 by canadianslidewinder

Space-Propertime Structure and Acceleration

08/07/2020 posted in Relativity and Cosmology
by Jorrie
I have introduced the idea of Epstein Space-Propertime Diagrams (ESPD) in my previous Blog post. To refresh, here is the ESPD's structural relationshi...
Views: 224, Comments: 6
Last comment 08/08/2020 by Jorrie